Post larp depression. witcher school 2017

"A dead tired woman is half-sleeping over a table. The robe is used as a pillow while Rains of Castamere plays in her ears. She never sleeps on the plane, but this time she did sleep all the way from Wroclaw to Denmark. Now she have 2 hours deadtime until the next one. She is home in Bergen 17:45"

Ahw, man.
It is nearly impossible to even try to explain how my weekend at witcher School was this time.
If I should use few words it would be;

- Dramatic
-Freezing cold

The people. Friends. Gameplay. The story. Suprices. Joy. Fun. Laugher. Challenges. The castle. The enviroment. The food. The drinks. The training. The classes. The love. The hate. The suspiscions.  The speeches. Everything.
Everything was so well done.

I had so many good in game moments that I cant pick one out from another.
But if I should give it a try:

-The fight and endless discussion between my character and the Blue Stripes was really fun.

-The hate my character had for the elven master and how she treated her was fun.  Playing rude is just really something.
Not everyday I can scream "Fuck off"  to a teacher. Or give her ugly looks and comments everytime she was present.

Well. The weekend was perfect. I had the best time from morning to morning. It was little sleep, you can  say.
I think it was 5hours in total from Thursday to Sunday.
And three hours from Sunday to Monday.
(Afterparty's fault. Wich also was pretty darn awesome.)

Suddenly out of nowhere Im back at the airport, feeling empty.
Everything happen so fast and now its over. For now.
I just remember how incredible happy I was when I arrived Poland, and when I met everyone at the castle the first day.
I just could not stop smiling, not for a second. Even when the game started I was smiling, though I was suppose to be serious.

We had really good weather also. Sun and clouds, and shit freezing in the nigths. Thank God for robes, just saying.

Surrounded by witchers, Temerian (dogs)Soliders, elves, mages, master of mirrors and sorceress, this larp weekend was just perfect.
Witcher school did it again. Thank you for taking so good care of everyone at all times.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now people have to live with my endless stories about the larp for another 6 months.

I love you guys so much. Cant wait to continue Bodils story once more.

So. It is 40 minutes left to boarding. I am starving and my body screams after a good, long night sleep - but damn. Could I do it all over again- I would. Easy.
Who can sleep when there is so many things going on anyways?

Witcher school is more than a larp. Thats for sure is my opinion, and I cant imagine me without it now.

Ill just leave it there for now. Writing from the phone.
Short version: I hate to leave Poland already. Hate to leave the fantasyworld I grew to love so much, hate to leave all these good people, knowing it will be atleast 6 months until I see them again.

Now well. Good thing there is something called phones and facebook.

Post larp depression sucks, but is also a comfirmation that I had a wonderful stay at Kaer Marter.

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Søtmonsen :))

28.03.2017 kl.00:55

Hørtes ut som et perfekt opphold ^^


28.03.2017 kl.16:12

Absolutt :))

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