Drinks, from Good to absolute shit!

Just for fun,I will rank different drinks from Good to bad.
It will be my subjective opinion, so it’s not that interesting. I just need to exchange my non-facebook-time to something else, so this happens.
Not that bad though, trying to wake up my blog again. And something that is not only larp-related.

It’s a bit funny how peaceful it’s in here when I switched over to english. Haha. 
I’m not complaining. There is NO ”anonymous” haters. At all. I kind of miss them. 
Then again, there is little activity over all. People needs to practise more english, guys. It’s important, these days! (And this comes from she who hated English at school, and almost failed every exam in the topic)
AKA : Practice often is the only way to get better.
Conclusion : Start LARPING on international larps, or get a job where you have no choice, you must be able to speak and understand the language. (Daily)

Enough about that, on to the topic. 
(I wont add like everything I drink, because that list will be LONG, just some lovely stuff and not so lovely stuff)

1 : Pepsi Max (Is the best drinking thingy in da world!) On glass or box preferable.
2: Tea
3: Fresh pressed orange juice 

4: Red Wine
5: Water
6: Colorful drinks
7: Applejuice
8: Cider, sweet, for the love of God, SWEET Cider. Everything else is shit.
9: Other wines, not white.
10:Ice tea
11: Hot Chocolate, if made vegan.

Tea <3 It must be at least three-four a day. . .

Not so lovely : 
1: Vodka , the worst taste i human history. How can people drink this natural, just how? Nobody can possibly like the taste of burning fire. . . I get a hangover just to think about it.
2: Whiskey and general all kinds of brown liquor – Erw. I really want to like whiskey, but nop. I have not found anything good about it, yet. 
3: Syrup . . . 
4: Beer.
5: Coffee. I can drink it if I must, but I rather not.

6: Tea without sugar
7: Coca Cola, natural on plastic (Too sweet. But a ice cold box, or glass cola is OK)
8: Fanta. . . bad experience with Fanta+Vodka back in the days. . . Fanta still taste like vodka. I’ve ruined it.
9: Sprite. Too much of it as a child when visiting my grandparents. I just can’t drink it today, at all. Not that or any other version of lemon soda.
10: Funny coke alternative they like to sell on organic restaurants/vegan (though normal pepsimax is vegan) , but yeah. Those are horrible!

This one!

Peace out 🙂

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    1. In all fairness, before facebook monday and friday it was easier to just comment on the facebook post, so expect more spirited discussion here!
      Couple of followups:
      1. When you say Cider, do you mean unfiltered apple juice or the alcoholic beverage made from fermented apples? If the latter, good choice, though I gravitate more towards the more tart, less sweet brands. Although I’ve recently fallen in love with a hard-to-come-by swedish cider with blueberry and lime by Kopparberg. Highly recommend that!
      2. What whisky have you tried? There are a couple nice, less stingy ones out there. Glenmorangie was one of the first ones I tried, and that one has a rather sweet-ish, smooth taste. Also, maybe a nice rum is more your thing when it comes to brown liquors? Get your pirate on and such?
      3. Does “other wines” include fruit wines? Or didn’t those make it? ARE YOU A WINE SNOB? 😛

    2. Christian: Hah, yay!
      I have my facebook-off-days, so if you want replays before Friday or Monday, come here, correct 😉

      1 : Cider as in ”Sommersby”- Cider. I can’t stand the ”English Cider” who taste like beer. Its awful. I don’t know anything about the process and what’s in them. BUt yes, alcohol-cider. (I like the non alcohol too, but here I meant ”cider with alcohol)

      Pear-cider if I can choose, but all kinds of sweet sugar-ish Cider is good.
      We have Blueberry Cider in Norway too ^_^
      AAAND DAYMN I forgot to add the superrare sweedish invention of ”AppleCake Wine….” to this list Its the best word of it. It taste like applewine, and it is sooooooooooooo good!!
      It would be a number 2!

      2: Tried different things friends gave me. And I assume some of them are Whiskey knowers. They do at least know what I should NOT start with :p
      I tried a Cherry whiskey once, what they said is good for beginners…. the after-taste was OK, the rest still taste . … whiskey…. XD
      I have tasted Rum, but its not like something I need in my life…. but its better than whiskey if I have no other choice :p

      3: Other wines is everything that is not ”red wine” , And yes fruit wines are good (look above)
      I am certainly not a wine snob. I don’t know anything about wines, expect red and white, and bubbly, and the rest.
      Is it red ? I’ll take it.
      But I prefer sweet (RED) wine :3

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
    Husk at du er juridisk ansvarlig for alt du skriver på nett.

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