The road to become a witcher ( The witchers school larp 2016) #9

Emotional thank you post.

I just can't, and will not shut up about this, just bear with me please.

I thought I wrote the last post when the larp was over, but I just realised - its never over.

I must thank people, again and again and again. Because I feel the deserve it. . . no, wait. They deserve more, but you are so far away! 
I, as the only Scandinavian attendant. as far as I know. 

First of all: I am faceblind and don't remember peoples faces or name very well. It is not that I don't like you, or don't care if you are one of many I handshaked more than once to present myself. 
Some people I  remember now, a week after the game. My brain works slowly (as many propberly already noticed. Haha.) 
The more often I interact with you, the bigger are your chances. . . but again: Its not because I don't like you. I like many people, really, Im just terrible with names ;) 

Its been a week, time passes on so fast. 
Today we chat with eachoter on facebook. As a group or one by one.
Its like the larps continue in many ways. We do rolegame online, wich I absolutley adore! So the larp is accually not over. *YAY* 

I have made many new friends after this weekend, and I know already some of them are for life. And I feel truly blessed.
*Fell a tear* 
There are few things I treasure more than my friends. And new friendships give me such joy and happiness. MAkes me a better person in many ways. 

I want to send a special thanks to two lovley gentlemans whom I got to know on the preparty Wednesday before the game.
There was instant connection, and I was all over blown away by the friendlyness of all of you! Sadly it was impossible to talk to everyone.
After a few hours of rubbish talking they asked if I wanted to drive with them to the castle instead of taking the bus.
I accepted, because I love roadtrips :) 
Lets just say there was singing (Disney) games and good stories. Friendship accomplished :)
thank you for knocking at my door, with painkillers  after the game. I really really appreciated that - and I sleep really well that night, even with sour throuth and fever.

From there we met many sweet people at the castle, all of them very easy to interact with. Smiling, nerdy (as me) exited and overall good people.

I want to thank my group ingame - The claws.
It was a great Idea to makes smaller groups, so we had someone we could 'be friends' with in game, and It worked!
Special thanks to you whom I could compliment and insult on demand. Thank you for beeing awkward with me. :) 
From there our ingame friendship was settled. And outside, you are lovley.

Thanks to everyone who laughed with me, in and outside the game. I love to laugh, love to make people laugh, and be laughed at... (Friendly ways that is) 
Thanks to everyone who made a nervous lonley traveller safe during this weekend.
Thank to you who met me at the airport and shared a taxi with me, you are hillarious and funny, and Im so greatfull for your help. It meens more than you think.

Thank to everyone who anserwed my many,many questions before and during the game. I must have been a pain in the ass sometimes, and Im sorry... again - my brain is slow XD 
Thank you all for cheering at me for accepting the Whyverncontrat- I felt like a queen <3  (And me as me wanted to cry, I felt SO loved XD ) 

Thank you for beeing my friend, Thank you for wanted to be my friend, and to all I can be friends with.

EVERYONE: Ever come to Bergen /Norway, and don't want to pay for expensive hotell? Please give me a shout. The door is always open, for free. I will provide you with food, drinks, bed to sleep in and free hiking :) 
You are most welcome, any day!


My friends. I can make the March edition :((((((((! 
But I'd be very dissapointed if I don't see you in september! 2017.

Many blessings to everyone of you.
If I only could express what this meens to me. What you meen.

To share something personal: I did not have the best childhood a girl can have, fake friends and bad friends was an issue for many years of my life, and I had trouble with trusting people (and myself) untill I was around 20-21 ish. Now im 30 ( childish as F?ck, ha ha) , and better and stronger than ever. 
I learned slowly that I was good enough, and I was worth something.
Larpers, reanactment people do have something over them. I dont know, but there is something about you, that just IS love for people. Everyone is good enough. . . Thats my impression atleast. :) 

And the results, wich made me stronger is: Friendship is something I dont take lightly, and I adore every one of those I have close to my heart. So therefore I just have this personal issue to just let you all know that YOU are amazing. I will always try see the good in everyone, and this weekend - there were alot of good things. Overdose really.
Im babbeling. . . sorry. . .

I'd kill a Whyvern for you!

Can't wait you meet you all again. 
*I got something in my eye* 
Take care, witchers and blue stripes, staffs and monsters. I wish I found you earliere. <3 


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Søtmonsen :))

08.10.2016 kl.16:24

Woho :D Sounds so awsome..


09.10.2016 kl.10:45

Søtmonsen ): It waaaas :D

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