The road to become a witcher (The witchers school larp 2016) #7

Ok guys. This is happening!

I am in a car with these two guys driving to the castle!:)

Lets start from the beginning.

12:30 yesterday I arrived Wraclow airport after two turbulent flights and a tiny plane!
I survived everything...yey...

Then I waited for a really nice american witcher who arrived 30min. later.
Together we took a taxi to our hotels.
45zloty. only. Shees. I love this country.

From there thanks to our groupchat I joined a large group for foods. I instantly fell in love with them. The talking went so easy, so much laughter and good stories. Everyone seems to get along after like 10minutes. I felt really welcom atleast.

Then we went to the roof of a bar to take some drinks and get to know even more people. And yet. I have not met the half og them.
They say there will be 160people in total at the larp. 110 of then are players:)
Its huge.

But. After a few hours I already made new friends. I had such a good time I cant put words to it.
Larpers are such a wonderful people. So friendly and easygoing people:)

I left the bar at 2300 to catch up some sleep. The hotel I stayed at was really nice also.

This cola is awful btw!!

So. . . where was I.
I love these men in this car btw. They are playing medival bagpipemusic in the car.. Ayeah 
In two ours we are there. 

Well. Im to exited to write now. Haha.
Lets say Yesterday was awesome. Perfect and a sociable success for my part :)
And I know I will miss so many people when im going home. It will be terrible.

LOOKING forward to the castle and start the game now.  Get in costume and just have the time of life :)

This will properly be the last post before the game starts, so update Sunday/Monday. . . :)

Thank you!

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Søtmonsen :))

29.09.2016 kl.13:37

Kos deg uber super masse! :D


02.10.2016 kl.21:40

I diiiiid!!


29.09.2016 kl.20:12

Kos deg :-)


02.10.2016 kl.21:40

Taaaakk. Det var en opplevelse av de sjeldne :)

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