Witcher School 2017 - March #1

(Warning, wall off text) 

Can't believe this is happening. I just can't.

I knew ever since last run in September that I can't go in March, because it's gonna be to expensive so close up to everything else that is gonna happen this spring. I knew there was no way, because I don't even have more vacation-days left from work.
I have been SO sad about this, because I REALLY- REALLY wanted to go, and I did everything to avoid listen to people talk about the next coming event. I was so jealous! 
Imagine when they start sharing the photos?! *PAIN* 

And. And. AND then : Magic happens! 
(Heartbeat is just killing me while writing this. I am so happy.) 


A friend I met from the previous school posted that there is 3 free tickets available! And I should ask for one.
My first though was: How sweet of you, but I can't. . . #Whine
Then the crazy part of me woke up with a: ''I could take a few phone calls. What is there to loose?''
So I talked to the Witcher school epic boss, asked if this actually was true, and if he just could put a ticket aside while I took some phonecalls, which were no problem! 
So I called home, I called work, I called a few colleagues, home again to be sure. . . . And - more magic happens. My sweet colleagues steps quickly up with a: Yes, I can take your shift this and that day, no problem. 
I: NO WAY (almost crying of joy!)
And from there I just went beserk mode. 
A few moments later Tickets were bought, character formed filled out, transport form filled out. Today - hotel booked - and documentations printed out.

Im even a Gwent-card ( made by Fain Maca ) <3 

I am so happy that it hurts, literally, it hurts.
Already borrowed a larp sword, and ordered print for my characters ''romance card''. Suddenly 6 months turned down to 14 days!  Can you believe it!?

Why, how can all these good things happen to me over and over again. I don't deserve this - why, how ?! How can I be so lucky. What have I ever done? 

So. As you can tell, I am very excited, traveling on the Hype-train now. Again.
I feel like I just left Belgium where I met many people from the larp, just because I missed them so much, and I though I had to go there since I won't see them anytime soon  . . and now its  just 2 weeks until I see them all again, not 6 months. 14 DAYS!

I can't wait to put on Bodils costume again, be her again,  and do all these crazy Witcher things again. 
I can't wait to meet all my new friends again, meet new people whom I might also call friends, and interact with as many people as possible. I can't wait to explore Kaer Marter in winter time. (September in Poland was summer 20+ Now I have seen picture containing snow!)

I can' go on forever just talking rubbish, and it still can't express my happiness. 
I am weird, I know. The happier I get, the more weird I get. Just deal with it.  


(I even drew my whole team) 

So, I'll shut up with this:

23-26th March I will be back in Poland - at Moszna Casle - and live the fantasy-life I always dreamed of when I was a child- teenager- adult.
(I never grow up) 
So, this is so much more than a LARP. So, so much more.

Forever grateful again.
Looking so forward to panic packing, hanging on the airport, be scared on the plane, getting lost, be a tourist of Wroclaw, dancing around the great oak before gameplay, and hug so, so so many people!


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Søtmonsen :))

08.03.2017 kl.21:37

Herlig! :D Heldige deg :D Du fortjener det <3 Du har vært igjennom nok, så det er på tide med masse lykke og glede for deg :D <3


09.03.2017 kl.08:04

Søtmonsen ): Ahw, tusen takk. Jeg vet ikke hva jeg fortjener - jeg jeg har fått så mye i det siste, og så på en gang.
Dette er såvisst en veldig god begynnelse på et nytt år! :)

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