You'll get older too.

Lets talk about aging.

First thing first.
I don't actually mind getting older. As long as I can be who I am, be silly, childish and keep practicing my hobbies I'm cool.
As long as I have my friends - age is not important.

But sometimes you just have a bad day. You look in the mirror, see wrinkles around your eyes and lips. You have reach the golden 30's, and suddenly you just feel and look old. . .  (Bad days, yes. We all have them) Everyone around you is still young and pretty, everyone accept you.
As you keep thinking how the world will end, suddenly a light shines on your face - and you realize that you have friends. . . who will get older too. Age with you, so we will get old and wrinkly together. . .

And then everything is fine.


Age with style - keyword.
Nothing is more cooler than cool people, no matter age.
Nothing is cooler than people who know who they are, and are not afraid to show it, no matter age. 

So - Be cool :) 

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08.05.2017 kl.17:27

You are only as old as you feel, isn't that a thing? :D And I agree, there is nothing cooler then people who simply are who they are, and don't care about what other people think.

Hope you are having a good Monday, gurl :*


08.05.2017 kl.18:47

Ohyea.. excatly that.
Be what you are, because its always worth it in the end.

Be a child, but act responsable when you need too:)


08.05.2017 kl.19:14

I think you look like a 20-year old, or something. Just so you know. ;)


09.05.2017 kl.08:29

Maien: Miiiiiiiiik <3 Hold that thought ;)


09.05.2017 kl.08:48

Alle blir eldre - ingen vei utenom og det er ingen som har overlevd den greia der.


09.05.2017 kl.08:56

Helge: Helt sant! :)

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