februar 2017


Hands on cheek, nose to nose. Heartbeat drums, you are close Kiss on lips, face to face. Gods and angles, what a praise. Love is unconditional, love is strong. Kisses are powerfull, so please, don'...

Drawing - Another witcher

LArgest project yet, and I did not even complete it. Just have no more motivation to go on. Took two weeks already. 1  2  

Witcher meetup in Belgium.

So.Now:  Sitting alone on the airport Cobenhagen waiting for my final flight back home. I have spent the weekend in Belgium.Reason:  Meet people I met from Witcher school in September&nb...

Painfully tired.

1st: It has been an awesome reenactment weekend!  (Downside: Little sleep.) Super downside: Little sleep night to Monday, due to convoy over the mountain. Took 3.5 hours extra.  (I wa...

A man is smart

Ha ha ha ha.    I did read this in his voice, so badly! 

Olgierd von Everec - drawing- Process

Finally done.   1 Just this part tok several hours.  2  This is the ''quick'' part. Won't even think about the detail part coming soon. 3 Ok, fun part first - the face...

Shitloads of facts about me.

      1: Because I'm bored.   2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears. - Spiders : Always been afraid of those ugly bastards. So afraid...

Olgierd - Drawing process- 1/4 down

 Face down, rest to go. And now, with checklist! #Olgierd #Thewitcher3 #Drawing #Fanart #Sketch #Heartofstone

Game of Thrones in one sentence

I could not resist. Whoever made this, deserves a medal!  Ha ha.

Short hair :)

Had short hair for 2 months now, and went to the hairdresser yesterday to get it fixed again. It got even shorter . . . and I absolutely LOVE it!  It's so refreshing.  No more po...

Brienne - Tormund scenes (Game of Thrones)

Ah, I found my favorite - not- confirmed love couple in Game of Thrones. Just look at them!    Just look at the gazes. Someone have butterflies. Its so awkward and yet so fu...

Sketch update - Olgierd

Update on Olgierd ( Heart of Stone - The Witcher)  Im quite happy with him, so far :)

Sketch - Olgierd

Witcher sketch witch will take weeks.... This character is just so perfectly created in the game. What a story attached to all that hotness... mmmm...

Lither og Thryg -- Drawing -Process

    2 Still think LIther look better on this than the final one. 3  


30, Bergen

En tegne/trene og skriveblogg. Jeg kommenterer ikke på andre blogger. Interesser: Tegning, skriving, dyrevelferd, hund, trening, reanactment, laiv, spill, sang og kor. I Juli 2015 fikk jeg min første fantasybok publisert. ''Klanen''