Witcher School journey, March 2017 - #2 - One week left in the real world.

Just one week left.
I can't believe it, it is suddenly so difficult to imagine me be back at the castle, doing witcher stuff again - so soon.
It's hard to imagine that I should start packing soon, planning what I should wear and how I am gonna manage 20kg luggage code as a LARPER.
I failed miserably last time with 23 kg, and I did buy a ticket without luggage on top of that . . . results - used 1500 NOK before even leaving the country (Taxi and fee.)

 Any time now my character sheet will come. I'm so curious on what challenges I should be preparing for this time, and I love to just put everything in the writers hands, not knowing anything about my fate, future or changes I will need to do. I will play on it, and that's what it's all about. :) 
Some people love to write and create their own character from scratch to finish. I'm not like that. I'm more like: 
- Give me something to do, and I'll do it.
F U N 

And of course, I make up my own personality between the plots and sub plots. And now I had 6 months thinking of something, and I will try it out, and build on it. It's gonna be so fun. 

In one small week I can continue my characters journey at the Witchers School. 
In one week I will meet many of my friends again. And meet new people, and play with as many people I can. 
In one week I'm no longer the weird one - we all are. And, how I love it.
In one week there is no such thing as reality and real life. . . just for a few days. 


So funny. People who are attending keep posting countdowns now. Some say it both 5 or 6 days left. Guess there are some lucky bastards out there who can leave for Poland before others. 
I'm one of those sorry others. I will arrive 12:30 on THURSDAY, missing the pre - meetup - party -.-  But in stone age Norway, they decided that there is no planes to Wroclaw that day. Period.
It's sad because it was so nice last time. Gah, well. I'm staying for the after party though, lets hope many people can attend that one too.

So. One week left. Oh, man. (sipping tea and bite fingernails)
Why am I still shocked?
I know the first thing I'm gonna do when I get there (after greetings and such) - Hug the big tree - I have done it once, now its a tradition. I would dance barefoot around it also, if It was not like - winter - 

The tree I'm talking about it over there ------> out of the picture of course.

I even miss running to that monument. Se that white thingy in the far end? That's a pretty fine monument of something. . . Its further away than it looks.


This time I'm not (that) nervous, beside one thing: I have 30 min. to reach the Wroclaw plane in Denmark. There is NO room for any delays! 
*Prays, please no delays, please, please* 

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Søtmonsen :))

16.03.2017 kl.18:14

Misunner deg så veldig altså :D


17.03.2017 kl.09:15

Søtmonsen ): Det er en opplevelse en aldri glemmer!

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