Friends and laughing.


There are two things in this world that make me sincerely happy.

1: Friends
2: Laughing 
= Laughing with friends.


Combine the two of these - and I could not wish for anything more.

If I should look back and put my finger to my most happiest moments it always lands on any moment where cramps takes me, and moments where I just can't breathe because of laughing.
Of what - does not matter. 
Laughing is the best painkiller next after Morphine and crying.

Laugh together with friends. N O T H I N G, just nothing is better, in my point of view.
Not chocolate, not Pepsi Max, not sex, not Witcherschool (!) 

A life without humor is a damn sad life. A life without laughter is no life.

It's  funny when the cramps takes me though. Like, for real.
Not a sound comes from me, just endless shaking. . . then, a heavy gasp for breath. . . before continuing.
Ah, life <3 !

Btw, tickeling me for that results is not allowed! I can make you deaf in the process :p 

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Søtmonsen :))

03.05.2017 kl.17:48

Så sant, så sant du ^^


04.05.2017 kl.08:57

Søtmonsen ): :) :)

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