The road to become a witcher (The witchers school) #5

So, lets talk packing.

But before that: 4 Days left! 
We are getting somewhere, eventually!


So I am on vacation in Holland as we speak. And I had to prepare the packingpart before I left, and it looked like this:

A big pile of things I absolute need. . . (Yeah right).
11 years of reanactment, just there, well, half of it really, and add more larp-things I've collected since 2007. And of course, modern stuff like underwear, make up, socks, toothpaste, gameboy (?). . .

Polish rings I bought in Krakow. They look medivalish, so - Must have.

30th gift-pack from my friend ( who was suppose to join me, but had to cancel). Me and my character need this. Personal stuff.

It looks nice as decoration. . . Yeah ^_^  

So. Cape, sheep, hood, gloves, rubbish, shoes. And all that rubbish you cant see, and the rubbish I have not packed yet, and all that rubbish Im sure to forget.

Gzeez, please help me to NOT forget : Passport, money and planeticket. ( There, typical me.)
Good God, I hope I can carry all this stuff. And after a brief discussion with myself - I will carry my cape on me on the plane. ( Its 7meters of wool ! Either that or as handluggage.)


I was SO tired at this moment. It was far over midnight and I had to pack for Holland at the same time.
I look forfard to switch bags. ;) 
Out with 'normal' clothing, in with Witchergear!


So, if everything go as planned I will meet up with another Witcher who lands 15 minutes after me, and we will share a taxi to our Hotel. I am so glad for this. Feel much safer. Wierd enough, never trust strangers they say. . . but - hey - Witcherstudents are not strangers. I sure dont feel like that way ;) 


Whoop  whoop :) :) 
So exited, still.




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Søtmonsen :))

25.09.2016 kl.20:46

Herlig! :D Hehe, litt spennende og morsomt å pakke til slike spesielle ting :D


25.09.2016 kl.20:55

Søtmonsen ): Ha ha ha. Ja, det er en pain in the ass, men nødvendig. Så mye tenking da.
Heldigvis ser det ut som om jeg slipper å drasse med meg sauen XD

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