Witcher School Journey - Larp - September 2017- #4

So, I forgot to write a hype post when the Questionair sheet came out a short while ago. So, better late than never.

Besides : Its 50 f*cking days left!!!
If that's not hyping you, nothing is.

The Questionair sheet is a form where they (The bosses) ask you basically what they need to know to prepare your character for the first/or next event.
Everything from what weird food needs (<---) to what your character have been up to lately - if you have one already.
Also what you liked and what you didn't like, and so on. Just to make you are as happy and satisfied as possible during your stay.

I know me and many other players have been hyping each other up ever since we left the castle in March. Especially waiting for the sheet is one of those things.

I got mine 30 minutes before I was done on work, and there is no way I could wait until I got home to fill it out. Because they told me to fill it in as soon as possible. . .  so I did.
Never wrote as fast in my life, and still I feel like I forgot so much. Might got it better if I just had a bit more patience, but no. 
I think I got the most important things down (Don't serve me non-vegan-food.) 
No, really. If I forgot anything important with relations and stuff, I will just improvise and play it out anyways.

Btw: Does anyone ever thank these Boss-guys enough for making Witcher School ? 
I don't even know how to. Hug them to death is not nice - I've heard choking is not really that pleasant. :p

Well it's 50 days left! I am so excited. . . surprise . . .

Now the next big thing is to wait for the actual character sheet.  I promise you - Just watching all the guys get theirs before you get yours, is torture. It's like Christmas, birthdays, pepsiMax, redwine, new game on your Xbox, laughing puppy and winning a round of Gwent - all at once!! 

I was so jealous when I heard some people got more than one page of character-information, and I 'just' got one. . . (Totally not talking about you, Jeremy :p ) 
 I need to talk to more people it seems, or get into more trouble ;) 

For now : Cross out another day in the calendar, and do my duty to keep the Hype alive.
Cheers my beautiful witchers/Stripes and soon-to-be-witchers.

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