Witcher School Journey - Larp - September 2017- #2


And the hype never ends. 112 days to go.
(Hype : extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. publicityadvertisingpromotionmarketingpuffpufferypropagandaexposure;boostpushfanfarebuild-up; informalplug, plugging, razzmatazzballyhoo )

The hype is so real that it haunts you in your sleep.

I dreamed about the school last night.

I remembered it was about the workshops. But, not really.
A group were taken outside on the left side of the castle. It was something new they added since last run. 
A whole new garden had been made.

I have even added a beautiful drawing made in paint. 

So, as you can see. You enter the park from the stairs, walking straight to the fountain with a statue attached or something. Once you are in the park you can't see anything from the outside world or from the other way around. 
It's really quiet and peaceful place, perfect for meditating . . . 

So the workshop was to inform us what this place was, and what was allowed and not allowed. 
It was for obvious reasons not allowed to break the fountain, or smoke in the area. The gardener did not like that. (He was present. A really friendly and proud guy in his 50's.) 
Because he should be - the garden was ridiculously beautiful! 
Besides that, be nice to the garden and the garden will be nice to you. 

They also told us that there will be game-play in the garden from time to time, so make sure to step by if you had the time.


So, the hype keeps me hyped during the nights too. 
Secret garden or not, I don't mind Witcher School come to my sleep. It made me oversleep with an hour, this morning. . . so I got late for work. . . 


And after a long, wet and good reenactment weekend I got home to see all the pictures from a WS- meetup in Germany. . . I am truly very happy they had such a good time. . . BUT... BUT  - I am so jealous that I could not be there. It's true, I looked though the pictures and cried. (So emotional) 

This love for these people can't be healthy. XD 

I have in my mind a thought of arranging a Witcher meetup in Bergen February next year, and I hope people will come to cold, expensive Norway for a weekend :) 
More about that later.

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Søtmonsen :))

06.06.2017 kl.23:15

You are so lucky ;o Må nok tørre å hive meg i det en gang jeg og :D


07.06.2017 kl.09:24

Søtmonsen ): Hah, ikke tenk, bare gjør det. Du vil IKKE angre :)
Var skeptisk jeg også, men nå er jeg bare furten på at jeg ikke har gjort dette før.

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