All the things I could not do.

When I was a child I had a million things I really wanted to do, but never could because we could not afford it, or because we lived on the countryside.

I was often told: You can do that/get that - when you get older, have a job and moved to your own place.
That was a harsh, but honest thing to hear when you were 10 years old. You knew you had to wait another 10 years or more, before you could get a dog.

I remember a few things I really wanted to do when I was between 8 -11 years.

- Sing in a choir.
- Get a dog, or have a pet in general. 
- Live in a castle, be a princess or a brave knight.
- Take piano lessons
- Join the corps as the rest of the school did. I felt I was the only one who could not play an instrument.
- Also wanted to have a horse, like the rest of our neighbors. We had chickens though. 
- Handball was also something on my mind - since all my classmates did that or football I did not want to be left out.
- Vacation in a sunny place

And then my parents asked me if I wanted to start swimming.
I could barely float when I started at the age of 10, but I learned. Also, I loved it.
I got friends there, and people liked me for the one I was, and it grew to be my safe-zone when I was in my early teens. (13-16)
I trained more as I grew attached to the swimming pool. And because of that, I grew some muscles which did a lot for my self-esteem. I was so tired of being the skinny one.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to start with swimming, and have something to do after school. So, thank you mum and dad.
I stayed there for 8 years, and it was my safe-zone. Just being able to swim the pain away - what a blessing.
Sometimes today I regret I ended my swimming days. I learned so much there, I had good endurance and was properly in the best shape of my life. But also miss the competing days. So exciting, and everything was all up to you as an individual. I remember how proud I was every time I hit a new score, the smile on my teacher face, and the congratulation my friends gave me.
It was the only place where people often said to me: Hey you did a good job! Congratulations - followed up with hugs. 

But everything comes to an end. It took way to much time in the end. 
Trained 5-7 days a week, sometimes two times a day ( 2 - 6 hrs a day) and for a emotional 18 year old girl - I made a choice, and it was a hard one.
I left and joined a Gym instead. 

So from there I took up the other thing I wanted to do also.

- Took my first vacation to a warm, sunny place when I was 17 - just turning 18 :) 

- 2 Years with taekwondoo. Also regret I quit. A stupid thing to to.
Back to the gym. Need to keep my self active. And I more or less stayed with the gym ever since.

But what about music, and pets and all those kind of things? 

I never forgot.
Got our first pets when I was 23 or 24 I think. Degu rats.

Had 9 at the most. A whole family.
2 left. And they are really old now. 7 and 8 years old. :) 

Kera (the dog) came a year later 2011.
She is 6 1/2 years now, most adorable thing ever. I love her so much. Getting a dog was never the wrong choice.

And I followed up with choir singing in 2011. Sang in two choirs for a few years.
Liked it so much that I followed up with singing lessons for a period of time. 

Also found out it was needed to follow up the instrument- thingy, so I took a few guitar lessons as well, but it was not my kind of instrument.
- Took band course to do something about my stage fright and fright for microphones, also. 
- Took several vocal courses.

Eventually, last year I gathered up some guts to start taking piano lessons. 
Still ongoing. 

- Living in a castle- be someone else- dream came true when I found the would of LARP in 2007 

So, came to think about it.
Those 10 and 20 years I had to wait is suddenly here, and I have done all the things I was told to do ''when I move out''.

Or : I am doing all at once, because time passes on too fast, and I don't wanna miss anything. Need to do as much as possible before it's to late.
Heh, and it's not really healthy, I know . . . But, ah, happiness is not withing things - It's achievements and experiences! 



Conclusion : It's never to late for anything. If you want - you can.

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26.04.2017 kl.14:32

Kera is so cute! And it's great to hear that you achieved everything you wanted as a kid. Got me thinking what I wanted as a tween, but can't really remember xD


26.04.2017 kl.14:37

morellen: She is really cute! My baby <3

Achieved or not - I have tried everything at least, and that's all I wanted :)

He he, would love to hear it. It will come to you :)


26.04.2017 kl.14:59

haha, I'll see if it does, and maybe write a post like this on my own blog. If nothign else it's interesting for myself in the future ;)


26.04.2017 kl.15:26

morellen: Please do ^_^ Look forward to it.

Søtmonsen :))

26.04.2017 kl.15:03

Herlig at drømmer gå i oppfyllelse <3 Man får stadig høre at man må vente med ting til man blir eldre ;P Det er kanskje noe i det og :) Man setter kanskje mer pris på hva man har i dag. Det føler jeg på nå, at jeg skulle satt mer pris på ting den gang :)


26.04.2017 kl.15:26

Søtmonsen ): Absolutt. Man venter ikke forgjeves. Alt til sin rette tid :)

Det å sette pris på det en har er så viktig. Ikke ta noe forgitt. Nyt de mulighetene en har, for plutslig er dem borte og da er det for sent.

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