august 2017


Back and forth with if I should post this or not. Can't seem to decide, so I will just post it. I told you I wanted to be open and honest about this "Journey" of mine. So - Not that this was my pla...

DRwing - Emotions

Just because.  

Answer from the doctor.

Me again. Just wanna say that I got a message from my doctor just now.  Well, not my doctor, but the people who might actually treat my head. DPS ( District psychiatric hospital,...

Nervous feeling.

Good morning. I have no intention to whine or just feel sorry for myself with these posts, though it might seem like that right now. Just wanna tell you how I feel, share an inside sight of a b...

No, you don't understand

That is what my head tells me on bad- bad days, when someone is trying to be nice and tells me - Hey, it will be alright. I know what you are going through.  The real me, would Not EVER sai...

A step into the unknown.

So, I will try to not make this looks like a self-pity post, but I feel I have something to tell everyone, as it will be as it is. This or that way.   *Takes a deep breath. I want to be h...

Drwing - A witcher + process

  1   2   3 DONE

Drawing - Another witcher + process

Process or process  1 or 2 :p   2   3 DONE

Witcher School Journey - Larp - September 2017- #4

So, I forgot to write a hype post when the Questionair sheet came out a short while ago. So, better late than never. Besides : Its 50 f*cking days left!!! If that's not hyping you, nothing...

Drawing - Another witcher + process

Process or process.. One ought of two. Forgot to update.

Den forviste alveprinsen

Jeg har lagt hele boken ut på nett, litt fordi jeg er litt trøtt av ''forfatterlivet''. Så uferdig som den er, så kan du lese den - helt gratis :)  Oppfølger kommer fortløpende. Trykk he...

Drawing - Greyscale - progess (some)

1 Did not make many progresspictures this time. BUt here is what I have 2 3 DONE


31, Bergen

En tegne/trene og skriveblogg. Jeg kommenterer ikke på andre blogger. Interesser: Tegning, skriving, dyrevelferd, hund, trening, reanactment, laiv, spill, sang og kor. I Juli 2015 fikk jeg min første fantasybok publisert. ''Klanen''