Witcher meetup in Belgium.


Now:  Sitting alone on the airport Cobenhagen waiting for my final flight back home.
I have spent the weekend in Belgium.

Reason:  Meet people I met from Witcher school in September  (larp)

Now I truly understand what the mean when they say that there is the people they miss the most after a witcher school event.

I have never seen anything grow so fast as this.
How everyone instantly bond after a few days, and it keep growing.
The chemistry between us is just magical.

This friday I travelled to Belgium to meet some of them. (16people in total ) Someone I knew very well, other not so much. But after this weekend I have even more friends.
And damn how I love them!

There was so much laugher, good stories, crazyness and more.
We did everything from: Restaurants, bar to bar, sightseeing in Brussels, cafes, boardgames, and talking.  . . Lots of talking and witchertalking.

These crazy geeky people are getting so important to me. everyone is so different yet not. We have things in common and that is what makes this possible.

A huge thanks to every witcher out there who makes these invites possible. They open their houses and offer so much og their time to make it possible that people from different countries can gather up and be together.

Huge thanks to Jonas and Jeremy for this weekend. You did hell of a work, and damned how you succeded. At least for my part.
You saw everyone. And Im sure everyone felt as welcome and taken care of, as I did.

Epick thanks to everyone really. Thanks for making this weekend the best. and thank YOU for beeing that person YOU are!!
Never doubt what an amazing person YOU are. Im so glad I met everyone I met this weekend. And I really hope to see you again in September.

Its less than a year. So I guess I can wait, though it will be hard.

To everyone who arrange witcher school meetups around the world: Thank you.
If I could, I would gladly attend everyone of them! ! Because there is so many more people I would like to meet again.

One at the time I guess.
Thank you for inviting me. . . I am truly honoured and I cried at the airport, saying goodbye for the 4th time.
Thank you so much Bart for offering 30minutes ( plus trafficjam) of your time to draw me back to the airport.
You are too kind!

I could thank everyone in the enternal.. but I am writing this from the phone and Its awful, but neccecary, because my brain cant focus if I dont get this out.

Special thanks to the other members of the Claws attending. You have a special place in my heart <3

Bah. Babbeling.
I am at the airport as I sayd. I am dead tired, sad but also very satisfied. This weekend has been perfect! Just perfect.
Every word, smile, laugher, story you shared with me is a part of it.

I treasure this forever. Treasure new friendship. No borders, sea or moutian can prevent that.

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Søtmonsen :))

27.02.2017 kl.23:28

Så ut som en herlig tur! :D Var dere i Brussel? :D


28.02.2017 kl.00:47

Søtmonsen ): Det var det også :)

Jepp i Brussels og i Gent. (Gent var finest)

Søtmonsen :))

03.03.2017 kl.00:06

Jeg bodde 3 måneder i Brussel i lærlingetiden min :D Jobbet på Up north der :) Er veldig mange fine steder rundt der :D Angrer jeg ikke reiste mer rundt mens jeg bodde der ;s Men har veldig lyst å dit igjen :) Brugge blant annet er så sinnsykt koselig og fint :D


03.03.2017 kl.08:00

Hørt mye fint om Brugge, men vi hadde ikke tid til å dra dit.
Brussel er en befolket by, men ikke sånn spesiellt fin. Parkene var fine da:)

Du har da reist litt. Jeg reiste aldri ut av byen. Heheh.

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