Witcher School journey – This time next week.

Sept 2019
Ses3. ep 4

This time next week I am SO eating PIZZA in Poland! Aaaaah, I can almost smell the taste of it!
People in the witcher community are talking about what to do when they arrive, before the game starts, and make plans and such, and I am over here like totally not able to make any plans before I had my pizza :3 Don’t care if I will have to eat it alone. I’m having it!
If you are new here. The pizza I’m talking about is from a restaurant called ”Green Bus” and they have the best vegan pizza I ever tasted in my life!


The closer we get to the actual date, the harder it gets to get by the days. Work. Hobbies, activities, workouts, food and sleep. All these normal things called daily life is glossed over by a burning thought of: ARE WE THERE YET, while constantly checking the time and countdowns.
So. exhausting. No wonder we are zombies after the game, when we start a week in advance. Ha ha. At least I am.
Everything pass so slowly. The days at work gets longer and longer, even the ride to and home from work seems longer.I have a busy week with a full program every day, but still. The days are not exactly passing quicker. He he.
Three more days at work, then I’m off. Three. more. day.
Wednesday, Thursday, DAYOFF FRIDAY, and Monday. . .Then. . . . !

I should do my packing this weekend, when I think of it. Monday will be full of choir things until late, and by the time I’m home there is only room for 2 things. Double check everything is packed, and eat before sleep.

Gaaah. This hype is getting painful. Ha ha.
*Breathe* Take a day at the time, now. Nice and easy. . . it’s just a pizza. . .

Though. I would totally love to make another escaperoom game, like a few of us did in March. It was so much fun!

Look, here is a picture of us. Great success!
Nothing is more creepier than an Asylum Escaperoom starting blindfolded! We were awesome.

Two more hours left at work now. Then, just take one hour at the time. I can do this.

PS: Game starts next Thursday! 9 days, guys. 9 days!!

Witcher School Sept 2019 : 14 DAYS left and character sheet!

Ses.3 ep 4.

Guys, guys, guys!! 
It’s this time of the year again.  The next best part of the whole game: CHARACTERSHEETS!
And for you that is reading on my blog for the first time and is like: What?
Let me explain: A character sheet is the one paper that is written for you, and it contains basically the character you will be playing, based on weather its your first game in this universe or if you are continuing your journey. It is written by professional writer (imo) and it’s almost like it’s a character form a book. It is that well written. Always full of things that makes you smile, laugh, jump in excitement or clap your hands. They do their best to fill it with what YOU want to play at, and they listen to your wishes, needs and wants, and then they make something very special JUST for you. This is the paper that is YOU, for THAT weekend, on THAT LARP, in THAT country.
And if for any reasons you don’t like it, the help is just an e-mail away. 🙂

There is a special feeling when you receive an e-mail from these guys, especially when its written in BIG letters!

I am very happy with mine, this time too. I have not yet had any complaints about my character sheets for any of my games, and this is my 6th game. For some reasons they just get better and better. And this time I am playing on the ”other side”, so everything is basically new, and I would never had missed it for the world 😀 This is so cool.
My background story this time is: ”What have my character done since last event?” And she has not been on the lazy-side, so to mention. But I shall not say more. . . here, right now at least. :3
I spend more than 10 minutes reading my sheet. I’m a slow reader, also did not wanna miss anything. It was way more writing on this one than any of the other ones before, and I do NOT complain! Now I will print it out and read over it again. . . and again. . . and again. . .
They gave me relations with people (YAY) and I think it will be awesome. Brilliant way to get to know more people better this way 🙂

Sometimes I wonder what the writers actually think when they write the characters for all of us. Do they have this little devil inside that thinks ”THIS is perfect for him/Her” or ”Ha ha, now I will give her/him a challenge”, or ” GOD DAMN I REALLY WANNA SEE THIS PERSON ACT ON THIS… it will be so good”  or something… I know I totally would go crazy if I was the one to write :p 
Probably best I don’t. Ha ha. But, yes. They must have so much fun with that job!

Also. Did I forget to mention it’s CRAZY 14 days left!!!! I have to start packing soon. Ha ha.
Already starting to prepare Ghost’s new look. Dying my hair this Saturday. I am SO excited. It will be something completely new, a color I never had before!

But, man. How I am ready!
Just to put on my costume, say hi to everyone, find my room, also figure out who I will share room with. I hope it will be with other Blue Stripes, but time will tell 🙂
I will have a bigger room this time (need space for my luggage) so that will be great.

Imagine I will soon be blogging about the travel again. Soon my tired plane face will be all over the place, because I can’t handle ”shutting up about it”.

Work is extremely busy these days, so this distraction with Character sheets are just perfect timing! Thank you.

One year challenge – No Alcohol?

Lets talk about alcohol.

Just writing the headline make me sound like an alcoholic, but I am not. I don’t even drink that often.
Maybe once pr. month, or once pr 2 months. And I have been better at it also. Ect. I remember to drink water between the glasses, and I quit a bit before I plan to go to bed. Never wise to go to bed while the alcohol in the blood is rising.
I am very bad at hangovers. And it’s not getting easier the older I get. Ha ha.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that I don’t really want to. (again) I’ had many ”dry” periods, some for years, others for a shorter amount of time. Back and forth. I don’t really know why I started again. Nothing really changed to the better. I have as much fun as partying sober as partying drunk, it’s just one of them I have more control, and don’t have to wake up with a hangover or being reduced. I don’t really like the taste of strong alcohol, vodka, spirits and beer. Ect. The only thing I like is certain typos of wine, drinks where you don’t taste alcohol (why not just buy soft drinks?) and sweet Ciders (Why not just by a coke?)

I have been thinking about going just ”no” to alcohol for a long time, but never really started. For me I have to go all in, or not at all. I can’t do anything in between. And it’s annoying.
But – Partying two weekends in a row gave me the motivation I needed. (Lol, two weekends is not much at all. And I did not had a hangover any of the days, but.. still.. ) I become tired, I sleep bad and I waste money. Alcohol is very expensive here.
I did not go crazy or anything these two weeks. No puking, or crawling in the ditch, being carried around because my feet’s could not carry me or yelling/crying at people for hating my life, or anything like that. I had a good time with friends, maybe I dared to sing in front of people :p
But still. I did not need it. I could just drink Pepsi Max which is my fave. drink. and I would still had plenty of fun.
Alcohol is weird.

(For healthy eating and all that-shirt I will do DIZ)

I am deciding while writing this post that from ”now” will be the first day in my 365 days without alcohol. As a start. Hopefully I will continue, unless I miss wine too much.
And yes, I am deciding it two weeks before Witcher School, as a grand test to myself that I can do this if I really want. I did my first WS without a drop, and I can do it again. And I had very much fun at my first event, as all the other events 🙂 I know how to party sober too. He he.

So to everyone reading this, considering me your friend. Please respect this choice and don’t ask me why I don’t drink. I just gave you the answer above. Also, don’t push/lure me into drinking things I would like to avoid for now.
I had some issues before, when I had my 3 year sober period- where people did not wan’t to go out with me, because I did not drink. I was not invited, or if I were I felt like people thought that I would judge them for drinking while I did not. Or if I would feel awkward around them while they were drunk and I was not.
I hope I was wrong, but it was how I felt it at that time. I am still the same me.

Staying away from alcohol will give me other benefits I really would like to embrace more. Sports and health benefits for example, fat-loss without even trying. (As part from cutting alcohol) I would like to see if one year away from this will give me visible changes both physical and mental gains 🙂
I feel confident and motivated  that I can do this. And I want to. It will just be even greater with your support 🙂

Well. Now I wrote this, and shared it. So it’s official – I have to prove to you now, that I shall do this.
Day one : Has officially started 🙂

Reenactment weekend at Avaldsnes


I want to tall about this weekend. And its not LARP related (Waouw!) but reenacting!

A small medieval-marked happened. Small, but very cozy and friendly. Everyone got around and the mood was at top. At least for my part.

Spend a great time together with great people at a great place called Avaldsnes /Norway
I was blown away by it’s beautiful nature (Minus the big tank ships and factories in the background. Imagine the view without any modern constructions in view… WAOUW!
More than that – We got a surprisingly good weather the whole weekend. I feared it would be both cold and rainy, but we got away with a small dose of rain the first night, after we got up all our tents. Timing 🙂

We left town after work hours, and got to the place around 21 ish. Were super-effective and build our camp pretty quickly.
After that we had some drinks around the neighbors campfire.

The next day started ‘early’ ish, with some breakfast and coffee for those who need that.
Then we geared up and trained together for some hours. Also exploring the place while doing so.
We had some nice line-grinding with the locals. Also found a pretty cool viking village with historical (ish) houses that we played around.
Nothing is like fighting between the houses.

Then there was lunch and a quick drive to the shop for snacks and stuff.
I don’t remember what happened after that. I think people were up for more fighting, maybe they did. . . but I was just planning a short nap before I did anything more. . . And I must have slept well because I did not wake up before our (glorious) leader poked our tent with : ”Get up, we need to talk about the show tomorrow”, and at that was when I realized that the other guys in my tent were also basically in coma at the same time. He he.
Good to know it’s not only me.
We did the thing, and suddenly there was dinner (nom nom. They prepared Vegan food for me. I was happy!) and drinks, and stories and songs until the morning, for some of us.

Sunday was the day when the market actually ”opened”.
Before rigging down the camp we did our show, and it went good 🙂
Musicians and jugglers came to entertain (The were SO good!) Since this was a very small event, there was not any shopping booths, but you could get some medieval inspired candies. We soldiers did what we could, and made a ”show and tell” about our gear. Seemed like people liked it, they stayed to listen to the whole thing, and came to us for trying everything on themselves.

We had two people showing off their gear. One for our group, based in 1260’s and one from the other group that were based a little later 1300’s. And they told the difference between their gear and usefulness and so on.
Good show.

Show and tell ”our guy”.

Show and tell, ”their guy”.

View from the viking village 🙂

And of course a picture of all our fighters. (And me who is behind the camera)
Lovely people.



At the end of the day when all the guest had left the museum area where we camped it was time to pack camp down and get back to town. Around a 3 hrs. drive.
I was back home at 21:30-22:00 and it was :
1: Pack out
2: Get a good long shower
3: Sleep

Showers never feels better after a weekend in a tent, trust me. Also, never underestimate – Sleeping in my own bed!

But it was really nice travelling with my people again, been a while since last time. I like it a lot, but I have to admit that it IS tiring, and my younger body could deal with tent-sleeping better than the one I have now. Ha ha.

Also, I had so much fun taking pictures and exploring my new cellphone camera on epic-filter. Hi hi. Important to save some nice moments.

Anyways. The weekend is over, and new and hectic week is ahead of me. Just have to take one day at the time, and try to get enough of sleep. I had whole 8 hours this night, and that was no less than needed.

So, thanks to everyone involved for creating magic!

Witcher School journey September 2019, ses3. – 27 Days left hype!

Everyone, me again!


SUDDENLY it’s less then a month left, guys!
For some reason time actually passed quite fast, at least for the last 30 days. It feels like it just were 50 days left.
Also September will be very busy, and hopefully that will make time pass even quicker. I don’t mind that.
I am as you probably know – READY.

Up in all this I came over old pictures from the Witcher meetup in Bergen I arranged, and my heart just exploded with love. I will never forget the amazing time we had. Forever greatfull to all of you who came and made this weekend the best!.

My ”famous” LARP book. Filled with LARP stuff from different LARPS, but also songs that can be sung around the campfire for both reenactment and larp- settings. And poems and elf-hostile jokes, of the best kind. Ha ha. Reminds me that I need to update them. Some people are a fan <3 IMSOHAPPY.

Meetup at our famous viewpoint in Bergen – Mount Fløyen. Amazing people! We walked up, just saying.

At the Finn-Twins hotel. Best drink and story-time – time ever. Also – the famous ”Dirkface”.


And so on, and so forth.
27 days. EEEH.
I have in games plans, I have relations, and all that shit. Can’t wait to play it out. ( please, feel free to bother me with more relations. I will play with everyone who will play with me!) 🙂 I wanna be Ghost/Raysha again, right now!

Hah. I just have this one sentence I really would love to use in the game. Regarding my characters name:
To Blue Stripes, and maybe old family : ” I am Raysha”
Everyone else : ” It will be Ghost to you”

I am totally repeating myself, I am sorry, but there is this energy I can’t control – It needs to come out somehow. I could ofc. scream it out, wave my hands and clap at the same time, but that is on a level of weirdness I have not achieved yet. If I should scream, it would be like : WITCHER SCHOOL IS SO AMAZING AND ITS SOON TIME FOR ANOTHER GAME, I AM SO EXCITED I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOO, CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME, I AM 33YEARS OLD AND I DONT THINK THIS IS NORMAL FOR MY AGE, BUT I DONT CAAAAARE. I AM HAPPY! 

OK just writing that helped a little.

#Larplife , you should try it.

After the rain there is sunlight

Things are well!
Very well, in fact. So well that I don’t know what to do with myself.

I don’t know if you were one of those reading here a while back (up to 2 years past), but if you were, you would have read a lot of dark, and hopeless post ever now and then. Those was the real rainy days of my life. I won’t say they will never come back, but I will certainly fight to recognize them before they grow so big that I can’t handle it on my own. 

Since I have decided to be open about everything around my personal health, it should be like this for good times too. We should not let good days go by as any other day, while those days are the days we should really stop and ask ourselves : ” This feels great. I am in a good place, and today I will lift myself up even more so I can remember this day better than any other shitty day.” 
Because it’s these days that are life, in my opinion. Not the dark days. Dark days are not what life is suppose to be, and it’s not permanent. Just like the weather.
It rains,it storms, its dark and grey, its cold, dark and windy, its fights against us, it keeps us inside, it makes us crawl under the blanket and we feel cold and alone in the darkness. But it’s not storming forever. Eventually the clouds dries up and makes room for the sun. It’s not just something people say: ”The sky is always blue above the clouds”.

Please don’t forget the good days. Don’t let them pass unnoticed (thought it can be hard sometimes.) Just embrace the moments, and suddenly that moment became two, or even more days in a row, or a week, a month? At one point you don’t keep count.
Just that is what happening with me. I don’t count.
That moment have been many months now, maybe a year? I don’t know. I just know that I feel amazing. I am comfortable, and I am happy. Things are relaxing, even in a hectic week. I get by, and at the end of the day I sleep well, knowing another well spent day is over, and a new one starts tomorrow.
I make the right choices in life, now. . . Or at least I think I do. And I think that’s also why I feel good. I don’t have a constant voice in the back of my head telling me that this not you. 🙂
I found out what to do more of, and what to do less of.
Life is more than breathing, and trying to be perfect at the same time take care of yourself. It’s about (as cliche as it might sound) balance. Don’t try to save someone if you can’t start with yourself. YOU need to be your #1 priority, at all times. And it’s not being selfish, it’s about taking care of yourself. If you can’t : How can you take care of others? How can you know what others need, if you don’t know what YOU need. (I am not talking about material things here)
Take care of yourself. I can’t push these words to often. YOU are important. 

-I am glad I can say that I feel great.
-I am glad that I can say I feel comfortable at work, even on hectic days when everything is chaos, because I don’t have to bring work with me home, and I can sleep well at night.
-I am glad that I have a warm, healthy loving home. A trusty rock of a husband by my side, and the star in my life – Kera!
-I am glad we can afford all the things we do, because we save a lot of money for it. (And I don’t have a job that pays that well according to many other jobs)
I rarely do monthly shopping for clothing/makeup/ other ‘things’ people use they salaries on. I don’t have kids (Big money saving there :p)  Every month almost all my money goes to bills, and different saving accounts. We have one for vacation, and separates ones for personal savings (mine is ect: WS/LARP/Hobbies account. that includes travel. tickets. hotel and plane, and costumes, and monthly hairdresser stuff, polish courses. . . if there is anything left, maybe something extra, like in 3 weeks – New tattoo :)This is the account saving for basically expensive shit. Drawing tablet ect.)
Whats not going to savings will be leftovers for ‘ice cream, cafè, drink on the town, ect. It’s not much. Point is. I have sort of an economic control, and that is important!
Well ironic enough, September is a month I will be poor as f*ck.
(Polish courses starts up. again to mention one huge expense. The prices has raised ”a bit” -.-)  And I will color my hair (expensive) and getting this tattoo I mentioned. And a small in-land trip with the reenactment group.
So. Busy month, but full of joy! And joy. . . often cost money :p (Not always!)
– I am glad I have Kera.
– I am glad I have things I believe in, and a lifestyle I am comfortable in.
– I am blessed with the best friends, close and far away.
– I don’t live in a country infested with war! (Nothing to take for granted these days)

The list can go on. We all are kind of rich if we think over everything we take for granted. It’s hard to focus on this when it’s storming inside our head, I know this very well. Yet, still. There is always small things we can daily cling to – that is not shit. (I hope) Even a memory, a good memory. Sometimes those is what we need to hold onto, knowing that there is good things out there waiting for us to catch and hold onto.

I shall not say that I was thinking like this two years ago. I was more like: ”Fuck off. Leave me alone with my misery.”
Still. Deep inside, I knew. . . It’s not going to be like this forever.
I knew I was lost. I knew  And that’s a good thing. Acknowledge the situation you are in. Accept it. Only then you can get out of it. Denial won’t get you anywhere.
It took me a while, and now. . . I am SO glad I fought, and found that path and can say that I am not lost anymore. I am exactly where I am suppose to be 🙂
Don’t be afraid to fight. You can do it.

I know some people get sick of listening to other peoples happiness, equal to the same amount of people that hate to listen to other people’s misery. There will always be those kind of people in the world. I/We can’t satisfy  every personalities out there.
To them I can only say: ” Sorry for wasting your time reading though this post. I can’t give you back those 5.mins. deal with it. 🙂
But I hope you find some worthy 5 minutes elsewhere and that those minutes grants you a smile.

For now.
I hope this day can grant you a smile 🙂
And sorry for always writing in English, but I wan’t to include everyone. Also it will do you (and me) good to practice the language, so. . . 😉

Take take and remember it’s OK to brag about your happiness!

Took Kera to hiking yesterday. Look at that adorable face <3 Yes, she is shaved on her feets, because – vets.-

Divinity original sin 2

I have found a new/old game to play!

Well, thanks to friends pointing it to me. Otherwise I would never found it.


After WoW I needed a new game to play, and I wanted something more. I want something I could REALLY get sucked into, something that could give me the same personal feels like Dragon age or Mass effect. I miss this kind of games, and its been a while now.
I asked my friends for game recommendations, and they  did not disappoint. They game me so many options, and all of them looked very interesting, but few had that instant: ‘Wooooah’ feeling I was looking for. I know I can’t judge a game by it’s cover, but. . . sometimes I just do. A game needs the little extra for me to go and open my wallet and buy it.

My first try (After a LONG think) was ”Monster hunter world”, it looked really promising, and after reading a bit about it, I was convinced that this was the game I would try first.
(Luckily it was for free on the X-Box One)
Little did I know that it was basically Dark Souls.Could be that I sucked at it, but I found it very hard and frustrating. The game mechanics did not make it easier for me either, as I prefer a pretty straight forward game play. Yes, I am easy.
The game itself has a cool concept and I did not hate it, but it was just not what I was looking for.

So I wonder of to the second recommended game, after a few more days -Divinity original sin 2 –
And from the very first page (Character design) I fell in love. If I shall describe it with few words :
It’s D&D as a computer game. It’s a storytelling based game with some action. You can have (what I LOVE) relations with your party members.
You walk around in a big world, picking up quests, doing quests, kill stuff, find stuff that upgrade your gear, make stuff from stuff you find on your path. It’s very classic, and easily addictive. Ha ha.
The first day I tried this game was this weekend, and I sat up to 03 and 04 both days… I could not leave it. It’s easy to handle your character and the fight scenes are turn based (I really like this ‘ less stressing’ way of playing. It’s more tactical/Strategic way of playing, rather than high speed-be-alert-at-all-times-play.
I can relax while playing. I can choose if I want to play single-play game or online/multiplayer. I was looking for a non-online game this time. A game I can pause whenever I want, and log of whenever I want, not thinking about other people in the game. And I found that one.
I have not played so far into this yet, still on the island, but I want to enjoy ever inch of it, so I try to take my time to understand it and explore as much as I can. Don’t wanna miss more than necessary. I already think I will play through it more than once. To make sure I see everything! Try ever class, and different mood-action, to see how people react to my characters action 😉 FUN!

Also, also… Hue hue hue <3

How can this not be the best in the game?! FLIRTING!


I find this game also very beautiful to look at, and that is a VERY important issue for me. If it looks cheap, I can’t play it.

So. I am happy I tried this, and now I know I have plenty of hours to waste in this world. You wont hear me complain.
Thank you friends for pointing this in my direction. I will use it well, and it feels great to have ”new” game on my hands again.


Witcher School, 50 days left- HYPE POST- (Ses.3, sept 2019)

50 days left + weird dream POST


It is 50 days left to next Witcher School event! Obligatory post.
It’s always motivating in a way, especially when you think about the day when it was 175 or 100 days left. Now it’s basically just around the corner, a little more than a month.

I don’t really know what to say other than repeating myself, but, I just can’t express my excitement enough in words.
I have boosted my upcoming weeks with smaller or bigger events to make the time pass even quicker, but even so, time still pass slowly towards the events!
One of these events are a new tattoo. IIIIIH SO EXCITED!
Other smaller pre-Witcher School preparations are is already done, so. .(Cards, costume buying/fixing trying) . . that kind of sucks. Now I just have to wait.
I am all in all, ready to go. Though I don’t like airports and airplanes, I do look forward to spend hours drinking expensive tea/orange juice, and read magazines to my way to Poland. Ha ha.

I am so ready to go! And I am actually craving the food they serve over there, now. I think I gain more weight than I loose over that weekend in Moszna, just because of the heavenly food cooked with love!
I even used a slot in the questionare-sheet to mention: ” There are always sweets at the castle, but I have never seen a vegan cake. Is it possible?”
I hope they don’t consider me rude, he he. Worth a try.Two more extra kilo’s just there.


But, yeah. It’s getting clear to me that I need to travel down there soon. It’s haunting my dreams again.

This time it included a moose, of all things. Ha ha.

A moose is NOT a monster. It’s the beautiful national animal of Norway!


Anyways the dream went like this: 

I was at Mosza Castle, talking with everyone – as we always do before the game start. Mingling time.
But I took that part a little to far. At one point I did not realize that everyone was in costume and not myself. I also did not realize that the game has started until I spoke with the commander, and I was like: ”Excuse me, commander”, and left to change.
(Why did not anyone tell me this before game started?)

So I change and  come back into the game. The castle had changed, ofc. Dream logic.
I was now in some hill area with a girl. We were looking for something or watching the view or whatever when a BIG moose appeared out of nowhere. We panicked ofc. It came running straight at us. I told the girl to run ahead while I try to distract the thing. So I stayed, she ran.
Up there, I figured out the moose was pretty similar to a bear, so I played dead, and that saved my miserable life. The big thing sniffed at me, and the dream ended.

Got to love how these always make perfect sense, eh? Ha ha.


Witcher School – Obligatory Costume talk – (Sept 2019. Ses.3)


Obligatory costume talk!

Though I already shared these to the whole world and community already, I have to do it again (sorry), because tradition.


(So. Many. Lillies.)

”Finally” the weather temperatures had to drop. And that moment I just had to be that day.
I was not prepared to go out for an actually photoshoot, but when Anders suggested it – I could not refuse. He is really good at taking pictures. And I must admit that these looks better than photo-shoot in the hallway ha ha. (Though even better if I ps away the modern buildnings in the background, but shoot. Not that important.)


Also had to active: I – don’t – give – a -sh*t – mode. Because people DO stare when you go outside in colorful not-up-to-date clothing, plus a sword.
But there were not many around, and those who were did not say much anyways. And I could not care less for what people must think.

I like this picture the way it’s portrayed. Looks so. . . witchery. ”Historical” accurate – A blue stripe taking a rest. They need to sleep too!

Because reasons, this might be the most suitable for Ghost.
Raid-mode activated.

My BOOTS! They are on, and they are comfortable on (Hallelujah!) Just a pain in the ass to get on.
Future roomates (WS) – please help a lady with her boots, please, thank you very much!

So blue. And what’s the thing about looking far into the distance again (?)  :p
I wonder if I should put a color to my hair for next event. . .?

So clean. . . Got a tip to add dirt stains on them, so they look worn, but I don’t know, it feels to early :p

The pants are SO comfortable, you have no idea! (Also give me a nice butt… but shj :p )

That pendant – eh!
Ghost has taken her new role as Blue Stripe, soldier of Temeria SERIOUSLY enough to get new clothing and bling for her well earned coins 😉
She looks loyal enough on the outside.

But true fact: Costumes does something to your confidence. Especially if you made it yourself, or put it together in some way. I have not made anything myself, though. I just buy things and hope they work together with other things I bought, ha ha. Sometimes I sew around the edges or something easy.

It’s a thing with LARP. If you have one you like, you will return to it. And when you do – you want to add more to your costume, or change it completely.
I for my part like to change the costume together with how my character evolves. It makes them more personal.

Costumes are fun, but  can be expensive, unless you are creative and can craft things 🙂  Well. Can still be costy, but you know what I mean.

It’s 51 days left!! That means that already tomorrow I need to prepare the 50-days left HYPE post. Dear Lord, you guys will have to stick up with my endless hype. Sorry, not sorry.

The best day to YOU!

Drawing – pushup

I have a future plan when it comes to drawing and a wish to improve my skills.
I would like to add a contrast of a color in every piece. Not much, not to begin with at least. Since I am not that great with colors.
But a little at the time, and see if I learn something 🙂

This Witcher adept became my first victim. Even a different pose than what I am used to. I like the challenge 🙂

I am happy with the end result. Even made a sketchy background and everything :p

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