The wind beneath my wings ( Sonata Arctica )

This is the song that taught the 18 year old me that metal is not that bad after all. Soft start, yes. But, it all starts somewhere.
And from that time Sonata Arctica has always been my fave. band of all times. It has been my cure, and saved me so many countless times.
And yes - Yes - it's a cover - but a good cover! 
Tony's voice is perfect.

It just came back to me now. Have not heard it for years, and suddenly I just had to find it, and now I can't understand why I have not picked it up before now. It is so wonderful. 
And if you are not a metal person, you will like it anyways. I mean, my mum do.
Don't do as I did - avoid all metal bands/songs because ''You don't like it. ''.
DON'T. Listen first.
Find their ballads if you must and just listen. . . listen to their voices, listen to the passion, listen to the lyrics. . . because - it might surprise you.


And now I got emotional. This song and this version still means the world to me.

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