All the Witchers, and favorites. ( Drawings )

As you know. I found out one day in December 2016 that I would like to draw witchers from the larp (Witchers School) I was attending.
Took me 6 months to complete 26 of all the requests I got in.

I did it all for free, with a possibility to buy V.I.P version (buy yourself to the main priority, so you don't have to wait in the line like the others) A few did this.
Though its nice to get some coins from it - I prefer to not draw for money. I really don't like it and the pressure comes with it.
I rather draw as a surprise gift - It's more rewarding :) 
Which also is why I normally turn down any drawing requests I get. Just don't like it.


Here they are.

I had great fun with all of them. Many where a real challenge, and equal where a pain in the ass. Just to mention details like hair, beard, armor, fur, low resolution reference picture (zooming) and hands.
If I did a counting on how many times I did loud swearing, it would sure be a lot. (And that comes from the person who actually don't like to swear in the first place. Ha ha) 

I loved to draw all the faces. Love the difference expressions, play with light and shadows, find the details in the eyes and so on. Just love to recreate a scene that means something to that person I portrayed.

I have a few favorites in this bunch of people. A favorite picture to draw, that is. 
They ended up as that because I felt I could do something I never though I could, or got something right for the first time. It could be small details like - The perfect hair, the shadows that was just great, the amount of time I spend that actually was worth it. If I struggled with something for a long period of time and SUDDENLY got it. . . those kind of details make me proud when I feel I finally ''did it''. And those details create a favorite. 
It is hard for me to be really proud of my drawings, since I am a perfectionist and always find something that could be better. . . but I have learned that I will do my best, and don't focus on the negative, but learn from it.


So if I am to pick a favorite out of these it must be this one: 

The first thing come to my mind is - When I completed this I had a smile on my face and felt really happy with the end result - I also don't feel very comfortable drawing ladies, so I get really happy when I feel it went well.  Also survived the patience test with the clothing, manage to pass the temptations to rush it.

- Also the endless respond I got from everyone on this one was breathtaking. You actually made me cry some happy tears ;) 


I'm really happy with the face and the hand + details in the armor and kind off sorry that I failed the patience test, but I also like the end result like it is in a way to. 
I have always had a weak spot for sketches and rough- raw- look- drawings. 


Happy with the fur, face and hair. Also the quality of the reference picture itself. It's clear and have a lot of details I find fun to draw, especially in the face and eyes. For some reason I like the neckline and the shadows there. And the hair, the hair was fun to draw.



Very happy with the shadows and lightning in the face. I am always tempted to use to much black, which is not good. So I was kind of happy that I remembered it here.
Also struggled with the smile, but think it turned out fine :)


A real challenge. Hands just saying. I spend a terrible amount of hours just on the beard and the hair, which also left me with a good feeling in the end. Take time is always worth it.


I struggled with the whole mouth region, but again - be patient and try your best sometimes work. I remember I felt really happy and satisfied when the last detail was done and I could move on to the rest of the drawing.
Also very, very, very fun to draw a blind eye for once. Always fun to draw something in a face that you have not done before. I really like that.

Ok, that must be those I like the best.
But for all in the world - I am really happy with all of the 26. I have learned a lot in the process, and it gave me confidence and happiness.

I have a break now from drawing witchers, and it will be as long as it need to be. But I promise I will have another run eventually.
So wanna have a free drawing of you. . ? Better join the Witcher School, then, and make sure to be around the fantastic photographers who walk around and memorise everything. 


Thank you :) 

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Søtmonsen :))

09.06.2017 kl.01:21

Du er jo bare helt proff altså! ;o De alle sammen er helt nydelige :D


09.06.2017 kl.08:39

Søtmonsen ): Miiik <3 Tusentakk!

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