Good morning!

Time: 05:01
Airport Flesland

My journey is starting for real. One hour to my flight departure.
First destination is Cobenhaven where I am to wait for 4 hours before Wroclaw plane arrives. . . Thats the worst part I guess. I hate waiting :p

The day started at 03: 30
Basicly slept 1hour. Was to much to think over.
-Things my character needs to do/remeber.
-Have I forgot something?
-Really... what have I forgot??!
-I miss my dog.
-Think trou the coming day, step by step.

And then the taxi arrived at 03:53
It was a really nice driver.
And very expensive at this time.
Then. Now the action starts.

There is no one on the luggage incheck thing.
Waited another 30minutes before someone came.
Then I had to pay a 500NOK fee for bought a luggagefree ticket . . . how should I know?

Hey 1000NOKS spendt before 05:00 in the morning!
Good greaf, I am horrible at traveling.

Well. I guess I have to pay the same fee on my way back.

I am on track (wich is the important thing here.)
I got myself a banana and something to read.

First time for everything.

Since yesterday I could feel a nervous tense in me. Now more than ever, but I am really extited.
Just hoping the flight will be easy all the way.

Please dont let me encounter any unwantd suprises like plane cancelling or something.
Hate missing a larp due bad weather (happend before. . . and Im still angry at that stupid wind.)

Im awkwardly awake, and really exited. Later today I will meet a bunch of players in Wroclaw. Time to get to know each other before we enter another world and stop beeing ourselves :p

I wish my fellow travellers a good trip and I look forward to meet you all.:)

Time: 05:19

Update will follow in Cobenhaven :)

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God tur til deg.:)


02.10.2016 kl.21:39

Tusen takk. Det var fantastisk moro :))

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