Witcher School Journey - March 2017- #3


Witcher school is 1 day away!

I am 89% ready.

Did some packing yesterday. Unlike last time, I did not panic, but I did walk around the house like a confused little girl.
The thing that even scares me more is that my luggage seems so light. It can't be right. I must have forgot something really important. 

I know I have packed: 

- 2 pair of pants
- 3 shirts (!) Never know. 
- 2 robes. . . one small and practical one, and one huge-freaking-useless-unless-you-are-planning-to-do-nothing.
- 2 hoods.
- 2 basically of everything.
- Potions. All my two kinds of potion. Swallow and Golden Oriole. I hope someone else can drink mine, because I don't wanna!  (Hope they dont break on their way down, though I have wrapped the bottles good enough. . . wonder what the custom people will say if they controll my bag. . .what will I say? - It's alcohol, home made with herbs...?) 
- Belts
- Boots in the hand luggage - Like a pro!
- A towel 
- Passport
- Things for decorating my room
- Fancy cups 
- Books and things I most likely never will use.
- Cards . . . 

And all those things I can't pack before tonight. Like toothbrush and other girly needs :p 
Not that I need hairbrush anymore - whoohoo, that's the thing I always forgets anyways.

And all the things I need to remember to do tomorrow / later today.

1:  Make sure I have cash for the travel, the bus and the hotel. I will do that now, come to think of it.
2: Buy something to drink at the tax-free. Wroclaw airport had one, did they not? I don't remember o.0 
3: Pray that the flights are in time, and it will go smoothly.
4: Pack phone charger. ( I use the phone a lot! Its a 5 hour travel after all. I'm alone, could die of boredom you know.)
5: Don't panic.
6: Don't oversleep! By the Gods - NO
7: Be super excited!


And finally I can also say :  IT'S HAPPENING TOMORROW !!!
Though some people are already there - meeting up tonight. Others, like me - Need to work another day.
Please send me a wink from the party. Wink, videos and pictures - so I can kind of be there with you :)
 I will be with you from over here.

And Thursday - Prepare for attacking hugs. I am just like that, and I'm sorry for invading peoples intimate zones with my presence. (LOL, dear God, I'm such a werido. . .) 
I apologize in advance, also for me being face-blind and unable to remember face and names. Please forgive me if I should remember you, and don't say hi - I am NOT ignoring you. I'm just stupid :p 


So, all the awkwardness aside.
See you tomorrow, and I can't wait to get in the game again. 


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Søtmonsen :))

22.03.2017 kl.18:01

Du får kose deg MASSE! :D Ha en super fin tur ^^

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