Let’s talk World of Warcraft

For some reasons I ended up playing this highly addictive game again. Well, I’ve been here since the middle of Legion, so I have been here a while already.
I started two characters on the Horde side, and played with friends there. But they were not as active as I, and I kind of wanted to progress more, so I sneakily started an alliance rouge ( exactly a copy of my old main. Same name and looks, and everything) after my friend tried to talk me into it for a long time. I eventually gave in, and I do NOT regret it at all.

I instantly was thrown into their guild – Misery – 
And this is what this post is about. Them.

And I had not been there for many minutes before she introduced me to their discord chat, and wanted me to join them ”Talking shit, and/or game related things”
A bit shy in the beginning, I did not really join the chat, to busy getting to know how to play rogue again. I had a free boost, so I started on lvl 110.
Sometimes I joined in, said hi, and went quiet – just doing as rogue do best: Sneaking.

Before I knew about it, I was invited to both mytic dungeons and hc Raids! <3
I never did Uldir before joining them, so that was a ”Finally” (And OMG- An invite from the boss…WOOOAH)  moment for me. The raidleader is an fantastic example of a leader.
ALWAYS telling the tactics, even if you heard them 100 times before. Never bitching. Never angry (as I have experienced) If you struggle, they don’t make a fuzz about it, but talk with you again about the tactics, or help you boost whatever you need to boost for the next time. (If it is mechanics, tactics, dps, healing ect.)
Its a very supportive and helping guild this.
– We are stuck at Zul’ on Hc, mode, but we never stop trying. I am sure we eventually get’s there. Small step at the time.
He is also a skilled tank. And it’s a bit funny how he always is the one starting a groups for m+’s because nobody else want to if we don’t have a tank online. He he.

This guild is very active, imo. And you don’t have to pug – ever – here. There is always someone online to help you out with something.
You don’t need to worry about getting your weekly chest. It seems like they do their best to make sure everyone gets geared.
I am 375 atm. and it went rather quickly I think. A few hc’ raid runs and some high lvl mytics and it’s done. . .  well, took a while to get a decent weapon, but – worth the while 🙂

My highest dungeonlv atm is +10 🙂 All thanks to Misery. All this is within a few weeks after joining them. 😮
never did anything above +5 on Hordie.
And my dps is not even that great accoring to my itemlvl. I am a bit messy with my rotation, still, but always working on it 🙂

In Raids I am normally on number 6 on the DPS scale. (At least I was yesterday) All depend on if it’s a Boss or AOE. I hope I can relax a bit more eventually, and get my rotation going better. I tend to spam-click the buttons, which are totally unnecessary.

I am in the front! (Not my screenshot, Alexandras screenshot)
Christmas Special.

It’s a social guild this one. People are super friendly and joining the voice chat channel can be really hilarious at times.
Wow is not a game full of 14-18 year old teen-boys. It’s both that and grownups, boys, men, girls and women in all ages. (Some too young, asking me) But in this guild I feel we are most grown up’s (not that I know the age of everyone) but it feels like they are on my age . . . talking about their kids, family, jobs, politics, football, Trump, ”I have been playing since Vanilla 15 years ago” , ect” –
It’s wonderful. 🙂
You can join in anytime, and say hi – they will always say hi back.
You truly feel welcome here. Short to say.
There is no pressure on you: ”Two raids a week, or you are out.” ”Do 17K dps, or you are out” ect.
Nop. Our rule is : ”Don’t be an idiot”, simple! (And it works)

I was worried in the beginning that I would not fit in. That I could not join the raids, because I was ‘new’, or my dps was to low, or they already had their own favorite group. Or I would never be suitable for any dungeons above lvl +4
But I was completely wrong, and I am happy for that ^^
I am full of fuckups – but I like to think I learn from them, and I thank them for their patience with me!
(I don’t know how many hours I spend in front of a training dummy already)

Now I’ve came to that point where I am creating alts. so a hunter is in the making, and it’s superfun to play (at least on lvl 36) Ha ha.
Leveling <3

Btw: Being one of the few active rogues in the guild can give you free priority spot in dungeons XD
#MassStealth ,Woop!

Gaming is not always so bad that one should think. It gives me room to relax, also relaxing and being sort of ‘a-social’ at the same time  😉 I try not to let the game completely consume me. I still have a life to take care of on the side. He he.

But Misery.
I really like it here. So a big thanks to you guys and gal’s 🙂
Special thanks to Alex for luring me over to the Alliance!

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
    Husk at du er juridisk ansvarlig for alt du skriver på nett.

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