april 2017

Drawing - Another witcher


All the things I could not do.

When I was a child I had a million things I really wanted to do, but never could because we could not afford it, or because we lived on the countryside. I was often told: You can do that/get tha...

Drwing - A witcher again

From Witcher School larp.    

Witcher drawing

When all you need is a good cry. . .

What can I say?  First thing first. I am a very emotional person. I'm not logic. I think and (re)act with emotions - both in good and bad ways. And for varied reasons I just want to cry . ...

Sometimes you are just so stupid. . .

 . . . that you walk around being embarrassed for days. That's me. - The queen of misunderstandings. - The queen of ''never take jokes at the right time.'' - The queen of IJustDontG...

Drawing- Witcher


You look tired

Have you ever realized that the phrase: ''You look tired'', actually is the polite version of : '' You look like shit''.  And that's exactly how I feel this morning. I have a cold, my head ...

Witcher - drawing.

I have a list I need to complete. . . and its not really getting shorter. But one more down, many more to go.    

Drawing - Another witcher - Hilda

Another witcher drawing from 'Witcher School'  Today - A skelliger - Hilda  

Drawing - Another witcher - Master Elinor

From Witcher School larp. Master Elinor - great fencing teacher,


Do we have the same humor?   I Laughed. . . 

Drawing - Process - Ley

Character design with some prosess. 1 Helplines, short to say- Is needed at times.   2 3 4 5 6 DONE  

Aprils' fools most stupid joke.

Just dont. . . do. . . this. . . Im not asking you to bother with everyone elses problems, just. . . show some respect, and keep this joke to a minimum. Its over-used anyways.


30, Bergen

En tegne/trene og skriveblogg. Jeg kommenterer ikke på andre blogger. Interesser: Tegning, skriving, dyrevelferd, hund, trening, reanactment, laiv, spill, sang og kor. I Juli 2015 fikk jeg min første fantasybok publisert. ''Klanen''