Drawing - Another witcher + process





3 Done


Drwing - A witcher again + process

Tried to make progressshots, but forgot to take enough pictures... but here is what I have.



(there was suppose to be another drawing here, but cant upload it for some reason) 


3 Done


Dear diary

Few knows, but in my teens I wrote diaries. Every day a little something to sum up the day.
Was not much - Just a few lines of: 

Today I went to school, we had English for 4 hours, I hated it. 
Then I went to swimming, it was hard training today, but I think I did good.
And **** was there today, he is so pretty. 

And something like that. He he. 

I do regret bitterly that I throw the diaries when I started high school. I also stopped writing diaries then.
Reading through my old ones were embarrassing enough. There was no way I could risk anyone find them, and read them! So garbage took care of them.
I regret, because those books really explain my life back then. In detail. 
Few words can say a lot about a person, the way my handwriting worked also changed by my mood when I wrote.
So many secrets I shared in those books. Secrets I never told anyone, though in a mysteriously way, people figured them out anyways.

I don't remember exact what I filled the pages with. But I wrote on a daily basis when I was 12-16 I think, and you can just guess what a young teen thinks about life.
There was a lot about boys, swimming, bulling, loneliness, what music I listened to and highlights of the days. 

In danger of being more personal than what I already am, I will share some sentences I do remember I wrote: 


1 :  Dear diary. I am sleeping over at a friends place tomorrow. I can't wait. It will be so great. Eating pizza, play games and just be happy. 

2: Dear diary. Today after the swim training and boy from our class stood outside and asked if my dad was gonna drive me home. ( His basketball training was over the same time as my swimming training, so from time to time we chatted a bit before going different ways) 
I said yes, and he asked very politely if he could join since we were going the same way. I said yes, and was very happy. He never talks to me at school, and he is so nice too.

3: Dear diary: Am I gonna die alone? I don't wanna be lonely for the rest of my life.

4: Dear diary. I hate my life. Why am I so ugly? Why don't people like me, and why can't I look like the other girls, having curves and nice clothing that fit their bodies? 

5: Dear diary. **** talked to me on the swimming training, he even gave me a hug. It was his birthday. I am so happy. 

6: Dear diary. How I wish I could have that friend who trusted me with their problems, so I can listen and be supportive. How I wish for someone who trust me, and will come to me when they need someone. I wanna be that someone to someone. But, I am always so shy. Why can't I be more outgoing, more brave? 

7: Dear diary. I want a boyfriend, but I am afraid of sex. I don't want a boyfriend. . . what shall I do? Never mind . . . nobody wants me anyways.

8. Dear diary. Been to school again. Boring day, as always. Trouble and lots of noise in the class, I can't focus.

9. Dear diary. I got a new score on 50m crawl today! 

10. Dear diary. I am SO in love, its painful! I have loved him for 3 years now, but I never told him, nor will I ever do. Why bother. But, oh. Have not seen him for a while, but sometimes I see him on the supermarket, all popular, funny and make his friends laugh. A friend tell me that he has a girlfriend. Of course he does. Such an angel can't be single.

11. Dear diary. I spent an hour on the stairs today, cuddling with out cat. It was freezing cold, but worth it. He is so beautiful. I love him.

12. Dear diary. Its friday - that means patties and french fries and Cola in front of the TV with mum and stepdad. I like fridays.

13. Dear diary. Today I have been drawing all evening while listening to music. Time pass on faster this way. 

14. Dear diary. God, I hate school. Hate it hate, hate it, hate it! 

15. Dear diary. I hate my self again. I'm ugly and stupid. I'm in love, but nobody wants me. I'm 16, and unkissed. I will die alone. 

16. Dear diary. Don't trust anyone, don't tell anyone anything - they will lie and betray you. Stop being so naive!

17. Dear diary. Oh my God - The lord of the rings was amazing. Its the best movie I ever seen. I have to see it again! I can't believe it. Wow! Elves <3 

And so on.
Hard to be a teen. And just in case, I am very changed from that girl today. I have learned from my mistakes, I have fought the hard times and slowly build back the confidence I never had. Today I am happy with who I am, and very thankful for all the people supporting me through this journey called life.


Drawing - Thryg character design- process



3 - Done

Been so long since last char. design now. Im out of training...

Hjemmeside for bøkene mine


Jeg skal være ærlig og går rett på sak.

Jeg har mistet litt gleden av å skrive, og jeg velger å dele bøkene mine helt gratis via en hjemmeside jeg har laget.
Det vil bli oppdelt kapittel for kapittel, bok for bok.
Så kan folk lese, følge som de vil.
Illustrasjoner vil også følge med fra tid til annen. (Egne tegninger såklart) 

Syns det er trist at 5 bøker skal ligge å støve på en fil, så timene må komme til nytte på ett vis, så hvorfor ikke gi noe tilbake til dere flotte mennsker.

Helt gratis og uforpliktende lesning! 

Hjemmesiden finner du her: 

Vil starte med å publisere : ' Den forviste alveprinsen '- oppdatert versjon.
Kapittel for kapittel, kommer an på hvor stor/små de er.
Inkludert skrivefeil og alt som følger med.

Håper du har lyst å følge skriveriene mine der. 

Del gjerne videre :) 


Witcher School Journey - September 2017- #1


Now the HYPE starts all over again! 

Ok, breathe. . . relax, it's just a LARP.

It can never be ''just'' a larp. Neverever - so, so, so much more.


I sat the timer on 18:00, 17th. May - when the ticket-sale where announced to be open.
So I ran to the computer at that time, and bought my ticket. Since the 17th is a red day, the registration from the bank wont happen before the 18th. 
And it can take up to 5 working days before it goes through. It did not stop me from constantly refresh my email, for this message: 

And I just got it! 

I am going back to the school in September! 
I am so happy right now. The HYPE is real again, and I am jumping of joy at work. Smiling to guests and colleagues is SO easy now.

And the best part: Everything is ready! (I have no patience, so vacation, hotels and plane is already booked and confirmed)

In theory I can lean back and just wait for the departure day. . . In reality I can't. I will torture myself with this endless waiting, count days, weeks, hours. And annoy people with my hype for this geeky event in Poland, on this geeky castle, with these geeky people. Eat geeky food, drink geeky drinks, play geeky games, fight geeky monsters, do geeky jokes . . . 

(Google search -Not my picture)

Now its almost time to brew new potions, prepare the new gear ( start packing?)
It's is kind of crazy how big this event have affected my life, and how amazing it is. Might be hard to understand for some people. It's hard to explain, but it is just like the one dream you never thought could come true, and suddenly it is there. Suddenly you live it, you are a part of it.
I always knew I was a weirdo, but this just adds up to it - confirms it, and its f**cking OK

This will be my 3rd run, and it just gets better.
My character - Bodil, is leveling up, growing and turning into a witcher. Both good and bad sides will affect her life, and it already do. She is changing, slowly into a monster - a freak. 
How will this affect her, how have it affect her? Who is her friends, who is her enemies?  All these questions needs an answer. 

And for this post - I have done this before, so therefore it is tradition. :p 
Blog update on my witcher school experience from beginning to ending, all the events,  for whomever must find this interesting.

I am super thankful now! 
Very- very HAPPY.

BODIL- is very happy, her journey continues!

Drawing - Witcher of The Witcher School


Today - 3 years ago

Can't imagine its been 3 years already.

3years since a dude in a fancy dress decided that we are not good enough to be fosterparents/nor adopt a child.
3 years... feels like yesterday.

An experience I envy NO-ONE.
There are many painful things in this world... but to hear from an expert that they dont think a child is safe within your house... That is not something one easily forgets.

I know it would be. But my love is not enough.
Rejected by the nature and rejected by the adoptioncompany... is .. yeah.. Accept it or don't - It wont change anything.

awhf. no well.
Rant of the day- Just had to get it out.

I wish you a good day.



Drawing - Another witcher


When people actually listen to you.

Ever experienced that moment when you think you have THE story to tell:  As you talk you suddenly notice that there is complete silence around you - everyone in the radius of 2 meter is actually listening to you. People have stopped what they were doing and turned their faces towards you.

And THEN you realize : '' My story is not really that interesting, and, I am the only one finding this story funny anyways.'' And I have this incapitabillity of dragging people into the storytelling thing. It's not funny unless you are there while the story happen. 
Creds to those people who have that gift of telling stories, vocally!  Teach me.

Ever been there? 
Heh. It both amusing, funny, embarrising, awkward, but yet - a good feeling.
People (want to) listen to you, even if there were no story to tell.

I always get a bit like: ''Ehm, I forgot my point now'' - moment - while that happens. Whatever I was suppose to say just vanished in the air.
In that case - Just laugh it off. . . Use to work in most situation. ;) 

And, I don't even know what I wanted with this post. Just wanted to say that.
So in any case - continue with what whatever you were doing.
I have listen to classic music for hours (Beethoven in fact) while drawing.
Sometimes is just that day.



Drawing - The bard


You'll get older too.

Lets talk about aging.

First thing first.
I don't actually mind getting older. As long as I can be who I am, be silly, childish and keep practicing my hobbies I'm cool.
As long as I have my friends - age is not important.

But sometimes you just have a bad day. You look in the mirror, see wrinkles around your eyes and lips. You have reach the golden 30's, and suddenly you just feel and look old. . .  (Bad days, yes. We all have them) Everyone around you is still young and pretty, everyone accept you.
As you keep thinking how the world will end, suddenly a light shines on your face - and you realize that you have friends. . . who will get older too. Age with you, so we will get old and wrinkly together. . .

And then everything is fine.


Age with style - keyword.
Nothing is more cooler than cool people, no matter age.
Nothing is cooler than people who know who they are, and are not afraid to show it, no matter age. 

So - Be cool :) 

Witcher - drawing.


Drawing- Witcher adept


Poland - congratulations.

POLAND  has its national day today!

And after Witcher School - LARP, and travelled to Poland 3 times last year, I feel like it's became my second home.
I love this country and its people so - so much. 

First Krakow as a 'normal' vacation.
Had such a nice weather, the people were wonderful, and they have a ton of vegan restaurants and beautiful parks <3 Not to mention the friendly prices on everything. 

So, this post is for you.

Then, the WS took over my world completely. 
Now I need to travel to Poland twice a year, to attend both editions.

Happy national day!

Friends and laughing.


There are two things in this world that make me sincerely happy.

1: Friends
2: Laughing 
= Laughing with friends.


Combine the two of these - and I could not wish for anything more.

If I should look back and put my finger to my most happiest moments it always lands on any moment where cramps takes me, and moments where I just can't breathe because of laughing.
Of what - does not matter. 
Laughing is the best painkiller next after Morphine and crying.

Laugh together with friends. N O T H I N G, just nothing is better, in my point of view.
Not chocolate, not Pepsi Max, not sex, not Witcherschool (!) 

A life without humor is a damn sad life. A life without laughter is no life.

It's  funny when the cramps takes me though. Like, for real.
Not a sound comes from me, just endless shaking. . . then, a heavy gasp for breath. . . before continuing.
Ah, life <3 !

Btw, tickeling me for that results is not allowed! I can make you deaf in the process :p 

Drawing - witcher and shadowboxing


Drawing - Another witcher


All the things I could not do.

When I was a child I had a million things I really wanted to do, but never could because we could not afford it, or because we lived on the countryside.

I was often told: You can do that/get that - when you get older, have a job and moved to your own place.
That was a harsh, but honest thing to hear when you were 10 years old. You knew you had to wait another 10 years or more, before you could get a dog.

I remember a few things I really wanted to do when I was between 8 -11 years.

- Sing in a choir.
- Get a dog, or have a pet in general. 
- Live in a castle, be a princess or a brave knight.
- Take piano lessons
- Join the corps as the rest of the school did. I felt I was the only one who could not play an instrument.
- Also wanted to have a horse, like the rest of our neighbors. We had chickens though. 
- Handball was also something on my mind - since all my classmates did that or football I did not want to be left out.
- Vacation in a sunny place

And then my parents asked me if I wanted to start swimming.
I could barely float when I started at the age of 10, but I learned. Also, I loved it.
I got friends there, and people liked me for the one I was, and it grew to be my safe-zone when I was in my early teens. (13-16)
I trained more as I grew attached to the swimming pool. And because of that, I grew some muscles which did a lot for my self-esteem. I was so tired of being the skinny one.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to start with swimming, and have something to do after school. So, thank you mum and dad.
I stayed there for 8 years, and it was my safe-zone. Just being able to swim the pain away - what a blessing.
Sometimes today I regret I ended my swimming days. I learned so much there, I had good endurance and was properly in the best shape of my life. But also miss the competing days. So exciting, and everything was all up to you as an individual. I remember how proud I was every time I hit a new score, the smile on my teacher face, and the congratulation my friends gave me.
It was the only place where people often said to me: Hey you did a good job! Congratulations - followed up with hugs. 

But everything comes to an end. It took way to much time in the end. 
Trained 5-7 days a week, sometimes two times a day ( 2 - 6 hrs a day) and for a emotional 18 year old girl - I made a choice, and it was a hard one.
I left and joined a Gym instead. 

So from there I took up the other thing I wanted to do also.

- Took my first vacation to a warm, sunny place when I was 17 - just turning 18 :) 

- 2 Years with taekwondoo. Also regret I quit. A stupid thing to to.
Back to the gym. Need to keep my self active. And I more or less stayed with the gym ever since.

But what about music, and pets and all those kind of things? 

I never forgot.
Got our first pets when I was 23 or 24 I think. Degu rats.

Had 9 at the most. A whole family.
2 left. And they are really old now. 7 and 8 years old. :) 

Kera (the dog) came a year later 2011.
She is 6 1/2 years now, most adorable thing ever. I love her so much. Getting a dog was never the wrong choice.

And I followed up with choir singing in 2011. Sang in two choirs for a few years.
Liked it so much that I followed up with singing lessons for a period of time. 

Also found out it was needed to follow up the instrument- thingy, so I took a few guitar lessons as well, but it was not my kind of instrument.
- Took band course to do something about my stage fright and fright for microphones, also. 
- Took several vocal courses.

Eventually, last year I gathered up some guts to start taking piano lessons. 
Still ongoing. 

- Living in a castle- be someone else- dream came true when I found the would of LARP in 2007 

So, came to think about it.
Those 10 and 20 years I had to wait is suddenly here, and I have done all the things I was told to do ''when I move out''.

Or : I am doing all at once, because time passes on too fast, and I don't wanna miss anything. Need to do as much as possible before it's to late.
Heh, and it's not really healthy, I know . . . But, ah, happiness is not withing things - It's achievements and experiences! 



Conclusion : It's never to late for anything. If you want - you can.

Drwing - A witcher again

From Witcher School larp.



Witcher drawing

When all you need is a good cry. . .

What can I say? 
First thing first. I am a very emotional person. I'm not logic. I think and (re)act with emotions - both in good and bad ways.

And for varied reasons I just want to cry . .  like really crawl down on the coach and scream until the tears stop coming.

Because crying is good for us, at least for me. 

- I often feel better, afterwards.
- It reduce stress.
- It kills pain . . . much of it.
- It is sedative.

And lately I feel I should cry. I want to. . . but I can't. 
I can't force the tars to come, though I have tried.
Tried to think of sad things, listen to sad songs, watched sad videos. . . ect.

But I just can't. It's nothing there. Not a chance.
And that annoys me.
My body is tired, my mind is tired, I'm tired. . . I need to release stress - let me cry, please. Why can't I cry?

And - I'm fine. Really.
I'ts just my own faults that leads me to this point / taking to much over my shoulders, more than I can handle. Typical me.
I need to learn to say and accept the concept of : 'No', I know. . .


People might have noticed something lately. My responding on messages is short, and at times might look like I'm bored or don't care.
That's not true. I would love to talk with everyone as much as possible. 
But I just don't have time. There is always something going on, and I'm always somewhere, doing something.

At this time I'm just tired. Please don't shut me out if I happen to be distant and far away mentally.



Speaking of Karma - a case just came in, that actually disturbs me so much that I can just sit down and cry.
Well - Karma - Thanks I guess.





Sometimes you are just so stupid. . .

 . . . that you walk around being embarrassed for days.

That's me.

- The queen of misunderstandings.
- The queen of ''never take jokes at the right time.''
- The queen of IJustDontGetIt- for the hundredth time!
- The queen of '' You are dangerously naive and gullible ''. 
- The queen of '' I believe everything I read/Watch''. 
- The queen of '' being easily fooled''. 

I'm just thinking back to some events in my life, and I'm laughing and blushing all over the place.
I have this thing of 'talk before think', combined with ' act first, think later' . . . and many funny and yet embarrassing things came out from that.
I'm surprised that no one yet have punched me in the face.
And. . .  even better - I can't hide it either. I blush very easily, and people notice before I do. So the only thing I can do is play along with it. Embarrassing in the company of people who are smarter than me. . .  which is basically everyone :p 

So - Do I learn from it?: Probably not. Maybe. Sometimes. 

I could come with one example to this. . . but I'm still so embarrassed around this, so I will leave you thinking about that for a while. 
Or, never mind. I can share another story.

It happened years ago, when I was trying to learn drawing all over again. (And It was NOT good, I promise) 

I drew a half naked elf. . . at work. And for some reason I was really happy with it (facepalm)  and scanned it to my own email.
Problem is: I did not scan it to myself, but to a colleague, by a mistake. . . a man, grown up, decent man. 
And I did not get it before he send me a replay: '' Nice drawing''. 

I: *Fuuuuuuuck* 

And then he smiled extra much every time he passed me for the next two weeks.
I could never look him in the eyes again. 



Now, your turn : Share your moments of : '' Sometimes I'm just so stupid that I . . . '' 


Drawing- Witcher


You look tired

Have you ever realized that the phrase: ''You look tired'', actually is the polite version of : '' You look like shit''. 

And that's exactly how I feel this morning. I have a cold, my head is heavy, my nose is red and my eyes are swollen. . . and I'm sneezing. There is no cold if I'm not sneezing. 

So when the first colleague sees and greet you with: You look tired - you just know: Yuepp. Thanks. Can I go home now and be sick for real?

I'm not complaining as long as I can sleep at night. . . If that is stolen from me due coughing or worse. . . THEN I will complain, complain like  death itself haunts my house.

For now, I wish you a good Tuesday.

Witcher - drawing.

I have a list I need to complete. . . and its not really getting shorter.
But one more down, many more to go.



Drawing - Another witcher - Hilda

Another witcher drawing from 'Witcher School' 

Today - A skelliger - Hilda


Drawing - Another witcher - Master Elinor

From Witcher School larp.

Master Elinor - great fencing teacher,


Do we have the same humor? 

 I Laughed. . . 

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