Even MORE Witcher School pictures

This is the last bunch from March episode I swear.
(Ses.3 ep.3 2019)

But as tradition goes – I need to share.

This is Ghost. A fresh Blue Stripe jumping straight into duty – in order to survive ofc. She don’t really know how all this works, yet, but she have to try. It might be a disaster, it might not.
It’s try and fail, for the most of it. Sometimes they train her in really cool things. Like what they can do with a rope. Chop things with swords, be sneaky and even dirty.
But most of the time they are keeping people safe, people of Temeria and all that even witchers.

”Look how smoothly the piece of clay separate itself from its body. . . . ”
Me: This was so much fun. Hit stuff with a real sharp sword (Super-nice one too)

This could have been a profile picture if I just did not mess up my face for the camera guy. Well done, Mary. Well done. Ha ha. besides that. It was warm outside this day – quite surprising since we expected rain the whole weekend. I got sunburned!
Witcher School is blessed!

Ghost do love practice with the ropes. Here she have the commander himself as target practice. Just look at her smile. . .and imagine what’s running through her head

”Was this the same rope that almost hanged me yesterday” ?

”I think it was.”

”Now well. I live”

Is it allowed to say that I like my outfit? Though it will be changed a lot next time. I need to be more blue. (Da ba di da ba da)

But everyone knows this : The more stuff in the belt – The more experience you have. (loot hoarding)

Back to the piece of clay.

My favorite Witcher School picture of all time.
Why: The amount of happiness in this picture just describes Witcher School so right!

Story: Slap game.
First to three slaps over the face wins. (I won- HAH)

Get off me! But ooh. Look at that gambeson!

All the people in the background are from the group : Spirits , which Ghost (me) was assigned to in the beginning as well, before she turned Blue Stripe under mystic circumstances. He he

Blue Stripe in the background, and a Stewart.

I really like this picture. Warm-up with sabers. Blue Stripe training led by Sir Robert.
(So much fun)

Same as above, just with sword and shield.

Tea in the morning. Getting assigned to do stuff by Leut. Leo, Ghosts closest person of trust in the ranks of Blue Stripes.


And stuff she does. Here is a scary/useful/fake building trust with Witcher Master Meinard. All information is good information. I’m very happy this moment came on camera – We look so important. Ha ha.


Photo credit : @piotr_adam_muller and Michał Ciechanowicz



Escaperoom Wrocław

I finally found it! The picture that were taken of us after we escaped the Asylum in Wrocław, Poland 🙂
It’s easily the best escape-room I have attended yet (We started blindfolded, just to mention one)

So,the story began the day before last Witcher School. A bunch of people were hanging out in town to be social together. And some of us when to the local escape room.
We were two group, and my group went to the Asylum. It was SO good.

This was in March, so I had this fresh memory for me for a long time, and this need to see this picture that was taken of us by the saff, but never saw it anywhere. So eventually I took the matter in my own hands.Went to their web page and found the e-mail and just sent them a mail. Attaching a picture of my face, the date we were there and some praise and glory while humbly asking if I could get the picture they took of us. And providing super service – I got it the very next morning. Today.
I am smiling. Great memories. I hope this can be a thing. Do more escape rooms!

We survived, and broke the code and got out in time! 🙂

If you ever are in this beautiful city : Bring your friends and family to this great event : https://exit19.pl/

Highly recommend it!

Sabaton concert 2020 !!


It’s too much. I have to make a blog post about it!

SABATON is coming to Norway 16th February 2020 in Oslo!
Thanks to bestie, she linked it to me and I bought tickets the very same minute they came out! I can’t miss this one out. I just can’t!
THANK YOU. And I really hope she will be there with me again. Memories from our last metal concert together is still fresh, and it was awesome!
Anyways. Many of my friends will go too. And I can’t wait to loose my voice and go total metal!

Sabaton is my favorite Band. I have seen them live one time before and they are as good as you’ve heard. They know how to put on a epic show, and you really feel that they are doing everything just for YOU.
Yet I have not gone tired of the songs, and I listen to them a lot. It’s perfect for any mood.
Workout, party, drawing, cleaning house – you name it 😀

Check them out, here.
I really hope they will put this song on the playlist, it’s my favorite at the moment. You just can’t stay still listening to it.


I am so excited! Weirdly enough, since I am not a concert person. I have been on 3 ‘big’ concerts in my life.
Sonata Arctica, twice, and Sabaton once.
I just don’t bother if I REALLY don’t know them well enough to sing along on all their songs. Ha ha.

But, I am not joking – I am far more excited to see them live again then Witcher School and Mexico vacation together (!)
Just to be there, see and hear them close up, be there with my husband (FINALLY we can do things together again!) and my friends – TOGETHER – rocking epic music!
OMG – Give me air, I am so happy!
I have the tickets and just waiting. . . It’s not like it’s 7 months wait!

SABATON ! ! ! !

I’m ok, but not good enough

In this post I will talk about my way to high expectations of myself when it comes to online gaming. More precisely – World of Warcraft.
Whine factor is high, but just need to get it out of my chest.

Confidence-issues are real

Jesus Christ, Mary, it’s just a game, and you are doing fine”, I have heard this multiple times.
And I thank you for that, but no matter how many fine and uplifting words I hear, it wont chance the feeling that ”I feel like shit”, when I can’t do the numbers that is expected from my item gear level, or when I look up on my class and see what other Outlaws rogues does of damage in Raids and mytic+

I know I am not the worst out there. I think I know the tactics well enough yo not wipe the group, but there is always a potential to get better.
I know I stress a lot when the situation requires special movements more than ‘get out of the shit on the ground‘, and that fucks up my rotation.

But even so, without all of that, practicing on a dummy – It’s not even there.
The talents (gems, stats ect.) are good (got help there multiple times, by some really good outlaw rogues) and got explained to several times how to do my rotation. What to do, and what not.
I got help to make macros for this and that, so I can focus better on the rotation. Press the right buttons at the right time and all that. I have the recommended addons for highest DPS.
So in theory I know what to do, I just ‘can’t do it right’.
And trust me – I am trying, a lot. And here is the annoying thing. I put so much into it, and never get’s anywhere. It’s frustrating and demotivating for me as a player.
Why is it like that? I feel stupid at times. How come that a person got so much help, tries so hard,

movies (How to….), reads stuff, take notes – but still stands in the same poodle?

Is it just that this game might not be right for me? Do I play the wrong class? Am I just not created to learn more? Am I to old to learn new tricks?

I fairly believe that if I can calm more down while playing, it will solve 70% of these problems, but how can I calm down when I give myself this weird pressure on my own shoulders to be ‘ good at this game‘. (I really want to, you know. Ha ha)
How much I want to hear : Good job, Mary (good job of not dying, heard this one too, but it’s just funny xD) you know.
(Missed this a lot during sports too – swimming – I can remember ONE time I saw my trainer cheer for me while I was competing. ONE time in 8 years. Still live on that. Haha)

Truth : I miss/waste combo-points because I over-press the buttons (because stress), so this is my major issue. I know.
I can start the fight with being super-focused and think over each button I press, but after 2 minutes I am all back to normal ‘panic mode’.Also thinking: if I don’t press anything in a second, my dps will fall drastic, while it’s actually the opposite happening.)

Am I the only one feeling like this, and how can I solve this?

I’ve spoken about these things in the Guild I’m in, and got many tips, but still . . . I’m not sure if I ever will get satisfied with my gameplay. I am a perfectionist, and WoW is the only game where I am just that. (Normally I am just that when it comes to art and drawing, for the most of it)

I am also a technical disaster, so that’s also a bit embarrassing – not being able to get up a macro on your own.

It’s sad, because I have quit the game before. Partly because it’s too addictive (and not getting the numbers right leads me to play even more, to practice) and partly because I get tired of not getting it where I want to be.

It might sound vain and stupid, but I wan’t to be one of the better players. This is like my (not so hidden anymore) secret long-term goal. I am not talking about being an EliteSuperUndyingWarlockWizard, far from it, but just one of those who people would want to invite to a party, for challenging things or higher lever dungeons – ect.
For the moment I feel I am the worst in a +13 mytics, and I have never done above 14 (If I ever did a 14) And that’s totally fair enough, my numbers is not good enough to make it. And it would not be fair to pull me into one because I feel sorry for myself. I don’t want a pitty-run. Never!
And if its not done in time, it’s because of my dps (Brain thinking, also most likely true. And I can’t or won’t blame them)

But how long is long-term? Half a year, 7 years?
I am not a quick learner, that’s fair enough, but man… it’s tiring watching everyone else pass your level, over an over again (in like everything I do)

It was like this back in the days in Wrath too.
Special memories from ICC, or Ulduar. I loved my guild back then, it was full of funny and good people. And I raided with them.
But I was not in the push group. (We were many enough to have two raidgroups going on at the same time) A and B
So the ‘elite’ switched their players to work with the B team, while the A team were the ones who killed Lich king (any king) first.
(I have always been the B group when I think about it. Also when I was competing in swimming while I was a kid. Always the B group there too.)
I still remember the day I was choosen to off-tank Freya (for the first time, ever seeing the boss. Also, they did not have any other tank available, that day….) I was SO proud, and it went really well 😀

Today we don’t have two teams like that. We squeeze people together for raid twice a week, everyone is welcome, and we have a great time Raiding. For M+’s we make sure that everyone gets their weekly 10 keys at least,(for the chest) and then sometimes pull higher keys. So we are a pretty nice bunch of a guild, IMO.
People (like me) learn a lot from experienced players, and get time to practice.

And then here I am with mixed feelings that probably aren’t true, but try convince a pale soul with no self-confidence to start believing in herself that she don’t suck, and she is progressing? I hear people give me the sweetest compliments from time to time, but I can’t help thinking : ‘‘It’s nice of you, but it ain’t true”’

Dear God, I hear my self, and I am ashamed. Really.
It’s just a game. . . . Dzjeez.
So much whining, and I am normally the one who don’t give a shit. And I think I have a pretty decent self confidence when it comes to life and myself in general.
So I just learned I have two things in life where confidence is a real big issue for me. It’s not even important things (luckily)
1: Singing for people (alone)
2: Wow

Why is it like this? Am I the only one?
If not : What did you do that helped you? Have any tip?

I know I could just quit, and play other games where nothing is expected of me. I know I can say : ‘Hey, I don’t wanna raid and do M+ anymore’, so I am having a break, but that would be a lie. I could pretend well, but I know that I would miss it so much it hurts :p If not the game, but the people. The jokes, the good mood in discord, their voices <3

What most likely can happen is for me to quit completely (again) because (my own) expectations and my personal needs to get a little bit better never seems to get me anywhere closer my goal.

I wish I could have this chill attitude like : It does not matter. You are a part of a great guild, you are raiding with them, and as long as you don’t die on stupid things, you are good.
A dead dps do no dps.
Sadly, my brains is constanly focusing on the DPS meter. And the only time my name is on the top 3 is – is when it’s a lot of AOE going on. (And with the next patch they will nerf the only thing I felt good at. Yay)

I am trying to respec. to Assasination rogue, but have not got any training on it, much, so.. maybe I should just run some lowlv m+’s with pugs (brrr… I don’t like pugging)

I tried to quit several times now, please don’t shame me (much). xD

Now well. Ranting done for the year. Let’s hope I can find some techniques to calm my mind and stop caring so much in the game. Just play and have fun with it. That should be the only reason for playing after all.

Peace out.
And do feel free to tell me if you had any similar experiences and how you coped with it 🙂
Thank you, and sorry for whining so openly about such a great game.

My character before I learned there was a transmog thing…:p

Witcher School preparations (Sept 2019)

The journey continues, it always does.

Now I can relax completely.
I just booked my hotel for the stay. (Those days where I am not living in the castle.)As always. I have a few days before the game, and a few after. Just to hang out with my friends when I I’m first there.
After experience it’s always best with extra days AFTER the game, since we all are pretty dead after the game. Last time I just had one day after the game, it was brutal. I slept away the whole day. 14 hours in a row, after I was only suppose to rest my head before the dinner (that never happened) I got up, whined a little, and got back to bed again.
Got a quick breakfast with the locals before departure, though. But it had to be like that that time, because there were literally no other flights.

Now I booked two days before the game and two and a half after the game. It should be just perfect! So many pizza’s <3
It will be my week in Poland for the autumn 🙂

Also. Needles to say : Ses. 3 continues!
I will return as Ghost /Raysha /Friend / Blade / Hangedman or whatever name you choose to name her. Blue stripeling with new gear!  Can’t wait to try my new gear when it arrives. Try and design a little. Will see, since my art of sewing is pretty sad.
It will definitely be blue.

Also booked a new hotel this time. Normally I go for Ibis a little outside from the city center, but this time I want to try something closer. It’s nothing fancy, but it looks clean and that’s whats important.
Clean and local. Suits me perfectly.
Also cheap as fuck. 2000 NOKS for 5 nights in total.
To compare : In Norway 2000NOKS is the price for one night in a good hotel. :p
It’s very possible to make it cheaper, buy going for hostel or apartments, which also seems to be in pretty decent quality, but I am not there to save money.
It’s also a little bit more stressful. First you need to pick up key from one place, and then find your sleeping place next. I would never have found the apartment last time if it were not for my friend who guided me through it all. 🙂
The apartment was super nice though! Big and light. Shared it with a bunch of other players (now friends)

But now I want my own place. It’s something else to have a quiet room to crash at, when you need to have a moment alone.Also to not be dependable on others (for the keys and such)
You can be a bit more flexible when having your own place, and I actually prefer that when I think about it. Especially since I can be super spontaneous and want to do stuff RIGHT NOW, if something is happening.

I feel very excited now!
It’s getting closer. Just a few months, and then things will start happening. In the summer I have just one plan – share a weekend at my mum’s which is some hours from our place.
Then its Witcher School Larp time in the end of September, then there is major choir concert, then it’s a local mad-house larp I am SO excited to return too, THEN OHMYGOD its Mexico time in November <3  Man I love that place!

Anyways. I am in LARP mode.
Witcher School, come at me, bruh!

99 days left!!


Some drawings

Two drawings in fact.

Been slacking posting these here.

Characterdesign from Fløytespilleren this time.
His name is Tore. Would also place him as the ‘good guy’.

Im happy with the results. Kind of like the effect of not being so sharp with the black color, but keep it more tuned with grey. Might try to continue in that style.

Don’t know who this will end up with. This is just a rough sketch, freehand.
Can assume to be Lither, but I gave him longer hair, so I am thinking of making him a ‘nameless’ trainer or a druid or something. He looks to old to be Lither.

I can see some proportions going wrong, but I won’t make a big fuzz about it, as its a freehand drawing – Mistakes are allowed 😉

Witcher School shopping! (2019)

Facts : Most LARPERS are always poor.
Reason : Buy weird stuff normal people never wear, or seen.

Buy clothing for money you don’t have, which you most likely will wear MAX twice a year, if you are lucky. But then again : You will look totally fabulous for a few hours/days. Worth it!

Also:  Better to waste money on weird clothing than on drugs. . .So, I don’t see a problem here. :p

(So annoying. I am writing this again, because I managed to delete everything on the first attempt -.-)

In the Witcher universe there are these ”Elite Soldiers of Temeria” called Blue Stripes. They exist also in The Witcher School LARP universe. And I have always found their  style so smashing. When you see them on distance wearing something blue, they look so clean, they belong somewhere, they look in order and it seems like they have a uniform (Though it’s not required at all to wear blue things many players do, just because – It looks GREAT!)
It don’t have to be full body blue. Anything goes. You see them as a group and everyone have something Navy blue attached – I really like it. I like the way we are so alike, but also not at all. Some people have Blue coats, Blue Hoodies, Patches, Shirts, gambeson even, or just a scarf. It looks so nice. They belong somewhere. 🙂

It have never been a doubt in my mind that if I got the chance, I would like to play a Blue Stripe as well. And now I have.
Ses.3 : Ghost, Blue Stripe. Started spring 2019
I really love it so far. And now it is time to plan her future outfits.

It’s become a thing, a disease, ha ha : For each new episode you have to add something new/different to your outfit. It can be big changes or very small changes.
(Well this is not something you MUST do to play the game/LARP. Not at all, I just want too)
In real life I don’t give a shit on what I wear. But larp… Oh boy, bring it! I have to look my best xD
Bye bye money!

I felt last episode Ghost was Bodil (My Ses1. witcher character) when it came to personal gear. They wore basically the same, minus a few details, so now I wan’t to separate the two, and make Ghost more Ghost, more Blue Stripe.
Leading me to one of my favorite online shopping places: Dark Knight Armoury
They have tons of everything, and the quality is decent, or maybe I am just lucky… I always come back here, though 🙂

So, can’t wait to plan (and try on) Ghost future outfit.

First thing first.
I want to have thing that is my thing for my characters. And that will be a sash. Bodil has a golden one, and Ghost will get a white one. Why white and not blue.
Simple, because I will get a blue shirt, and blue and blue will not work, so contrast. And blue Stripes have this thing with white-stripes, so . . . Works 🙂 (I hope.)

So this one in white has been ordered.

Secondly needs.
Main color will be BLUE ofc.
Accent : White

Nice and simple.

Also blue.
Really like the design of these, actually. Looks comfy.
Hope it fits. Always scary with these. WILL it fit?

Lastly (for now)

Temerian lilies, fancy version. It looks like they are attachable, so I bought a few, and see what I can do with them. I’m not that handy when it comes to this, but I can give it a try and see where it CAN be attached. Needs to be visible.

(Not from Dark Knight Armoury. Also thanks to Christian K. for finding them)

That’s where my money ran this summer. I still need a LARP dagger, so that will be next on the menu. Dum dum duuh.


112 days left

Update : Tumor on dog

ENG: Update Kera.
The tumor was the same as she had on her tongue, but this one was benign!!! 🙂
The wound is still partly open, so still some more time with the collar. The stitches has been removed, so now it still needs to be cleaned, and heal properly before the collar can come off.
Also she might have got ear infection on the top of it. But she got some medications for that now, so let’s hope it heals soon, too.
But – no spreading! 🙂 Thank God, what a relieve. It’s like my worst fear. If it had spread – time is quickly shorten, and one can never be prepare for that.
The vet. told us that tumors inside the mouth area often are malignant, but the one on her foot now was not. PHEW!

Now I just want the wound to heal, the ears to heal, and let things come back to normal.  A happy dog in no distress is the only thing I want. I bet the ear is bothering her, she shakes her head a lot, and she whines if she get’s a chance to skratch on it. With the collar she can’t, but man… must be annoying for her.

But now she got medications, so fingers crossed that it will be enough now.

Another dream!

I have to share all my dreams here, just because they are normally a bit weird, and I would like to remember them in later life, so I can laugh at them again.

Tonight I dreamed about a Tuning fork!
Above all things!
The latest dreams I had have been related to Witcher School – LARP, and what a jump to this tiny music device.
”A two-pronged steel device used by musicians, which vibrates when struck to give a note of specific pitch.”

And just for fun, let’s see what the internet say’s about this topic.

A music instrument : 
To dream about a music instrument (it’s not really that, but sure, close enough) symbolize a general luck if the instrument works well. If it’s not working well, it can symbolize the opposite.

– It DID work well. In stead of giving me one single note, it normally does (a), it gave me a whole accord. Like – That’s awesome!
So, will I finally experience luck, now? Yay!


It depends if you like the music or not. If you like it, you will get harmony. If you don’t like it, you might in the nearest future experience inharmonious times. Muisc can also symbolize  a great joy.

– I can’t say I can’t complain about this. Harmony and great joy is always very welcome. In my dream I found this device very helpful, and it gave me more than I expected. I woke up before the actual music started, buuut I assume it went GREAT! 

Dreams are awesome!

Update Kera’s lump

1.st control round done.
She don’t need the bandage anymore. (Time to let it breathe) It heals fine, and for the next week it shall be cleaned with ‘Pyricept’, and they will remove the stitches next week.
Still need to wear the collar a bit longer, but soon.

Looks pretty serious. They had to move some skin to be able to stitch it together nicely.
She looks so poor with the whole leg shaved, but – It will grow out. 🙂

Still waiting for the final results from the Lab. tests, from the lump.

Over all – she is taking it nicely, and always happy and cuddly. Maybe a bit frustrated that she could not walk as much as she wanted, but now it will be easier for her when the bandages is off at least, and she don’t have to wear a shoe.