mai 2017

Another witcher + process

  Some savings during the process.   1 2 3 4  5 DONE  

Drawing - Another witcher + process

    1 2 3 Done  

Drwing - A witcher again + process

Tried to make progressshots, but forgot to take enough pictures... but here is what I have.     1 (there was suppose to be another drawing here, but cant upload it for some reason...

Dear diary

Few knows, but in my teens I wrote diaries. Every day a little something to sum up the day. Was not much - Just a few lines of:  Today I went to school, we had English for 4 hours, I hated...

Drawing - Thryg character design- process

1 2 3 - Done Been so long since last char. design now. Im out of training...

Hjemmeside for bøkene mine

Hei. Jeg skal være ærlig og går rett på sak. Jeg har mistet litt gleden av å skrive, og jeg velger å dele bøkene mine helt gratis via en hjemmeside jeg har laget. Det vil bli oppdelt kapit...

Witcher School Journey - September 2017- #1

TICKETCONFIRMATION JUST HAPPEND! Now the HYPE starts all over again!  SO MUCH HYPE THAT I NEED TO WRITE IN CAPSLOCK! Ok, breathe. . . relax, it's just a LARP. NO- IT IS NOT! It can ...

Drawing - Witcher of The Witcher School


Today - 3 years ago

Can't imagine its been 3 years already. 3years since a dude in a fancy dress decided that we are not good enough to be fosterparents/nor adopt a child. 3 years... feels like yesterday. An experie...



Drawing - Another witcher


When people actually listen to you.

Ever experienced that moment when you think you have THE story to tell:  As you talk you suddenly notice that there is complete silence around you - everyone in the radius of 2 meter...

Drawing - The bard


You'll get older too.

Lets talk about aging. First thing first. I don't actually mind getting older. As long as I can be who I am, be silly, childish and keep practicing my hobbies I'm cool. As long as I have my fr...

Witcher - drawing.


Drawing- Witcher adept


Poland - congratulations.

POLAND  has its national day today! And after Witcher School - LARP, and travelled to Poland 3 times last year, I feel like it's became my second home. I love this country and its peo...

Friends and laughing.

  There are two things in this world that make me sincerely happy. 1: Friends 2: Laughing  = Laughing with friends.   Combine the two of these - and I could not wish for anyt...

Drawing - witcher and shadowboxing



30, Bergen

En tegne/trene og skriveblogg. Jeg kommenterer ikke på andre blogger. Interesser: Tegning, skriving, dyrevelferd, hund, trening, reanactment, laiv, spill, sang og kor. I Juli 2015 fikk jeg min første fantasybok publisert. ''Klanen''