Drawing - Commission

A friend of mine this time :) 


If you want a commission done, please donate 250+NOK to this page (Im trying to help a friend) 
- Send me a good quality picture of someone you want me to draw (digitally, greyshades) for you. 
- PM me, or facebook me a message : Merethe Vaage
email: merethelangoen@hotmail.com


Drawing - DOG

First time ever. . . shit scary, but the owner of the dog is happy with it, so I dont have to panic:) 

Draw me as an elf

Started a project, 'Draw me as an elf'', and here is my first victim. Dum du du,
A friend of mine, now with elf ears, new haircut and ear rings

Drawing- Cedric- Colors

Cedric from Witcher 2, with colors.

I really don't like colors, still. Takes time, and energy.
Now, I will have a few days drawing break, and go back to comfort zone again. Been a while since I've been there now.

Battle quest - LARP - 2018

So, well. This was not planned at all, but this is what happens when people talk to much about something that looks really cool.

I am joining Battle Quest larp this year.

I fear it will be only one Witcher School event for my run this year, so I need a backup plan. And I have a really big problem if there will be another witcher larp this autumn too, ha ha.

So, I have a few friends who were speaking more about this event than others (many from WS are going there as well, so such a great time to see them again) and suddenly I was talked me into actually buying the tickets.
It's shit cheap (for my part) Just 400 NOKS
It's nothing I learned about recently. I have been thinking this looks cool for over a year now, and spoke a bit about how it works, and what kind of character I would play if I ever got there, and so on. . . I just never really considering actually going, since I have Witcher School as main priority. 

I am going. 
Also been welcomed into a local group already, which is kind of ok since I don't really know what I signed up for. I need to do some reseach for both the main event and story lines, also costumes and all that.
Yet again I feel the same nervous feeling as I had when I was attending WS for the first time. I can't help feeling like an intruder, in a weird way :'D 
It looks super fun, and super cool - but I have little experience with 'battle larps', but it looks like  a bunch of LARPERS reenacting reeanactement! And. . . I can do that! :D Ha ha.

Well, besides that. I need to read up. And start planning a costume suitable for my group.
And first thing first - Witcher school in June! I can panic more after that.

But I am still nervous, what if my group don't like me? o__0 What if I play wrong? What if I misunderstood everything and just mess things up!? 

Naah, panic later. Not today :) 

Drawing - Witcher Masters - Process

Finally done, after X hours (Assuming 1-2 hours on each person, sometimes more) 

Made some progress photoes, but not to much. I always forgets :p

It was fun and horrible at the same time.
Armour and hands were the worst, but I am happy with the result. 

Of all, there is just one person there I never met before, besides that - all of these are fregging awesome peeps:) 

Masters and 'bosses' from the Witcher School larp in Poland.
Don't mess with these people :) 

This is the biggest project I ever drawn, so I am happy I managed to complete it :) 

I miss you!

Witchers, Poland, Witcher School, Wroc(insert slavic L here)aw! 

Today I feel a very special kind of pain coming out from nowhere. I miss you so terribly much!
The only thing I want now is just to buy a plane ticket back to Poland and get over there for the weekend, eat vegan pizza - meet sup with all the locals I can find, and go back. And not just only Poland. I have friends everywhere now. I need to to to England, France, Russia, Germany, Finland, Romania . . . and so on!
I wish I was rich. . . 
Good thing we can at least meet in the middle once or twice a year :D 

Friends are precious to me, and I do adore all of mine here at home with all my heart - don't get me wrong. It's just, those you speak with daily who live miles and miles away - and you are only able to meet them once, top - twice a year. . . it's rather shit!
I have a handful close friends in my town, one adorable and really important to me far up north, and the rest spread all over Europe! 
Thank the Lord for things like social media, Skype, phones and all that stuff. Sending actual letters is super cozy, but unfortunately dying out these days.
But, there is not one day passing since Witcher School happened for the first time where I did not thought about it. I saved up a lot of memories, and they grew so strong on me that I doubt they will ever leave.
I basically fell in love with Poland. All of it, not just WS and Wroc(slavic L)aw. I have currently just been there and in Krakow, but I hope I can travel to see more of Poland. Would love to see the capitol one day.
Krakow in May is absolutely stunning btw!

To bad I did not take any stunning pictures :3 

My first visit at the Witcher  school 2016. So perfect.

But today, today I miss you guys.
Just want to say that.

How to support an artist?

Without money is me.

Though. . .  I do have Ko-Fi


Witcher meetup - Bergen- Feburary 2018

I. . . Starting the goodbyes already at Saturday was hard, not easier yesterday and the morning today.
One hell of an amazing weekend + , is soon coming to an end. But, not before tomorrow, when the last person travels back over the seas.

It is very hard to find the proper words to describe this meetup with friends from The Witcher School
I can't tell enough how fantastic it have been. Imagine 8 persons are traveling, saving up money and take out vacation days just for this, for my event, here, up in the cold north! It's an honor and I feel truly, truly,truly blessed and lucky! It means the world to me, and I will never forget it.

Some might have taken a notice from way back already, that this is something I have been speaking about since summer of 2017. So it has been something that meant a lot to me. Even more now, since I can treasure memories from this weekend.

I will try to put some words to it, with pictures.

Before that I have to mention the weather. The weeks before this weekend it was shitty weather with heavy rain and snow, plus wind ofc. Cold, typical Bergen winter weather. And from Thursday everything changed. The sun has been shining all weekend, it was cold, but clear and dry! Just perfect for hiking and city sightseeing. And in SUCH a company! 

Hug the tree. This is Saturday on our way up to Mount Fløyen. Everyone was in for the hike to one of our most famous viewpoint over the city, and it was a slippery walk (downhills) but we survived with a smile.

Speaking about smiling. These witchers are luckily as crazy and playful as I am, so we are never to old to play in the snow. Everyone joined in, and it was a cold, but superfunny workoutsession.

Jumping back to Friday, after 2 tram tours to the airport to picking up everyone we finally could all get together! My day was really long, starting with dentist appointment at 09 (it went fine, phew)
We stuffed everyone in the hotel-room at the Finn-twins place, in the middle of town.
We shared a few drinks , jokes, laughter, hugs and all that before we went for the first dinner together all of us. The food was amazing!

Look, we are SO happy! I could not stop smiling, almost went around like this all weekend! :D 
Gosh, I miss them already. Next chance to hug them again is in June... such a long wait.

Jumping to Sunday. #NetflixAndChill XD (Yes, we know the joke, and we abused it, just because it's funny)
We saw three movies, Anders served us pizza and apple cake :D! 
One movie was shitty as hell - and it was hilarious! (For the king) or something.
Second was ok enough. 94's  time travel movie - ish. Don't remember the name .
Third: LEGO BATMAN, do I need to say more? Ha ha!

Jumping back to Saturday at the top at Fløyen. Yes,we walked up and down! 
One Finn

Another Finn. :D 

Walking, talking, taking pictures :) 

Sunday- played some games! Humanity hates trump was a success, I think :D 

After hiking and lunch, some needed Ice-cream. Who am I to deny such a pleasure! :) 
Mind me telling it's -1 or something outside, but it felt colder. (Coast and all that)

Pre-hiking picture, Saturday . It was actually some heat in the sun. Was beautiful!

JIHU, I had to try as well.

Did I mention #NetflixAndChill ? :'D 
Sunday movie-evening

Sunday, all of us playing some games. Superfuuun! 
We agreed we were to tired to go out this day, so we decided the couch was the thing. Some drinks, good food and brilliant company!

Jumping back to hiking Saturday.

At the top!! :D 
Norwegian(me)- Romanian -French -Finn - Finn - French- French/English - Romanian - German

What a beautiful bunch of people!

And some I knew well, and some I barely/never spoken with before. Some I spoken with a little bit, not never enough.
But during this weekend, I have come to know all of them much better, and I am so happy that I got the chance. They are amazing, and I like them a lot! New friendships are gold!
I think we even manage to bring one back to WS, as well. One from the first edition, and he said we will meet in JUNE, so - it better be so!

So, it's very sad to be back at work today when I know there are three people leaving when I am here. I should followed them to the airport and such, but I know I can't be everywhere at the same time, though I wish I could.
At least one is still around until tomorrow! So glad that not everyone leaves at the same time, actually. That would have been brutal.

I hate goodbyes, but at least it's not forever <3 :) It's ''just'' for now.

I love you guys, and I will miss you. 
And, thank you SO much for coming! Thank you SO much for your gifts, it was REALLY not necessary, but thank you! Thank you for joining crazy ideas, thank you for everything.
I am going to cry again if I don't stop now. . .! 

Love and peace out!<3 

Duolingo - proper way to learn new languages.


Not a proper way. It says nothing about how to prounonce ę and ą, ś or ć, cz or sz, and so on. And they don't even prounonce ę correctly, ect.
It causes a big problem when I should say a word in Polish to a pole. They don't understand what I said.
Aka -Fail.
I blame duolingo (never my own skills. . . haha)

It also don't teach you the ridicoulus grammar rules. You basically need to guess.

Also, Duolingo makes sure you learn the most useful sentences, ever.
"I am not a fish" 
"I am a horse"
"This is not my penguin"

My favourite is :
" I am more important than you"
Wow... just wow...

On the up side : You learn words, and even if the grammar will bite you in the ass all the time when you want to try to impress someone, you start to understand small things that are written here and there.
(Bla bla bla. . . something about a bear. . .bla bla bla something something,  Oh - Lubię, I know this word . . . something something)

Another thing : It boost my english as well, since I have to translate a polish text to english, and reverse.
I think I could choose Norwegain too, but I didn't. He he.

So, it is a bit fun, but if you want to learn it properly- take a class.
I have signed up for one and I kind of looking forward to hopefully understand some grammar rules.

Also : Accoring to this app.  I speak 37% Fluent Polish. . . .  Ha ha!

So close! Witcher-meetup

The remaining 4-5 days of the week is all about getting enough sleep, because I won't put that prior on the list during the coming weekend!
WITCHERS are coming to town!
Not just that - FRIENDS from the wide Europe are coming to town!

Eeeeep, I am so excited, I can't barely stand on my feet's. 

If my calculating is correct, 8 people will come. :) 
From England, France, Germany, Romania, Finland! 

I feel so incredible lucky. I got this crazy idea to try arrange this brilliant Witcher-meetups, some people started. It's basically: Invite the whole community to your town to just hang out. I've been to one, in Belgium last year. It was brilliant. I never thought I should host one, because I did not think anyone would come. (It's a long way, and it's really expensive) 
But, then for a moment I stopped thinking and just tried... and look now! It is really happening <3 

So now I am preparing for the weekend.
- Need to know when people are coming, so I can meet them at the airport. Though I see it will be impossible to get there in time for everyone. (Dentist at Friday as well! -.-) 
Now I should very much like to have a superpower to be able to be two places at the same time. Aka: Times like this I wish I had a drivers licence :p 
- I need to do shopping, fill up the fridge, and clean the house for our guests that stay at our place.
- I need to build a plan for the days. I mean, they are tourists after all : They MUST see some tourist things during their stay. 
The museums have shitty opening hours, so that will be a challenge /Not a problem, just a challenge.

I am sure it will be super fun no matter what. I know these people, and I know they are very goodhearted people, even if I fail at everything, they will be smiling and happy.
But I will and must do everything I can to make their stay as perfect as it can be. 
Goal: It must be worth the money they left for this trip/adventure. And that's my responsibillity! (No pressure) 

Aaaah, SO EXCITED. The weekend will pass so quickly, it hurts!

Drawing and a new tatto

Tattoo: Larp related
Witcher sign -Axii
Claws, represent my group on Witcher School larp. (friendship and shit)

Really love the simple design around it and how well made it is:)

Drawing : character design -Lither

Drawing- Oberyn fanart

Follow me on Twitch

I finally got a new and MUCH better computer, which means I can actually try live streaming (again). Last time I tried I had to give up because of way to much lag.
It's kind of ironic, but I don't really know why I do this. I personally dislike people watching me while I draw, and it has always been like that since I was a child, at school and courses, and so on. Every time a teacher leaned over to watch I dropped my pen and could not do anything before he/she moved on to the next victim.
I don't know why, but it just feels like they are trying to look for mistakes, and I get embarrassed, because - I am no professional. I just like what I do.
It's the same with drawing together with others. I just can't concentrate. I need and want to be alone in my own room, otherwise its a lost cause.

Anyways. Lately people have asked why I don't do live-steam, and with me it is like this: Ask enough times, I will eventually say yes, and try.
Which in many case is a bad thing! Also why you should respect people when they say 'no', once :p 
Again: It might lead to better things, because if you never try - you can never know!
The best part was when Anders told me yesterday that he told another guy that I draw, and he told him that I should stream. Ha ha. I feel popular :p

I have streamed two times now, and I kind of like it. Especially when people talk to me :p 
I like talking.

But also. Its drawing, SLOWLY drawing. So I totally get how boring it is watching that. Later I can try make timelaps thingy, so you can see a drawing in 2 minutes in stead of two days. But, later.

Here is my Twitch account page: https://www.twitch.tv/lithanna
Follow, share, like, ignore : Your choice.
But I hope to see you there :) 



NOR: Jeg drar tegne verden min videre ut i verden. Vil du se hvordan jeg arbeider? 
Følg meg på livestream - Twitch : Her

Drawing - elf on the shelf


Don't want to sleep.

Ever felt it? When you just don't want to go to bed because you know how fast time will pass when you sleep, which also means that you need to get up from bed quicker.
It don't make any sense, but this week has been like that. I don't wanna sleep, and I also have problems falling asleep. It's not uncommon for me to be awake one hour extra after I got to bed. I could be tired, but I can't sleep. It's annoying. I don't feel like I am thinking about special things either, but my brain is definitely working.

Last night I closed my eyes and could think of :

-''what am I gonna do the first morning when I have visitors over to my house. Would they like waffles for breakfast, coffee, or perhaps they just want to sleep until noon?''
- '' If this and that happens at work tomorrow, I will say this.''
- '' Or do that. . .'' 
- '' I am getting a tattoo next week!''
-''I need to sleep. Why am I not sleeping.''
-'' I should have done that differentely''
-'' Why did I say that, 6 months ago. If I just did this instead, or said that it would been better''
- ''I failed.''
 - ''No, I did not. I am doing great!'
- '' Oh, they have pepsi Max on glass flasks!''
- '' I can't wait to meet my best friend again next month.''
- '' I wonder where my book is?'' 
- '' No, don't check facebook, now. You should sleep.''
-' Kera! I love you so much.''
-'' I need to turn around. I can't sleep on this side, even if Kera is there.'' 

All this was actual thoughts running through my head yesterday between 00:45 - 01:15 I think I fell asleep somewhere between 01:15-01:30 
And then the morning came. 
It's hard getting back to a hectic everyday life with work and grown up commitments.

But, soon weekend with no plans. YAY!


Dream - hug - what does it mean?


Dreams are fun/or not, if you can remember them. I rarely do, but today I do, since I dreamed it just 5 minutes before I woke up.
I dreamed about hugs, and it was so wonderful. I love hugs.
Giving and receiving hugs.

I won't say I am very into dream interpretation or horoscopes, but I find it entertaining and inspiring to read about what it can mean anyways. 
There have been episodes in the past when I dreamed about snakes several days in a week, where it said I should be aware of that something challenging will happen in my life, and I had to handle it on my own, my friends could not help me in that exact situation.
This happened to be true (got dumped, and a long story attached. This was more than 10 years ago, so. . no worries)

Anyways back to hugs. 

''Å drømme at du klemme noe(n), foreslår at du trenger å gjøre mer plass til andre ting. Du må slutte å dvele ved dine tidligere følelser og fjerne dem bort. Alternativt kan det bety at du setter den ?presse? på noen. Du eller noen kan føle presset eller stresset. Drømmen kan også være et ordspill på ?main klem? eller din kompis. Hva prøver dine drømmer å fortelle om forholdet.''

''To dream that you hug something(one) suggests that you need to make more room for other things. You must stop dwelling on your past feelings and remove them. Alternatively, it may mean that you put "a pressure" on someone. You or someone may feel the pressure or stress. The dream can also be a pun on "main hug" or your friend. What are your dreams trying to tell you about the relationship''

Another article basically sums up this : Actually, any hugging in a dream often first of all means that a dreamer simply needs a warmth of human contact, support and help of close people.

Read the whole article here

You can mean and think whatever you like about dreams and such, but one thing is true: We all dream, some are sweet, other, not so much, some are confusing, others, very obvious. 
It's interesting how the brain works when we can't control it.
There is also this thing as daydreaming - I do that a lot XD

New year, new plans


Happy new year.

They year has barely started, and I have already made some. . . well, a lot of plans for the first part of the year.

First of all. Brutal start getting up at 06:45 -  prepare for a busy day at work. The last week it has been quiet and calm, and now its full action on all fronts.
I better refill my  teacup and do my best to keep up.
But now when I am here, it's fine. Just take one thing at the time, and remember to breathe, then it will all be fine.

Secondly. PLANS! So many plans! 

1st - Shopping: I was on a shopping spree new years eve. While others are getting drunk, toss away thousands of coins on the town, I decided to go online shopping and bought some larp stuff. (Witcherschool I blame you) 
I bought a cool musketeer-hat, and a wide larp-pants. I'll show pictures later when I get them. 
- Also awaiting a new computer of decent quality during this week. CAN'T wait. Finally I can try streaming and even play (online)games . . . woooah!
Needless to say, thousands of NOKS has been spend in a week. We're not rich, but just damn good at saving!
-Witcher School in June, hotels and travels have been payed for and I just need to pack my bags and go. Just need to wait.

2nd. - Education:  I finally signed up for a beginner Polish class course!  I have been thinking about it for a while, but everyone know that nothing happens by thinking. I just did it.
So already next month I will start my weekly Polish course for 3 months. If I like it, I will continue on level 2. The course promised me that by the end of the course (In May) I will be able to say short sentences in Polish. So that suits me perfectly since I am going back in June.
My accent will most likely be terrible, but hopefully understandable. That's my goal. Well, after being able to order a vegan pizza, of course.

3rd - Visitors :  EEEP, its just 31 days until the witcher meetup happens, in Bergen, here, with me! People from the wide Europe will attend. Travel all this way to rainy Bergen, stay the weekend /+ and explore, drink, eat good food, hang out and just have a great time. I can't wait. And there is not a day going by when I stop and think about this. How to plan the days effectively, and so on. I am so blessed with fantastic people all over the world. What a privilege! 

4th- New tattoo plans : Yes. It's time to ink my body again. I've been thinking for too long. Now I need to do it. I have been trying to get in touch with the local tattoo shop without luck during Christmas holidays. But I will try daily after work until I get through. It's my closest neighbor from work. (Dangerous) 
I have an idea, and I will show it when its done. But, it will be something witchery :) Because YES - It means something to me, as all my (2) tattoos does.

5th - Vinter:  Norways biggest training weekend in western style fighting happens in Feb. And I am ready to attend and to meet great people from all Scandinavia and perhaps further away as well:) 


There. Something for the coming months. I'm sure there will be more. Knowing me right.
Still, I need to try to relax as much as possible when I am not doing anything. He he. I need to get to bed early again, had problems with falling asleep the last week.

But, oh. I am ready to hit this new year! :)

Drawing- Witcher me with a master + process

Draw your own character some said.
I was very strick and always refused right away, because I don't like drawing myself, at all. Ony done it a few times in the past because school forced me too. There is a reason why these pictures don't excist.

Yet, here I am. I did it. And let me make it clear. It will ve a LONG time until next time. Haha.

Bodil with her master, and in almost full profile. It's basically everything I dont like in one picture.
Well I like drawing men, and faces. Ha ha. That's about it.

I accepted a challenge though. Now I will drink Pepsi Max and be proud of myself for completing after...uhm.. I've been drawing since 12 today, with only dinner break in between.
Damn... It's 8 and a half hours.
I stared yesterday,



But ended up better than I feared :) 
(I added makeup to my face... the original makeup was not in the referencepicture... so I look very tired and awful on it to be honest...) haha
It was 04:00 in the morning when this picture was taken, so....I blame that :3 


Drawing - Character design- Ley

Drawing- witcher master -

Witcherschool - Larp - 2018 - #1

Long live the hype. Now you guys have to live with this for another 6 crazy months. . . again. . .
Dates and tickets for our next events have been published.

And different from last runs: We'll end up in the other castle! Grodziec, in June, not March as Im used to.

But damn: Just picture epic castle AND summer, surrounded by the best of the best!!
God, I am so lucky, there is just no other words for it. I am so lucky to be a part of this, and...

Also, not that I am early out, or made my own Witcher School saving account one year ago. . . But I have bough flight tickets and booked hotel for my larp week in Poland next june.
I am prepared and ready! So so soooo ready!

170 days from now, seems unbaerable, but I know I can make it- I just have too. No choice, really. He he.

Gaaaaah. so june it is.
I am So happy I arranged a witcher meetup in Bergen in feb. now.
Makes the missing of great people doable.
Still room for many more witchers, so don't hesitate! Come to Bergen, come to Norway. :)
2-4 th. February 2018. (Or as long as you wish)

Anyways.  I just wanted to say this is happening again.
And because I was early out, I got a good price on the flights.
Also just one plane switch in between. . . Its amazing, instead of 3, as before. Big change for me who dont really enjoy flying.

Ah, witchers in the sun. . . I'm in love already!

And, oh.

June makes perfect for doing anything bare footed - dancing in the grass, or just kicking the boots of for whatever reason. It is so beautiful and extremely comfortable.

If there is any grass there, that remains to be seen.

Anyways- May you have the best Christmas,you ALL of you :)

2017- sum up

The year of 2017 has a few weeks left, but I will do the sum up now anyways. I doubt to much exciting will happen, well apart from Christmas with my family. Looking forward to that. Will be super cosy! 

This year have been a rollercoaster to put it lightly. When at the top, it has been nothing but amazing and wonderful. When at the bottom, well, needless to say that it has been a struggle on a whole new level. And then we have everything in between.

Overall, though it might not seem like it: It has been more good days than bad days. The bad days takes so much space, you know. Consumes everything, you know.



Nothing much happened. Well, I learned Magic the Gathering that month. Addicted to it now :) 

Drawing of Januar.

Was a good month. Starting with fixing my haircut :)

Best drawing of the month goes to Olgierd.

And then a very well/fun trainingweekend got me a bleeding cut over me nose.

Then I ended up in Belgium for a witchermeetup. So many good people showed up.
Great fun.

With Alisa (Grandmaster) and Vanessa.  :) 


Short hair needs to be maintained. Got shorter.

Also. Highlight!
Witcherschool (Again) happens in March. Was a very big hype, since I thought I could not attend, but then I made it, after all!
I was so happy I could go, and it was ofc. epic, as always :) 
Here, posing with the Claws and x-Claws


I went shopping! 

Vanessa was the best drawing of the month.

I also went skiing! 


Choir trip to Iceland was pretty decent :) 

We also had a taste of summer.

Then it was 17th. May, our national day. Time to celebrate! :D 
One of the best days in the year ^_^ 
But already here my mental health was beginning to fail. I did not see it there, but if I think back, it mostly started somewhere here. Not much, but enough to understand that something is not where it should be. But, most likely the whole thing started already back in 2011 when I had my first miscarriage. Though I went to therapy, I never processed it and ended that chapter the way it should. I just kept going, trying to tell myself it's ''nothing'', Im fine. And  that also means everything else happening.
Everything from bulling in school, to changing schools, to low selfesteem, to stress with work and the changing of workplaces, to illness and personal pressure to trying to be everywhere and help/reach out to everyone's need. Always terrified of never being good enough or be looked at as bad friend.
You know, all these small and big happening in life that you think pass by, but don't really do. I'd just carried them, and did not know before the bubble broke. More on that later.

And speaking of sad things. This is the last picture of the last Degus of the family. We had 9 at the most. Lately they passed away one after the other. They where lucky enough to get old. These two was 7 and 8 years old. The one to the left is Hero, the dad of the family. Got a cancer tumor on his forhead. The other one is one of the babies. She was healthy.
Non of them in pain. . . for the moment.
It was a hard choice, since to keep 1 degu is torture, since they get depressed being alone. And the other one was just a matter of question before the tumor and cancer took over, and I would hate to see him that Ill. He was also to old to go through an operation. 
So the choice ended up with letting them both go together. Took them to the vet, and they literally told us how they did it.
Gassed them after they where put to 'sleep', so they wont feel anything. Comforting.

Mays drawing was Barbara.


Move on to June.

Discussing important matters. Totally not about what chips is the best chips. Btw look at my awesome hat!

Reenactmentstuff at home. I like this picture, hi hi.

Reenactement stuff not in the city.

And then I got sick. Like fever sick.
Drawing of June


My birthdaymonth! 
But the whole month started epic, with bachelourette party for my best friend. It was such a success, I am so happy everything turned out as it did!

Was summer there too, even.

Drawing of July

Also went hiking at Vidden

And played night elf on a local larp. This is me and the other night elves :) 


The month when everything started going to hell.

I had a lot on my mind this month. . .

So much anger that I decided to run 10km...

Tried to relax a bit on vacation, but was always troubled with thoughts, not of the good ones.

got a new haircut again, and I felt better. . . for a while. . . 

But floof always watches over me.
I mad a good drawing this month though.

The start of september was shit. I've been to the doctor, but did not get another appointment before October, so I had to wait.
Waiting is hard sometimes.
I was shaking while I waited though. Never experienced anything like that before.


Despite everything, I started the month with drawing Jonas :) 

But then. . . Bestfriend had to be wed, so I helped. Was wonderful :) 

After, before travelling back we found a gaming bar and chilled with games, movies and sushi . Quite fine weekend :) 

It was SO good!

Then . .  FINALLY new round of Witcherschool! I'm living it still!

also got this amazing gambeson!
(Made by Oak Stall


Start of pretty brutally, but it has only made me better.
Then I found out that I wanna learn Polish. LOL 

Its on 36% now 

Drawing of the month, Mannon.

No matter how tight things are, always make room for friends.


Make decks, more decks!

Get sick.

And draw

Also. I rode a horse for the first time!

I really enjoyed that :) 
This month I also felt SO much better mentally. It's like a burden lifted of my shoulders. I got answers! 

More answers. I got a diagnosis. Also a burden lifted of my shoulders, though the scary part with getting a diagnosis is to try not to 'act' sick, because a doc. confirms that you actually are. Like, I hope my brains does not fuck things up now with: 
''Oh, yeah. Now you know whats going on - then act sick.'' I really just want to be normal and dont think to much, though I have to think. I have to calm down, and relax more. Say no, more. Stop being so spontanious and such.
Though I am not completely burned out ( I can still work) I am on that path, so I wanna pull the breaks before the train crashes, you know :) 

So its all about, Christmas now. Friends, some choir concert (bit stress,  but I will manage, soon over) Pepsi and gingerbread.

One Christmasparty is over, and one is tomorrow with my beloved reenactor group.


Drawing of December so far: 

Until then. The rest of the year will be Christmas, good food and drinks, calm evenings, and taking Kera to a calm evening with family on new years eve. She cant stand fireworks, so I will try to make the evening as calming as possible for her. Can't leave her that day :) 

I wish you the best December, marry Christmas and happy new Year and all that if I don't speak to you before that :) 
Congratz scrolling through this wall of text XD

Witcher School pictures


New pictures arrived from larpweekend in Poland, Sept 2017.
I am so happy with them. Just look at my cool gambeson <3 
So in love.

Larp: Witcher School. (Based on the Witcher universe)
Photos : Piotr Muller
My character: Bodil De Versing


Taking a moment to rest. Reading poems.

Standing in the line. . . waiting. Im in the back row

My favorite larpdscene so far. They put me face to face with my enemies, and I got a chance to act it out! Love to do it again. 
I am NOT tripping over, I am trying to charge. . .  (with no weapon) 

Listening to annoncement/ or standing in the line for food.

Listening to teacher.

Sparring with my classmate


You should check out their official facebookpage, and join us! 

Diagnosis: Burned out

3.rd appointment with my doc. today, that means this was the day where I could expect to know what my acctual issue is.

He concluded with: Burned out.
I've apparently been under stress for such a long time, and this summer/autum was the final breaking point for me.
He do not wish to put me on medication since in my case it might make it worse.

So I got some techniques to work on in stead, which you might see as me saying more no, to stuff. Also try to not be as spontanious as I used to be. I need to think about things before I decide to do it.
Ect if you ask me to go to the cinema at 8 today, I should say:  I need to think about it, in stead of YES, right way.
Its not because I dont like you anymore, but I just need to focus on myself for a while, to prevent me from falling back.

I hope you understand this, and know that I love you.
And I hope this wont mean that people step away from me, or stop asking me to do things with them.

But, at least now you know :)

Drawing - Commission

Commission only accepted because I like this person to much.
And yes, I am a horrible person when it comes to commissions. I just don't like doing them, and if I do it all depends on my mood, and what is requested.
Sorry, I am a bad person XD 
I just can't handle the pressure coming with ''I'll give you money if you do this. . . '' It just scares me. To afraid to fail and to obest with everything needs to be perfect, and that kills the fun with it.

But enough talking. Here she is :) 

Former blogger as well, and a brilliant one :) 

Drawing - Saither Character design




Saither is one of my characters. He was invented for a bookproject I had/have, an is one of the most interesting characters I have. At least so I think for my own.
Is is purely evil, but still one feel a bit sorry for him non the less - because it's not really his fault.
Not that, one can't like a sadist like him, and his actions can't be defended. . . but he is still cool in his fucked up ways :p 


I feel much better!

August - Shitty, shitty shit-shit! 
November - I'm aliveeee, I feel light, I breathe, I sing, and dance. Life please! 

I just wanted to say that I feel much better. That's all. Still waiting for my next doc. appointement, and I look forward to share some happy thoughts with him. Just to say that: - Hey, you. Guess what? I feel so much better.

And it does. Imagine what 2 hours of more sleep can do in the long run. In the last weeks I've tried to get to bed around midnight instead of 02, and it works. Also, after I changed working place I get (good kind of) tired much earlier, since this new job is way more busy than the other one.

But yes, I feel good, calm, relaxed. I don't wake up exhausted, and I don't walk around feeling lost. I don't cry myself to sleep, but I sleep good at night. I have weird energy to do things I normally don't enjoy, like cooking and baking bread. I wan't to bake bread, just the thought is enough. . . :p 
Also I've apparently started watching TV-series, which I also don't normally do, because I don't have time for it. . But then, make some time to just relax : One episode of something while eating dinner, ect. I can do that, and then I have to sit down and relax under a blanket for 45 min. anyways. It's not so bad :) 

It was just that. Sometimes we just need to share happy stories too.

Also, I was not entierly happy with my last haircut, it was cut the wrong way at the top of my head, so I took a chance and allowed Anders to fix the haircut. . . And I am superhappy with the result. Now it's perfect.

Sometimes it's just not worth 300+ NOKS when you can do it for free at home.

I whish you the best weekend! :) 

Givers and takers

We have all heard the phrase : There are two kind of people in the world, givers and takers.
And I do believe it's fairly true.

Ever since my doc. spoke to me about this thing  a few weeks back it got me thinking and reflecting around serval things, and I feel both stupid and blind because things that I've been blind to is suddenly so clearly.
I have many-many people in my life. People I spend a lot of time with, and people I don't spend time with. 
And, my doc also told me I need to be careful so I don't get burned out, for real, - because I am on that path.
I will talk more about that later, maybe.
By being careful it also means I can't be everywhere. It tires me, mentally and physically. It doesn't mean I don't like people, because I do. I just have to look after myself as my energylevel is not an endless stream, always full of water.

We all are takers from now to then, and that is ok. Or wait, there is a difference between take and receive.
If you get something, then give something back - Unexpectedly. 
Do so because as the meme over says: Give without remembering. Give because you WANT to, not because you need to.
The moment you feel you need to - You will get quickly tired, and the whole purpose is missing it's point.
Give because of love. Simple as that.
(So true)

My first appointment with my doc he already stated that I am a giver. So it's medically stated (hah)
Though I always found happiness and joy to be there for others, do something that can help them, or make them feel better, or happy, or anything really. I like doing that, and because I like it I do it as much as I can. . . but it also tires me. And that is what I need to learn and understand. I can't run around saving the world if my feet stops working. I need to understand that it is OK, to say no, and I should not feel bad for doing so. It's ok to be tired, and it's OK to not show up all the time. 
It's ok, to say: No, sorry. Today I just wanna be home playing on my x-box. And I shouldn't have to explain why. Everyone has their reasons for anything. As do I.
It's all up to the other person to accept it, trust you, respect you.
A taker won't do that. A taker would be offended.  Why did you want to play computergames instead of hanging out with me? 
A taker want your full attention as much as possible. . . a giver get's tired too. A giver can't give forever.

Gah, suddenly it sounds like I am glorifying myself, please don't ever beleive that. I am just bad at explaining.
Let me find an article that explains it better than I do : http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/givers-vs-takers-the-surprising-truth-about-who-gets-ahead/
 Also introducing a third kind of people : Matchers
(If I help you, you need to help me back.) 


I don't know what my point with this post was, other than don't be a taker. Or, don't be a big taker.
Take care of people around you, but don't overdo yourself. Above all, take care of yourself.  (Note to self)

It is rather easy come to think of it. Just do something nice and unexpected for someone once in a while usually do the trick :)  And it feels SO good when you see the respond you get back. The respond and a thank you is sometimes the only thing we need. Not money, glory, fame, things. . .  Just a thanks, a smile.

But no matter what you say/do - Do it because YOU want to, out of love and kindness.

Please ignore if this is bullshit to your eyes, I'm just writing (thinking often happens after I've done things) :p 

Drawing - Vernon Roche and Iorveth +process

WItcher 3 fanart.





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