The road to become a witcher (The witchers school larp 2016) #6 part 2


Just a short update.
I have upgraded myself to Kastrup airport. Been her for a few hours already, and 1h 15minutes left.

Irepeat myself. . . I hate waiting.

Bad thing: It was an awful flight down. So much turbulese I wanted to cry! Almost ripped of the handhandles. . .

Good: I got breakfast and a good read about torture instruments. . . yeah. . . Hi!

Bad: I forgot my headphones. . .

Good: I have tea!

And I got contacts!
One of the best. Never met her, but I love her.
Why:  She send me a message like this:
Still up for dinner? I know an awesome vegan burger place.
Let us know when you are ready.

Me: Waah. Foods and company!! Thats how friendships are made.. food :) Hehe.

Looking forward to locate my hotel, drop of luggage, wash my face and find my new friend (s)

So ready for this epic journey who  already kind of started. Im just not there yet. Physically.

Soon. Soon. Sooon!

Atleast I can relax a bit now. Things was not really that hard, easy accually.
The only thing that can go wrong now is if the plane crashes, get delayed, cancelled or my luggage get losts.

Good God. Not today please.

Time: 10:12

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28.09.2016 kl.15:51

God tur!!

Så glad for å følge via bloggen og jeg gleder meg til å høre om hvordan du har hatt det!



29.09.2016 kl.10:34

Tusen takk. Oppdaterer så ofte jeg kan :)

Søtmonsen :))

28.09.2016 kl.20:17

AAAH! :D Gleder meg på dine vegne :D Jeg får være der i luften jeg da ;D Sende en alv for å spionere på dere ;D Tihi!


29.09.2016 kl.10:34

Tusen takk. Nå er vi på veiiiii til slottet :))

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