Witcher School Sept 2019 : 14 DAYS left and character sheet!

Ses.3 ep 4.

Guys, guys, guys!! 
It’s this time of the year again.  The next best part of the whole game: CHARACTERSHEETS!
And for you that is reading on my blog for the first time and is like: What?
Let me explain: A character sheet is the one paper that is written for you, and it contains basically the character you will be playing, based on weather its your first game in this universe or if you are continuing your journey. It is written by professional writer (imo) and it’s almost like it’s a character form a book. It is that well written. Always full of things that makes you smile, laugh, jump in excitement or clap your hands. They do their best to fill it with what YOU want to play at, and they listen to your wishes, needs and wants, and then they make something very special JUST for you. This is the paper that is YOU, for THAT weekend, on THAT LARP, in THAT country.
And if for any reasons you don’t like it, the help is just an e-mail away. 🙂

There is a special feeling when you receive an e-mail from these guys, especially when its written in BIG letters!

I am very happy with mine, this time too. I have not yet had any complaints about my character sheets for any of my games, and this is my 6th game. For some reasons they just get better and better. And this time I am playing on the ”other side”, so everything is basically new, and I would never had missed it for the world 😀 This is so cool.
My background story this time is: ”What have my character done since last event?” And she has not been on the lazy-side, so to mention. But I shall not say more. . . here, right now at least. :3
I spend more than 10 minutes reading my sheet. I’m a slow reader, also did not wanna miss anything. It was way more writing on this one than any of the other ones before, and I do NOT complain! Now I will print it out and read over it again. . . and again. . . and again. . .
They gave me relations with people (YAY) and I think it will be awesome. Brilliant way to get to know more people better this way 🙂

Sometimes I wonder what the writers actually think when they write the characters for all of us. Do they have this little devil inside that thinks ”THIS is perfect for him/Her” or ”Ha ha, now I will give her/him a challenge”, or ” GOD DAMN I REALLY WANNA SEE THIS PERSON ACT ON THIS… it will be so good”  or something… I know I totally would go crazy if I was the one to write :p 
Probably best I don’t. Ha ha. But, yes. They must have so much fun with that job!

Also. Did I forget to mention it’s CRAZY 14 days left!!!! I have to start packing soon. Ha ha.
Already starting to prepare Ghost’s new look. Dying my hair this Saturday. I am SO excited. It will be something completely new, a color I never had before!

But, man. How I am ready!
Just to put on my costume, say hi to everyone, find my room, also figure out who I will share room with. I hope it will be with other Blue Stripes, but time will tell 🙂
I will have a bigger room this time (need space for my luggage) so that will be great.

Imagine I will soon be blogging about the travel again. Soon my tired plane face will be all over the place, because I can’t handle ”shutting up about it”.

Work is extremely busy these days, so this distraction with Character sheets are just perfect timing! Thank you.

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