Witcher School Journey - September 2017- #1


Now the HYPE starts all over again! 

Ok, breathe. . . relax, it's just a LARP.

It can never be ''just'' a larp. Neverever - so, so, so much more.


I sat the timer on 18:00, 17th. May - when the ticket-sale where announced to be open.
So I ran to the computer at that time, and bought my ticket. Since the 17th is a red day, the registration from the bank wont happen before the 18th. 
And it can take up to 5 working days before it goes through. It did not stop me from constantly refresh my email, for this message: 

And I just got it! 

I am going back to the school in September! 
I am so happy right now. The HYPE is real again, and I am jumping of joy at work. Smiling to guests and colleagues is SO easy now.

And the best part: Everything is ready! (I have no patience, so vacation, hotels and plane is already booked and confirmed)

In theory I can lean back and just wait for the departure day. . . In reality I can't. I will torture myself with this endless waiting, count days, weeks, hours. And annoy people with my hype for this geeky event in Poland, on this geeky castle, with these geeky people. Eat geeky food, drink geeky drinks, play geeky games, fight geeky monsters, do geeky jokes . . . 

(Google search -Not my picture)

Now its almost time to brew new potions, prepare the new gear ( start packing?)
It's is kind of crazy how big this event have affected my life, and how amazing it is. Might be hard to understand for some people. It's hard to explain, but it is just like the one dream you never thought could come true, and suddenly it is there. Suddenly you live it, you are a part of it.
I always knew I was a weirdo, but this just adds up to it - confirms it, and its f**cking OK

This will be my 3rd run, and it just gets better.
My character - Bodil, is leveling up, growing and turning into a witcher. Both good and bad sides will affect her life, and it already do. She is changing, slowly into a monster - a freak. 
How will this affect her, how have it affect her? Who is her friends, who is her enemies?  All these questions needs an answer. 

And for this post - I have done this before, so therefore it is tradition. :p 
Blog update on my witcher school experience from beginning to ending, all the events,  for whomever must find this interesting.

I am super thankful now! 
Very- very HAPPY.

BODIL- is very happy, her journey continues!

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Søtmonsen :))

22.05.2017 kl.15:01

Så moro :D Koselig å kunne gjøre dette til en fast greie ^^ <3


22.05.2017 kl.15:18

Søtmonsen ): Det er en dyr fast greie, men det er så gøøøøøy ;D

Søtmonsen :))

25.05.2017 kl.23:27

Hehe, ja jeg ser den ;P Men minner for livet da <3


26.05.2017 kl.07:45

Absolutt :)

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