desember 2016

Happy new hair.

Donated for a good cause. #wigforcancer Have not had this short since I was 9. Thats 21 years ago. I like it, but it will take some time to get used to it:)

And by the way.

Im on vacation. Destination : Tenerife. Temp atm: 25 + :) Live on a sucky hotel, but besides that. A few good hikingtrips made up for it:)

Drawings - Brothers -

Let me present my Fiction worlds ''brothers.''     Den forviste alveprinsen (The exiled elven prince.) Thryg, the dark one is oldest. ( 24 ish)  Saither/aka: Sai is the yo...

26- Draw something and post a picture

Well, this is easy.  Which one....?  Hmm, lets post one I do wish the best Christmas ever. . . (and one of my favorites. It was a tricky drawing, but I happy with the result)  ...

Bloggchallange- ting.

Ble ufordret til en slags bloggchallange av: Så får jeg være grei å følge den videre. (Orker ikke skrive engelsk på denne. For mye tenking :p )   &nb...

Drawing- Saither - Smile

Saither, smiles - Laugh. First time I'm actually feel like I manage a doable result with smiles.  Open mouths are so complicated to draw. Well, and this guy is a sadist. His smiles cr...

25. Things you do on a rainy day

I jump over nr. 24, I have no idea what they mean by tumble crushes? I don't have a trumbl. So, things a do on a rainy day?  More or less what I do on a sunny day. Work, GYM, piano, food,...

23: Six things in your room that you love.

This room, or, which room are we talking about?  In this room (office at work) . . . Computer Keyboard Teacup Radio Internet

Drawing - A witcher -

Hold a small drawing competition for our Witcher School larp facebookgroup. I asked if people who wanted to attend  could send me a picture of their Witcher. Then I gathered all their names...


3 seconds put me to the top! (freeletics) A bit proud  :)) Had to brag about it and all.

Drawing- Ley

Character design of the day.   Nothing more, nothing less. Proparly the wisest character of all of mine. Wise, shy and grumpy. . . without being mean. . . on purpose.

22: Your favorite movies.

Still, only one number 1. All of them. Its more than a movie. This is me. This is fantasy the way I love it. And you have of course The Hobbit. Pirates of the Caribbean is high on t...

21: Movies that makes you cry

First thing that came to my mind:  Lion King Moulin Rouge Funny thing, I don't really like musicals, or romantic movies... but this... is special . . . There are properly many ...

20: Do you have any daily routines? Describe them.

Yes- Yes, I have daily routines. Everyday in fact. There is a reason for my energy, I guess.  Routines is so important to me. Without them everything will crash into chaos.   Everyday...

19: Is it easy for you to trust others?

Good question. I want to trust others, and I believe I do, until I'm proved wrong and my trust gets betrayed. Tough I want to see the good in all people I do rarely share information I don't wan...

Drawing- Thrug -Process

  Done. Thryg, character design. Sitting position, because its been a while. Wine glass - because I need the training. Fingers - because hate. DONE

18: Describe your favorite place in the world.

  Moszna castle- Poland Easy.  The place itself is perfect, the garden, the forest. . .the atmosphere everything. And the experience to be there as a witcher tops it all. Th...

Sketch - Thryg

Work in progress. Quite happy with it so far. Thryg is a complex guy. Bad guy, but not THE bad guy. Funfacts: He drinks, fuck and fight.  Drugs: Yes Money: Yes Single: . . . Yes Wan...

New Body composition analyzer

I am so happy! New results.   This proves that Freeletics is working as hell :)  Yeah, wrong way :/  Comparing from last time to now:  2015 Weight: 58.9kg   ...

17. Do you have any pets? If no, do you want any?

Do I have pets - Oh yes, I do <3  I love pets, and I love MY pets. . . so, so, so much! They are everything, and I will do whatever I can so they can be as happy as possible. They must nev...

16: How has your school life been throughout the years?

He he he. Most of you already know, and its no secret that it was awful until I got 16 and started on high school. That was truly a blessing. Finally I could breathe in the classroom. My fellow stu...

Im A gwentcard !

Look, see what a fellow Witcherfriend just made!  I (My character is a gwentcard <3 )  Credit: Fain Maca Just look at that. . . Im so happy!   THANK YOU- You a...

15: Do you beleive teenagers can fall in love?

Do I know? Oh, yes, I do!  I can only speak for myself, but one of my biggest crushes was when I was a teen. Young or grown up teen,  does not matter. I was MADLY in love, so in love ...

14: What gives you everyday inspiration?

Everyday inspiration for me could be : - Discuss writing / Drawing with someone - Listen to a special song. - See good drawings. - Read a good qoute, or witness a good deed or action.

13: Three favorite words.

I never thought about this. So three words?  . . .  . . . . . . 1: I  2: Don't 3: Know 

Drawing -Lither

Finally some comfortzone time again. Good old Lither, character design.  

12: How do you feel about making friend over the internet?

This!  YES I love making friends over the internet. I ' do it all the time in fact. I met my husband over the internet, and I met my best friend over the internet. . . so praise the intern...


30, Bergen

En tegne/trene og skriveblogg. Jeg kommenterer ikke på andre blogger. Interesser: Tegning, skriving, dyrevelferd, hund, trening, reanactment, laiv, spill, sang og kor. I Juli 2015 fikk jeg min første fantasybok publisert. ''Klanen''