The road to be a Witcher ( Witcher School journey)


It is 1 month left to the larp of my life. It takes place in Moszna Castle (Poland) 

I have always dreamt of living in a castle. . . and now I will live in a fantasyworld IN this castle.
Atleast for a few days.

I have been so exited for so long, and now we are closer than ever.

I will share my experience here on my blog, and I start today.
It will be in (crappy)  english, so my fellow Witcher - friends can follow aswell. If they want to. 

This larp is the international event which they set up twice a year, so all of us who don't speak Polish very well can attend this amazing world of :
The Witcher.

Not my screenshot of the game.


Already now I know I have to return to this event every year. I just know it.
This is my greeky dream, and I will never grow up.

This is also my first larp out of my hometown - Bergen - Norway. And I have been larping since 2007.
I will travel all the way alone, also for the first time. I have frights for planes and are terrible good at getting lost, so I hope I will get myself together and just focus.

Everything is set.
I have my plane tickets and the hotel is booked. 
I am as ready as I can be. Time just needs to pass by.

A facebook group has been made for all the attendants, so we can talk and get to 'know' each other before we meet. Witch I find kind of cool and comforting.
Social events before the larp is also set, so I look forward to meet people there, somewhere in Warclow.
I have been in Poland once before, and I just love that place. (Everything is almost free. And the vegan restaurants are awesome :o ) And I don't have to get ruined because I need a cab.

I am waiting for my character to be created and given to me. Very exited what kind of a person I will be this weekend. Will I be a brat, or a noble woman who for some reason abandon everything to become a cold, monster slaying witcher? Or will I be a war orphan who hates everything, or perhaps I'm just a poor nobody who needs to eat. Witchers eat, don't they? Good idea!

I have no idea, and I love to not know. I take any challanges, and I hope I will get challanges from the creators and from the other players.
I want to test my limits, and most of all - I want to have so much fun that I will cry bitter tears when the larps is over! XD 

This will be a journey and the experience of my life.

A few things I look forward to, is:

  • No cellphones at all the whole weekend. (What a freedom, for me who is addicted to it. I love the though that this shit don't exist that weekend.) 
  •  I will live in a bloody castle!
  • I will meet new people and hopefully create new friendships.
  • I will live my geeky dream and share it with other geeky dreamers, together.
  • I am forced to talk english for many days i a row. People who know me know that Im not that comfortable talking english, because I lack some damn confinence in my self. But hopefully It will go automaticly after some time, and I don't think over it anymore.
  • I will become a F*** Witcher baby!

So I thank whoever noticed me that Witcher larps exist, and I am so greatful that I will be there later this month.
You have NO idea how exited I am. I even dream about it.

There is this thing about larping - need to leave this horrible world for a while? 
This is the game for you :) 

So praise everything - Im ready!


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Søtmonsen :))

01.09.2016 kl.18:25

Jeg er så misunnelig! xD Du er så heldig :D Gleder meg masse til å høre om hvordan det var :D


01.09.2016 kl.22:22

Søtmonsen ): Du får henge deg på neste runde :)

Gleder meg sykt! Og gruer meg til det er over :p

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