The road to become a witcher (The Witchers School ) #2


Countdown.(27days left)
 29th September is the day.

The first thing I read about the Witchers School larp was that it was more like a millitary bootcamp than a larp.
(I don't know how accurate that is, and don't remember where I read it.) 
But since I'm kind of a weird one, that was the word that sold me.

From there I instantly googled up the homepage for the larp and skipped the info-part and went straight to  ''buy tickets'' department.
( First I though I could not go, since I might get to expensive. After some discussion, this trips became my 30th birthday present, and I could not get a better present.) 
Then I signed up. (After looking for a friend to go with me. I would NOT go alone. I found one - very happy -) Payed up, and THEN. . . I started to read everything I had to know. And I just fell more and more in love with the concept.

And Yes- I was/am  familiar with the Witcher universe. 

-I have played through the games 3 times ( The wild hunt ) And the exp. once, since its quite new.
-I have read a lot on the web. about the different characters, because they are interesting. The story is SO complex and well made. Never seen anything like it in any games, ever.
-This spring I read two of The Witcher books, and litterly loved them. Very funny and well written books.


And I was in heaven when I got the confirmation mail. 

Remember I said I would not go without a friend with me? 
Well. I lost my friend due to another larp, so I have to go alone. But. Now I am to exited to quit, so I will go.
I am suppose to be a grown up woman... so I should be able to do this by my self. Ha ha. 



Am I prepared?
I think so. The only thing I can't figure out is: 
20 kg luggage. . . How should/can I pack lightly for a Witcher larp in Poland? 
There is SO much things I MUST have with me. It feels like that at least. 
- Cape : Yes, I hate beeing cold. And my cape is huge, 7m wool is used to make it.
- Boots, gloves, hood - o m g - Yes HOOD is a must!
- Belts, because awesomeness.
- Things to stack in my room. Hey I'm a girl, and girls need things. (Unless I don't own any. Time will tell.)
- Normal things like underwear, socks and toothbrush (If we are allowed to brush our teeths during the larp.) 

Now we mention that: I kind of 'hoped' we had to take a bath in a stamp or something like that. Would be cool accully. Because showers are modern.
(I prefer normal toilette though) 

I'm babbling.

YES, YES - Im prepeard! 

Will probberly forget something really important for sure, but, Yes, Im ready!

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