The road to become a witcher ( The witchers school larp 2016) #8


Where do I begin, seriously?
From the beginning, I guess.

Me and these two gentlemen arrived the castle around 14:00 thursday.
It was sunny and really hot, lovley day (who lasted the whole weekend).
After some minutes adoring the place we ended up under this tree, and some other fellow witchers joined us.
I had to dance in the dry grass baerfooted, just because my excitment just never ended. I was high on life. This is real. This was about to happen!

At 15:00 the property was ours. And soon we got to our rooms. I shared mine with three sweet gentlemens, and we got a window with view over the main coartyard, and I could sit there and enjoy my fake wine.

But first we waited for a loooong time to register and get our costumes, though I really just used the gambeson. I prefered my own shirt and pants (they were more comfy).
Eventually all of us got dressed up and returned to explore the palace, take a drink and get to know eachother. After more waiting the debrief started, and the main staff showed us around... beleive me, I got lost more than once in that place. Hehe. Everything was sooo huge! Litterly, It was ridicioulsly large. impossible to interact with everyone.. sadly. ..

So. There were over 160 people there. 100 players, or more. Ofcourse thing takes time.
But the dark sat in and we were close to begin.  I heard many voices in the dark: "have we started yet, are we in game now?"

And then the tortches came. the Grandmaster and the lovley voice we all learned to love/hate.
Our masters!

1: The whole event stared with: Get IN A FUCKING line you lazy bastards, go go go. I said a LINE in four collons!! Make a good damn collon!
Then all the masters presented them selves, watching down on us ofcourse.

And hail to the pushups. They came soon after (or before, cant remember, but there were quite a few of them.)
Everyone down, no exuse.
Then some more talking about the harsh rules and punishments if you did not obey, or skipped the classes.
(Fences, Archery, Alchemy, Ethicettes (?), Survival,  signs.) Also, where you late - pushups.

I just loved one of the fencing teachers (swordfigths witcher style) when he went on with the pushups.
At one point you just hear: Smiiile, fencing is fun, smile! I dont se you smile... smiiiile with your theets. Look at me and smile!
And it was already hot and everyone was tired and swetty.
No matter what the masters said you where wise to respond with: Thank you Master.  Even if you got punnished for beeing 5 minutes late.

No well. After the nice introdution were separated in to smaller groups on 14-16 people each. we all got numbers so the masters could tell us apart.
My group - the claws- from the cat school was a really nice teamworking one.
The first night was all about getting to know eachother, and our Master, Master Bastion.
My characther: Bodil (just Bodil... there is a story to that which I was able to share with a few.) She worked really hard to impress her teacher and mentor. 
She felt she had to prove to them that she was wothy. . . though she was not accually ment to be there. So failure was NOT an option. Abassador Jana was her life af at that point. And Bodil was terrified with the though of Jana might not like her,witch made Bodil figth harder to show she could do this.
Did someone say anything about the suprice child...? Well. Lets move on, shall we?

So. First day passed on. Next day came. Started 07:00 in the morning. Woke up by the "horn"  witch rang before evry class.
Physical warmup involved pushps and running the first day. Breakfast came after that.
You heard yelling and shouting all the way though it. Soooo fantastic.

First class I attended was survival. There we learned to make a fire from nothing. That was really hard accually. We learned to chop wood and some other stuff. (Me as a me, had really mentally problems with one thing, but I shall leave it there. But appeciated that I could be exuced from there scene.)
Otherwise I was a good start:)

Btw. The whole castle was beautifully decorated from groundfloor to 3th floor. Wow!

Second class was Monster knowlede. One of my favourite classes. Exelle mnt Muura monster was there and we all was kind of a experiment to her and the teacher.

Third wad Fencing I think. damn I stuggle, since I cant fix left and right... and that was much about it. Two handed swords, and much foot work based on left nd right. I thing Master Reinice hated me at one point.  Haha.

Fourth class was signs. Casting Aard and Quen.
Sooooo fun!:)

All the classes went pretty much in one go.
They took about and hour or two. Then we ate. Then a new class. Then we ate again.  And so on.
Think there was 3-4 classes a day.

And between all this, the whole weekend monsters appeard, I was on bodyguard duty, I accepted an impossible contract of slaying a Whyvern witch was not really there (So I need to slay this thing before or in the next run,hehe). But as i said earlier- Bodil had to do something impressive or a good deed to impress, whatever the risk mate. She had no idea what she did... before afterwards looking for potions, clues, information about the creature, adking the Grand master for premission to borrow a weapon.. that was scaaary as fuck. Haha. But he wished me good luck. Phew.

Bodil got pretty drunk after a heavy test the second day, wich went well. These driking lession happened and it was soooooo hillarious (since I was sober ) Love to play drunk.
The cats owned the tavern that night.
Was prett hard to accept the warmup next morning. I was 3minutes late and got pushups punnisment. Hehe.
Then there was more running and more physical training... then we ate.

Classes again.
Fencing (again)
Etickette - Damn funny and really intressting. Never lie was the one thing a witcher must never do.
Alchemy : Dont taste things you do not know what it is. I failed there, but had to test anyways.
This class was like a medival version og Chemistry. Very intressting. And the teacher was freaking scary and entertaing at the same time. :)
Last class was archery witch I missed because I went on Whyvern hunt... and found nothing... (buggers... I really hoped that thing showed up. Would be awesome to come back halfdead or as a hero..) hehe.

But. I tried atleast. Still have the contract so... The thing IS going down!!

And late saturday nigh the final trial and exam started.
Oh we waited for sooooooo long. The claws was the last group in.
We "meditated" for hours. Hehe. While others took dancing lessions :p
I fell asleep on a coach.

My guts and hands were shaking as hell through the trial. It was sooo serious the whole thing. You kind of forgot who you where and became your character for real. This was reality and I Was to become a monsterslaying mutant, a freak, a superiour thing. This was my goal and I had to get it right.

All the things we learned though our classes was put to a test. Answer wrong and you will get paied.
I got a sword on my neck from the Alchemy master.. A nice scar I will carry with me :p

Buuut. I passed.
I am now a True, and loya Witcher of the Cat school :)

All in all. It is hard to put words on this event, because It was so huge, so many things happening, so intens, so full of passion, power, love, hate, anger, laughter, compassion, music and personal goals.
Everyone had their story. Everyone was fighting for something. Everyone did their best to make this School so motherfuckingawesome!!!

It was smooth, well made, perfect location, details taken care of, interesting characters, goodlooking monsters, great actors, friendly people, staff and helpfull players.

I made a few new friends, and I would never have met them if not for this.

I look forward to see photos from this event. A few photographes was there the whole weekend, and I am just dying to see them and explore everything again.

Ahw. There is to much to tell and to few words to express this larp. But I loved it. And I am so happy I got this experience and I will return next year, I have a whyvern to hunt (a dragonlooking creature).
I had high expecations and they lived up to it!:)
Thank you so much everyone. I payed attention to details, because it is the details who made already awesome things epic:)!

I dont know whatelse to say at this moment. Please ask.

My character was a good lass. Dragged between weather she should tell the truth or not. She was determinated and would do anything to impress her mentor. Life or death, it is fate after all.... is it not?  Or is fate a lie?

Well. My flight goes 1300 tomorrow so I will leave this hotel 1030.
And... I woke up sick this morning due lack of sleep the whole weekend. It was just to much going on so I did not want to miss anything either.
I am still kind of drained, but in bed... witch meens I will get some sleep before my way back home <3

Again.  Cheers if you read everything. I feel like I missed everything, but yeah.  Somethings is just hard to put words on.
I am sad. Sad to leave already.  Sad to say goodbye to wonderfull people spread around the world. Sad, but happy non the less.

My fellow witchers. Thank you a million times. Take care and I hope to se you all again, and get a chance to play with the rest aswell. I watch many of you from a distance.  . and you are good! I was entertained even when meditating.

Now I have tried to quit three times. see. Its not that easy. 
Witchers. Ill never forget an inch of you all, ever!


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Søtmonsen :))

02.10.2016 kl.22:52

AWSOME! ;o Høres ut som en herlig opplevelse <3 Det er jo litt sånn at man skulle ønske enkelte ting var ekte <3 Det som er så bra med å ha slikt, for da kan man leve i fantasien <3


03.10.2016 kl.10:37

Det var dritgøy. Må ned igjen neste år. Fortsette reisen :)
Skulle ønske Aard signen var ekte. hæhæ


02.10.2016 kl.23:17

Welcome to the world of globetrotting larpers!! :-D

Var kjempe gøy å lese!


06.10.2016 kl.08:29

Marion: Så kjekt, he he. Yeah. Det blir en lang ventetid!
Tusen takk :)

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