The road to become a witcher (The Witchers School ) #4

One week left guys. ONE week!

And guess who could not sleep this night? 
The character sheets were announced this night, somewhere between 00:00 and 03:00. 
I have been waiting for so long to find out who I am suppose to be this magical weekend. Who will occupy my world, mind and body at Mozna castle 29th September- 02nd October? Who is she, where does she come from, what is her background, what is her agenda, mission, view on this world? What about secrets? Is she a likable person, or a brainless brat? What, who is she? 

I remember myself watching my phone, in bed, until falling asleep. . . (eventually) 
And I woke up with the wonderful news. My character was ready. MY character. . . Mine, only MINE!
 My precious. . . 

And no, I can't share it. Its what you get for not joining us. . . mwa ha ha ha. . .
It will be hard to keep this masterpiece to myself though. Ha ha. But, I shall manage.

- But really: My name is Trollolol . . . Im accually this guy. . .





Two pages of wonderful writing. Full of background stuff, my name, useful stuff to know, what I can play on, and many options on how I can build her.
I think i will do what I always do on larps . . . let the game decide what happens, just let it flow and take whatever happens there and then. To much planning never works for me anyways.'

I know I will be very attached to my character, and I will be sad when her journey is over for this year. I will come back next September! Already started saving money :p
( I can't next March...:S ) 


Heh, come to think of it. I want to write a book based on my character, ha ha. Not sure if I need a copyright for that, ha ha. 
(I probably never will write it, but, It was a funny thought) 


I need to think about what I need to pack, and I already have to much. . .  I need to pack smart (!) because I need EVERYTHING!

Cant wait to meet all these great players, in game and outside :) 

Today is my last day at work before I start my vacation ( A week in Holland first.) I return to Norway the day before my plane to Poland departs. So I have to pack fast! 


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Søtmonsen :))

21.09.2016 kl.21:04

Er så misunnelig xD Det kommer nok til å bli en opplevelse for livet :D


22.09.2016 kl.08:55

Jeg håper og tror det, tusen takk:)

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