Sometimes you are just so stupid. . .

 . . . that you walk around being embarrassed for days.

That's me.

- The queen of misunderstandings.
- The queen of ''never take jokes at the right time.''
- The queen of IJustDontGetIt- for the hundredth time!
- The queen of '' You are dangerously naive and gullible ''. 
- The queen of '' I believe everything I read/Watch''. 
- The queen of '' being easily fooled''. 

I'm just thinking back to some events in my life, and I'm laughing and blushing all over the place.
I have this thing of 'talk before think', combined with ' act first, think later' . . . and many funny and yet embarrassing things came out from that.
I'm surprised that no one yet have punched me in the face.
And. . .  even better - I can't hide it either. I blush very easily, and people notice before I do. So the only thing I can do is play along with it. Embarrassing in the company of people who are smarter than me. . .  which is basically everyone :p 

So - Do I learn from it?: Probably not. Maybe. Sometimes. 

I could come with one example to this. . . but I'm still so embarrassed around this, so I will leave you thinking about that for a while. 
Or, never mind. I can share another story.

It happened years ago, when I was trying to learn drawing all over again. (And It was NOT good, I promise) 

I drew a half naked elf. . . at work. And for some reason I was really happy with it (facepalm)  and scanned it to my own email.
Problem is: I did not scan it to myself, but to a colleague, by a mistake. . . a man, grown up, decent man. 
And I did not get it before he send me a replay: '' Nice drawing''. 

I: *Fuuuuuuuck* 

And then he smiled extra much every time he passed me for the next two weeks.
I could never look him in the eyes again. 



Now, your turn : Share your moments of : '' Sometimes I'm just so stupid that I . . . '' 


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19.04.2017 kl.12:54

First thing coming to mind of my own ''stupid moments'':

We were having a New Years party, and had maybe 10 people over. At one point the husband brought out some snacks for our dog, and many of our friends have dogs, so they wanted to know what kind of snack it was. It's a stick with duckmeat wrapped around it, like a corkscrew. One of our friends laughed when he saw them, and asked what part of the duck it was. Some of the girls blushed, and some of the guys grinned, and I answered: ''just duck, I think.'' Then my husband started laughing, and the others did to, before I finally got it.

The friend has been calling me young and naïve ever since, and I blush just as bad every time!

PS: If you don't know, a duck's penis is shaped like a corkscrew.


19.04.2017 kl.13:06

morellen: LOL . IdidNotGetIt . .. o.0 But then you told me. . . I would never guessed either, ha ha.

Typical thing I would do too, so - highfive !

Søtmonsen :))

19.04.2017 kl.16:28

Hehe, er sånn selv ass :P Har alt for mange ;o

Blant annet så trodde jeg i mange år på noe som min venninne hadde sagt til meg, helt til det ble tatt opp og sa at det var jo bare kødd ;o Husker ikke helt hva det var snakk om.

Eller da jeg var med mamma for å handle min første BH, og jeg spurte mamma om jeg kunne få en, og ei stringtruse. Var jo ikke mamma det da som sto der da jeg snudde meg ;o

Så en gang jeg skulle sende melding til ei venninne der jeg snakket om en fyr jeg likte veldig godt, du kan jo tenke deg til hvor den havnet henn :D


20.04.2017 kl.15:10

Søtmonsen ):
Åh den godtroende følelsen der kjenner jeg veldig igjen. (Hvordan skulle jeg vite det var kødd liksom...:p )

Aaaaah, oh noes. Ikke akkurat gøy i den alderen!

Hahahhaha, den siste. . . . hjelpe meg - håper han tok det som et kompliment. Han fikk sikkert en fin dag ( hvis ikke må han ha vært en douche ) ;)


19.04.2017 kl.22:18

En gang da jeg var 14 eller noe så vandra jeg rundt i byen og var i min egen boble. Så så jeg plutselig min daværende bestekompis bakfra, så jeg tenkte jeg skulle trolle ham litt. Jeg sneeek meg forsiktig fram og kløp ham i skinka med begge hendene. Han snudde seg - det var en fremmed.



20.04.2017 kl.15:08

Hannah: Aaaaaah - Det - kan jeg forstå veldig godt. Daymn. Hvordan ror en seg bort fra den liksom?

''Eh, unnskyld - Jeg trodde du var en annen ... '' - LØP!


20.04.2017 kl.13:36

Man lærer så lenge man lever.


20.04.2017 kl.15:10

Helge: Indeed :)

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