The Witchers School journey #3 E- bay and rubbish talk.


The Witchers School is coming, (21 days left) so I went for a look at E-bay. Maybe they had something fitting.
As every girl, I want to look nice to.

1: First of all, its VERY hard to find something medieval-ish witch is vegan. I did my best to avoid wool and leather.
I will use leather and wool at the LARP, but that will be some old stuff I bought a long time ago. I will not buy new leather/wool stuff.

Still, I think I found some nice things non the less.

2: I ended up buying pirate gear instead. Ha ha. Need to find a pirate LARP now.

Now well, something can be matched together, so I can use them in different settings. Looking forward to try and create a nice Witcher gear. ( Not that I can choose to much fancy anyways, since this is my first run - I am not allowed to look to fancy. . . I'm a student you know. Students don't look as fancy as their teachers/trainers) 

So, pants!

The shirt, not the other ''thing''. 
I hope I don't have to wear armor 24/7.

In case this one is more fitting.

Make me fabulous! Hold yer breath and pretend you are comfy walking around with this!

I don't think this will be Witcher gear, buuut. It looked nice, and I wanted it!
A pirate LARP coming soon, yes? 

Quills! Because. . . what if am a poet? What if writing is my thing? 
I don't know. They were almost free, so I bought them to. 



There a small(and big) things I really hope will happen in game at this LARP: 

- Deep rubbish talking around the campfire
- Potion ''testing'' 
- Get punished for something
- Play Gwent
- In game flirting and dancing ( Though I suck at both, ha ha) 
- Play really drunk
- Kick some monsters asses.
- Be good at something.
- Be terrible at something.
- In game arguing
- Laugh a lot
- Become a witcher.
- Do something 'illegal or stupid'
- Fight and train alot
- Try everything, twice
- More training. Love the idea if someone would drag me out of bed and then force me to take push ups, or run through the caste before breakfasts, or something similar.
- Do something funny

And important: I will NOT get disappointed if I don't experience any of this.



And, just to be even more prepared.
Today I am on my 2nd day without sleep, aka: Sick and couching all night.
Witch means- I feel crap now, but I will be well and healthy and strong in the end of the month. (YES)  
Get over and done with this cold now, rather than suffer a plague at the school. 


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Søtmonsen :))

08.09.2016 kl.11:51

Så mye kult :D Herlig å kjøpe inn slike ting :D

Du får tenke på det positive, at du er syk nå, og ikke når du skal dit ;o At da er du ferdig med det :D


08.09.2016 kl.11:55

Søtmonsen ): Jeg er ikke noe glad i å shoppe, og når jeg først gjør det så... er det ting som dette, som en aldri får brukt XD
Hæhæ, that a geeky life for me :)

Jepp, det er akkurat det jeg gjør. Heller søvnløs nå, enn da jeg skal spille og leke i utlandet. Da vil jeg være frisk og ha fokuset på gøy, ikke sykdom :)

Søtmonsen :))

08.09.2016 kl.11:59

Moro å ha det fordi da :D Kan lage slike cosplaypartier med venner :D Eller halloween ;) Må ikke være skummel på halloweenfester :D


08.09.2016 kl.12:01

Søtmonsen ): Ha ha, ja. ( Jeg hater cosplay da, er så mye kleint der ute at jeg får fnatt)
No offence. Jeg bare er sånn ;)

Jeg kledde meg ut som min egen karakter forrige haloween (Kitarii) Ha ha

Søtmonsen :))

08.09.2016 kl.12:07

omg! :O Har du bilde?! :D Hehe


08.09.2016 kl.12:08

Søtmonsen ): Ja, skal ligge på facebook et sted... :o Ha ha


08.09.2016 kl.18:12



08.09.2016 kl.18:42

Ja. veldig :)

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