Witcher school - Larp Sept 2017-

Oh, the waiting. It never gets easier or better.
The hype is torture at times.

The journey continues, but for now it's just another rant about this sleeping phase.

Just had a look at my calendar, x-ing out days of the past, look past the summervacation to Spain in August. . . and mark WitcherSchool again with a blue marker.

62 full days left, or two haircuts.
Seems like forever. Then I think about when it was 100 days left. That dont seems so long ago, so I guess time is moving after all.

But - waiting. Hate it. Its boring, ok.
But it's worth it. In the end.

I'll survive by talking to my other witcherfriends, share the hype, do rolegames, write stories, draw them, and so on.
There should be a questionnaire coming out soon to all the attendants - I update my email daily. But nothing yet.

Hah. Ahf.
I just want to continue Bodils story!!

And it topped this weekend when I was on another larp and my roomate started talking about his dreamlarp for the future and was like:  That must be The Witcher school.  . . . and my jaw just dropped
"" OMG I have been there. . . Twice!You have to go, Its amazing"!!

And later on I saw another player with a witchermedallion. . . In game. . .
I did not know how to react. A part of me wanted to go all like:  You are no witcher, did you steal it?!

Well. It's a sign. I see witchers everywhere.

Still 62 days left.

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