Thoughs on the road

I am on the bus, on my way to a vocalcourse and from there to a choir thing after.

Anyways. On this bustrip thoughs came my way, and I will share them.
This is kind of normal for me, weird as I am:

- I see two sweet, young girls talking together, smiles and share stories.
Im like: Its so since to see friends together like that.

- I listening to an old, knowing, loving traditional norwegian song about love and Im like: I really like this artist and this song.
Always liked him. And then I feel happy.

- I am a really emotional soul, but without beeing oversensitive (have no idea where this though came from, but Its true.)
I could be at a party and out of the blue burst out: Oh this is so great, I having the time of my life and I am so happy.... (like anyone accually cares..haha)
I like people.

-And now Im soon at my destination. Time to get nervous: I need to sing infront of three other people who all are doing better than me... haha... now well. It wont kill me.

Completely normal. . . Well, Its a known fact that Im not.

Have a nice day!:)

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Søtmonsen :))

30.10.2016 kl.20:46

Hehe <3 Sitter slik selv xD Ha en fortsatt fin kveld ;D

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