Baby - dream.


I had a dream about babies last night.

Not any dream, either. Every year, at the same time it happens. 
(The end of January.) 
The end of January, more precisely -, (and 22.nd May) will always remember me what on I lost, and how much of me who got lost in the process.
Its six years ago, now.

It was more like a strange dream, than sad, actually. 
I dreamed of one newborn child. Ours.
The child did not have his left arm, because it was born that way. It was just a stump at the shoulder. 
Not that it bothered me.
It was a boy.

More strange things: I had no pain give birth to it, not at all. And I got really angry with all my friends telling me it was SO painful.
I was like: Wtf? That was unnecessary!

Didn't stop there: The baby was born, and I was not prepared at all. Like in every dreams - They start out of no where, and have no ending. This one too.
I did not remember I was pregnant even. The kid was just there, in my arms- and we were happy. Though I had nothing to feed it with ( I could not breastfeed for one or another reason.) And it was Sunday, and no store was open.
But manage to fix something anyways.

The baby was perfect, smelled nice and - never screamed - once XD

And so it all ended.

When I woke up, I was like:  Oh, that was a strange thing. Why just one arm?
At least I did not woke up crying, as I've done before. Progress!

I like dreams, really.
Nothing is predictable, nothing is certain, no one knows when it began or how it will end.
Like a story, a book, a tale told for the first time. :) 

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23.01.2017 kl.09:52

This made me cry..I know its monday, but am sending you a lot of huuuugs anyway Brave woman <3


23.01.2017 kl.10:11

Asante: No need to cry, I'm fine - Thank you <3

Its just funny how the brain works in the nights, like it don't want me to forget.
Hugs to you!


23.01.2017 kl.10:36

Sender mange klemmer herfra <3


23.01.2017 kl.11:04

morellen: Mange klemmer right back :)

Søtmonsen :))

23.01.2017 kl.20:10



24.01.2017 kl.08:38

Søtmonsen ): <3

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