Fitness and attention. Good or bad?

What is this to me? 

It's definitely more than one thing.


I starts somewhere.

I have always been a person who like to be in activity. It started at a age of 10 when I started doing swimming.
I did so the next 8 years, and had great time with it. I basically grew up in the pool. I got friends there, and I learned that I can be strong if I work for it. I can achieve something if I give it time and patience. I am a winner if I give it all, and more.
I fought to win over my own records, and I did - one by one, but It all had to end sometimes. 
And I still miss it, a bit. I wonder who my scores would have been by now if I kept the pace. 

From there I started going to the gym, did some Taekwondo between that, and back to the gym again. 

For now I do freeletics as my daily workouts.
Both the GYM version ( Low weight, many rep.) And bodyweight. (Workout with only your body as equipment) 
This is not something that build muscles as in bodybuildning, but its great for loosing weight, and gain a slim and athletic look - which I kind of likes, so I will continue on this path. 


What is my goals? 

- As for everyone - I would also like to have a body I'm proud of. I would like to look fit. 
- I want to be healthy and take care of my body. 
- I need to use my body to be happy, so workout is perfect.
- I love the idea of free athlete and that is my ultimate goal, to do weird yoga-stuff (that require a hell of a core - strength) in public :p 
- I was bullied in my childhood and teens. Often because I was so skinny and people told me I was flimsy and a wimp. I had big problems with that for many years, so building strength helped me out of it.
 Speaking of which - Workout is a good way to deal with anger. And nothing works better than sprint until you puke, or take push-ups until your arms collapse. Driven by anger is when new records is set. At least for my part.
Anger becomes some kind of fuel, and you just keep going. I love that feeling. Perhaps I should be angry more often.
- I wanna be the best I can be.
- Fitness improve our general happiness. It give me a routine in my everyday life, and it is something I need to do or else I just end up like: '' Something is not right.'' 
- I won't say I don't like attention, because everyone know that's a lie. I love attention. I don't crave it, but it is always nice when people take notice in the things you do. As for fitness, without the motivation from people around me it can be a real struggle at times. I do share this and that with my progress (hate or love it, I am sorry in advance) , and I'm faaaar from a professional in any level, but I hope it can be a motivation/inspiring to someone, out there. 
- And I think everyone should be proud of their achievement on what they do. Don't hide it (unless you want to). Don't be shy. You are good enough, and any achievement is a good achievement. 

I'm kind of tired of Norway and their policy of : ''Don't believe you are something.''
''Don't show off, because - boastfulness'' 
''Don't be proud, and don't show it because some people might get offended.'' 
''Don't go out there and show who you are and don't ever tell anyone that you are good in something. Because - who the hell are you who can believe something like that.'' 
*Fuck off* 

Are you proud - be proud and show it. The world need more of that. The world need more of people who are happy about them selves. There are too much of a focus on all the negative things on our bodies and in our mind. When can it be allowed, and accepted to tell the world - ''Hey look what I manage to do?''  without people whispering behind your back -'' what an attentionwhore''. And yes. Let me be the first to admit it. Yes - I love attention :) 



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