Escaperoom Wrocław

I finally found it! The picture that were taken of us after we escaped the Asylum in Wrocław, Poland 🙂
It’s easily the best escape-room I have attended yet (We started blindfolded, just to mention one)

So,the story began the day before last Witcher School. A bunch of people were hanging out in town to be social together. And some of us when to the local escape room.
We were two group, and my group went to the Asylum. It was SO good.

This was in March, so I had this fresh memory for me for a long time, and this need to see this picture that was taken of us by the saff, but never saw it anywhere. So eventually I took the matter in my own hands.Went to their web page and found the e-mail and just sent them a mail. Attaching a picture of my face, the date we were there and some praise and glory while humbly asking if I could get the picture they took of us. And providing super service – I got it the very next morning. Today.
I am smiling. Great memories. I hope this can be a thing. Do more escape rooms!

We survived, and broke the code and got out in time! 🙂

If you ever are in this beautiful city : Bring your friends and family to this great event :

Highly recommend it!

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
    Husk at du er juridisk ansvarlig for alt du skriver på nett.

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