Some days back I did some ''old'' fashion alchemy in our kitchen.

This is preparations for my next Witcher School run, in september.
And my character, Bodil, need at least two potions, for a starter. Two critical is very important for her first contract.
- Whyvernhunt- 
This whyvern is super toxic, so she need some resistance to it.

Resistance to poisoning: Golden Oriole.
(Tastes like fucking shit, and its suppose to. Rule: Barely manage to drink without puking. Should burn your living soul out.) 

I will not give the ingredients, because you need to attend Witcher school classes for that, or ask someone else who did, very nicely. <3 !
(Thank you, Maria!) 
But It contain everything from Vodka to ginger, garlic and pepper, plus plus. 

I might not made it perfect, but it got its right color, yellow, and it burns, and taste shit - So must be good for something.

Look? I'm so pleased with its color, and its real and everything. I just hope it survives for 6 months.

And every witcher needs Swallow (Witcher healing potion) 

Its not delicious, but its not bad either. Taste is sweet and sour, and I think I got that. 


Bodil can now get stabbed and poisoned multiple times without dying!

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Søtmonsen :))

17.01.2017 kl.16:58

Awsome :D Hadde vært morsomt med slike kurs :D


17.01.2017 kl.18:19

Bare å melde seg opp. Læreren våres holdt på å bli drept under timen pga. sjalusidrama .. hahah.. var hysterisk.

Han bare når de stormet rommet: Kan det vente til etter timen.
Hun: Nooo. (charge)

Søtmonsen :))

18.01.2017 kl.20:53

Hehe, oh no ;o Må passe på der ja xD

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