Why Polish?

Nie mówię po Polsku.


No, I don't speak Polish, and to be honest. After taking a deeper look into the Polish language I fairy doubt I will manage to say anything more than whishing people a good morning and order a vegan pizza, and a cup of tea.
- Dzień dobry
- Przepraszam, poproszę pizzę wegańska 
- Poproszę herbatę

(It is so unneccesary difficult. Especially for me who almost failed english exams at school. Short to say, languages is not my thing.)
They have seven ways to say a word (even names) all depend on what, who, where, when, to whom, at what time, singular, plural, neuter, masculine, feminie. . .  it never ends, the list just seems to go on and on and on.
It's like German, just crazy.

Why did I get attached to Poland?
Oh. . . I know. And you do too.

So why Polish.
Simple: Why did you learn Spanish, or German, or French next to English? 
Because it's most likely a language you might even use at times. You know, travel around, vacations and stuff where people just speak weirdly :p 

I do realize at this point when I write down all these grammar rules that I seriously could use a actual language course for Polish to fully understand something. But, it is way to expensive at this point. For now I'll abuse my Polish friends, use duolingo and the webs for help.

In a frustrating way, it's kind of fun, though.
Just being able to say: '' płaszcz '' made me a bit proud. It's now my favorite Polish word, it means overcoat.

From time to time I make a video and read up random polish words to show how much I've learned. (Lol) At least I'm funny, and I like making people smile, so apparently Polish with Norwegian accent is cute. Now you know that.

The embarrassing part is that I don't know anything without peeking in my notes. . .
And because I just said that, I will try to write down anything I can think of (something) without peeking.
Will most likely be short words :p 

- Koń
- Mama
- Kawa
- Owoce
- Jestem
- Kot
- Pies/psa
- Zamek
- Sukienke
- Noć
- Babcia
- Słon
- Piwo
- Trzy
- Prosze
- But
- Tak
- Nie
- Bardzo
- Nie ma za co
- Spierdalaj
- Ty
- My
- Ja
- On, Ona, Oni
- Dom(u)
- Lekarz
- Kocham
- Lubię
- Spoko
- to

. . .

Ok I know more, but I am tired of copy and paste polish letters everytime I shall use them, since my keyboard and setting don't know how to write letters like : ę

So, apparently I need to learn more common sentences without peeking in my notes. And long words, oh. . .Idea for the next video:  I should practise at least one long word, and learn it ofc!

Anyways, enough for now. I refuse to give up because I simply don't understand, I just have to suffer until I do :p 
Perhaps I will invest in some classes eventually. Let's see how long my intrests last first.
Would not like to use 3500 noks for nothing either.


Bad cirkle

Are you healthy ? : You don't know how priveliged you are.
Just that.

Now I'm just gonna whine, because it helps nothing at all.
Three days of nauseous now, and I am getting mad. It seriously get me on my nerves now.
It is better, yes, but far from good.

1: I can't eat, because - it makes me sick.
2: I can't drink, because - it makes me sick.
3: I can't do anything, because - I don't have the energy. My body has nothing to go/work on.
4: I slept a lot since wednesday, but always wake up during the night because I want to puke, but it don't work. Also woke up with so much pain all over because the bed aint that good, so tonight I slept on the couch. 
5: When I try to eat or drink something I just feel terrible full, and its hard to swallow anything. Not to speak how delicious water taste when you can't drink as much as you want of it.

Sideeffect from all this : I am dehydrated, tired and have no energy, headache, still nauseous because it don't really get better when your stomach is empty.
The only thing that I feel I can do without uncomfort is being fast asleep. Laying down is ok enough, but still feels shitty.
Walking is the worst. Sitting is partly ok, but shitty too, because you have to get up at one point.
Yesterday it took me an hour and a half from the though: ''I should go to bed'' until I managed to move from the couch towards the bed.

And yes. I know the tricks : Eat dry cookies in small portions, eat often, drink bubblewater mixed with applejuice, in small amounts. That is what I do now. Had a glass of dead Farris before work, eaten 4 dry cookies over 1 1/2 hour, and one sip of applejuice.
Overall since wednesday (Its Friday now) I have only being able to eat: 1 1/2 rosted potato, 2 toasts, one handfull of nuts, 3 licorice twist, 4 dry cookies, and some water/applejuice. (At least there was no vomiting since wednesday. . .pobably because there is nothing to vomit.) 
I don't like this. Hate it infact. I love food, and I despite the though of loosing weight -.-

If Im not better over the weekend I will call my doctor to ask for advice. I can't live like this.


Whine whine, sorry*
Internet told me to do something distracting while I eat my cookies, so this is it. Whine on my blog. 

When you just want to be offensive - Take a deep breath.

You know. Honestly.
There are days when I just want to be offensive, days when I just want to say/write passive aggressive stuff just to attack where it hurts!
Why: Because there is a ''evil'' voice in your head just screaming ---> Because you deserve it, you moron!
And there are days I have started writing stuff on the social media-life, which would have gained nothing but confusion, anger, guilt and pain.
Luckily, I've deleted those post instead of posting. It DOES happen. I do think before I act, sometimes.

And just yesterday I learned how 'Take a deep breath' actually works. I read an article about it.
Deep breaths helps you focus back to the normal way of thinking, how to think rationally instead of let all your feelings and strong emotions comes out in a rage. Prevents you from saying hurtful things when you don't really want to.
Because when we are upset it is easy to let our emotion take control. Therefore people might get hurt, because emotions are one powerful source!

Now, I don't remember where I found this article, but I sure will try remember this deep breath exercises when things get difficult.
Imagine such a small and ''easy'' thing can prevent so much trouble from happening? 
So, listen. Listen when a friend tells you to :'Stop, take three deep breaths, now. Let go, and start over again.'
It helps!

I am not the right person to speak, but, anger rarely solves much. It just cause pain and confusion, this or the other way. Short terms or long terms, all depend on the size of the matter.
It's impossible to prevent it from burting out from time to time. . . but it is possible to control it, take precautions, try do the best out of it. Most of all, talk about it. Yelling is not talking.
Breath - talk, breath again, talk some more. 

I don't know where I want to go with this post, but. . . Don't be like me in my 14's, get easily offended over EVERYTHING. (Well, I still can be. Especially when it comes to animal wealthfare).
Most things are not worth getting upset about. It only drags you and your own happiness down.

That said - you are allowed to be angry and upset. I don't mean it that way. But, you understand :)
Just don't let it bury you. You are far to precious for that. You are worthy.


Unless you cheat in Gwent. You are a monster! 
(Witcher reference) 

All the WItchers/and Stripes - Drawings + My favorites

Here we go again. 
Round two (or three?)  is over, and it contains 16 drawings of 16 characters from The Witcher School larp.
Some I know very well, some I've never met.
Don't matter. Everyone who want their character to be drawn shall have it. From the larp, ofc.

In total I have now made 43 drawings of witchers since December 2016.
You can see more here


The last 16 is from August - November (3rd) 

Here they are :) 

It's hard to pick out favorites, but I shall give it a try.


It has to be this gentleman. (Blue Stripe) 
Why : There is just this feeling that I got the background fair enough, since I really don't do backgrounds, as you've may be have noticed.
I also like the bandana shading. It looks like it is moving, and that is something to me - who really enjoys experementing with light and dark. When it turns out right. . . ''right'' . . . I am happy. 
 Also, never drew a flamin torch before, so it was a challenge, but I found that I liked it :) 
And another thing : I used a terrible long time on the lips here. Was so difficult to get it right. But, kind of like how the hair turned out vs the dark.

2: Secondly it must be this lady.

I am really happy with the hands on the sword, the face and the hair. Also the fact that the bracers kind of look like metal.
I also had fun drawing her. I don't really enjoy drawing women, normally. But, I had fun with this ^_^ 

3 Next one is shared by these men.

The level of details in this is insane, and I hated myself in the process, since I don't have an unlimited amount of patience. But, when I manage to bite my teeth together and just do it. . .  I happen to be very happy with the result. And I am.
Like the shirt and the foldings in it, also the beard, the hair and the looks. 
The face is the most important element when I draw. If the face looks wrong in any way - I can't accept it, and will most likely not post it.

The same as above. I like the face, the shadows on the forehead and the eyes especially, also the white shirt. And again, the hair.
It might look easy, but for me it is not. There is just not black and white, or just one pencil. . . Many sizes, and many greyshades, different pencils and tools are used just there.
Also like the simple shading on the neck, just the right color.


And : 

All the requests were putted in that box. Pick one randomly, and draw.
I could never choose, so faith did it for me. 

My workplace. 

Do you have a talent?

Then don't hide it.

I've been thinking about this topic. Especially when I see how many talentive people I have in my circuit.
A ton of creative minds and hands there.
Can be anything from : 
- Art
- Music and singing
- Act, drama, dance
- Needlework 
- Woodwork
- Leatherwork
- Paint and designing
- Talent in the matter of speach and comunication.
- Sports
- Talent with animals and training
- Talent with people

And so on. The list of talents have no boarders. 
Point being, are you good at something - Show it. Don't hide it from the world.
Show it, be proud if it, because you are not born with a talent, you have earned it, worked for it, achieved it, because you hav spent a lot of  your time to get where you are.
So. Inspire others - Show what you can do. It's your passion, perhaps your job (Lucky). Show it. Share it. 

I would for sure like to see and know about talent :) 

''But, I don't have any talents.'' 

-I say that's bullocks, you just haven't found yours, yet.- 

Drawing - Lither

Character design for the first time in ages!


Horror challenge



Matogkakeoppskrifter.blogg.no - A blogger and a friend challenged me to do this thingy because its halloween and stuff soon.
I am not really a person who are into haloween in the first place, but why not. I can try.

Gonna answer some question about scary stuff- ish.
And because I need the training, I'm gonna try do it english as well. Also for my foregin friends - need to keep everyone included.

Google translate is my friend.


Personlal horror:

Your creepiest experience, ever?: 
Ehm. Hard to say. I kind of forget things, but I think it has to be a dream/nightmare/sleephallisunation experience. Always looking for logical explanations, though, I do believe there is more to this earth than we can see.

I think I just were in the phase of falling asleep when I saw a visible silouette of a hooded man leaning over me. He was not friendly, my feeling. Don't know what, but just ice cold stare - not It was so clear and real that I could not move, I completely froze and could not even scream, though I wanted to.
And the funny part is that this is not an old story. Happend 3 or 4 years  ago, still grown up an responsible. 

These sleep hallisunations happens from time, and I find all of them creepy as hell. Normally I ''see//feel'' spiders on my body, and that freaks me out so much that I :
1: Run up and scream
2: Turn the lights on
3: Shake
4: Turn the bed around, make sure it was really nothing there
5: Doublecheck
6: Go back to bed, or sleep on the couch.

(Yes, I Have phobia for spiders) 

What scared you as a child?:
Hmm. The house on the hill.
There was actually an old house on the hill. No-one lived there 20 years ago, no one still live there today.
This house was red, and very ghosty. If you walked up to it and looked through the window you could see jamjars covered with mold, thick thick layers of mold. Then you saw tons of newspapers on the couch and the floor, and dust and mess all over the place. The house was falling apart.
It just looked abonded, as it probably was / is. Some people have tried restore the house today, but the work has been cancelled.

I had to pass the house everyday on my way to school, and it was especially creepy when it was dark. Me and my friends always run the last 100 meters past the house.
We were child with running fantasies, yes. . . but the house is still creppy to this day.

What frightens you now?:
Well. Apart from loosing friends, and loved ones. . . To keep it on the creppy level : 
I'm not afraid of the dark and things like that, but, for some reasons I don't like high, surpricing noices. Things that explodes, ballons popping and things like that.

Any phobias: Yea, as mentioned over. Spiders. But also mold, especially on food. Goss! 

What's the name of your scariest friend?:
Hmm. Depens on the setting, so can be many.
I don't really know. I need to pass on this one, for now.

Creepy culture:
Have no idea what that means, but will go for extremism. Any version of it.

Artist/ band:
Creepy one? Marilyn Manison is obvious and first to come to my mind.

Creepy song:
Gaah, don't know. Organ background music in a horrormovie.


Creeypy book: 
Never read one.

Creepy movie: 
The shining if I have to pick one. I love creepy movies. Physically-mental-institution films are the best :) 

Rose red. Just watch it!


Creepy Games:
Doom 3 and Prey.

What scares you the most?:
I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want it to end there. So, am kind of afraid if God don't exist. No, I don't want to discuss/talk about it.

Needles or calories, what's worst: 
None ? I am for sure not afraid of calories.

Bats or spiders, whats worse?:
Fuckings spiders, mate. Bats are cute!

Clowns or Zombies?:
Never got the thing with clowns, but zombies eat your brains . . . so. 

Dentist or the govermentEasy, dentist!
High or dark places:   
I would go for dark places.



I won't callenge anyone, just feel free to copy if you want.

Drawing - Another witcher

Drawing - Another witcher + process

Well, process 1/2 :p 



Drwing - A witcher + process

Long time no see, but here is one.




4 Gosj, such a pretty face!



New start.

Strange things happens.

New to some, not so new to many: But I recently started in a new job. Same company, different workplace. 
Today is my second day, but I must say I feel confident that I think I will like it here. I got roughly 2 hours of teaching then I was left to fend for myself (aka: Learn) So I do my best, and the buildning is still standing.
I can't wait til I start remembering faces and names and thing runs more fluently. 
Besides that. Yeah. Work is good. It's a bit more busy, but I like it. Time flies.

It is weird though. After 9 1/2 years on one place, I suddenly should start somewhere else. But, it's still a reception, where I have experience - so it goes better than I feared. The people here are very friendly and helpful, and I feel I get along well. Wich is extremely important to me.
I do now also work in the city center. Love it. Close to everything.


That was one new start.

 Second : I was seeing / meeting my psycologist last Thursday. It went really well, actually. I met the sweetest guy, and 60 year old grandfather figure. Very calm, friendly, understanding and experienced guy.
No matter what I said he responded with: I have met maaaaany people in your exact situation.
And I was like. . . woah. I knew I was not alone, but damn.
Thanks to all my hobbies, and creative mind he saw hope for me aswell :) So hobbies are good! 
It's to early to say what my status is, but he told me it's most likely something between Burned out, and depression.
I can't wait to get a name on everything. Will be a relieve, weirdly enough.

Pehaps this guy can help me to be a better comunicator as well. Never been good to talk about feelings and how I feel about things. 

Third case: 

Witcher School happened again last weekend, and it was amazing. I felt so good being there, and though I was so tired in the end, and many days after - I felt really good coming home too. Mood is better, and I feel better in general. Like a burden liften of my shoulders. (Is Witcher School a therapy? Or is it just so good to see my witcher friends again?)
Or most likely it's a combination of many things.

1: New workplace, since my old one was bringing me down a lot through the latest year. Bad tidings and stuff.
2:  I eventually got the guts to see a doctor. Things have been a struggle since June. Or that was when thing started to get really heavy. 
3: Witcher School is always something I look forward to, now more than ever - and it happend, and I feel so blessed. Love that game, the world, that fiction fantasy of living in a castle and play! 



So. Yeah, I live in the hope that things will get better from now on. Day by day. 
As long as I just can get a list of everything, I know how to deal with them :) 

As for now, the sun is shining and it's freezing - Love it XD

Witcher school journey #End sept 2017

So, it came to this. I'm leaving Poland after one hell of a week(end).
Needless to say : The game was beyond any exeptations, and was so amazingly brilliant that I can't even begin to express myself.

My character got a plottwist, and again, I can't wait for what is going to happen next event. Haha. It just get's better and better!

This game was full of anger, emotions, torture, drugs, laugher, fun, tears, dufficult choices, training, teaching, jokes and what not.
It is hard to put word on it. You just have to experience it.

I am at the airport at Wrocław while I write this. Boarding is soon. I feel empty, exchausted, tired and very happy at the same time.
When I was not at the castle and in the game, I have spend time with people who stayed in town with me.
I am in love with the vegan restaurants over here, and that is pretty much where I spend my time. Eating (omg that pizza), and #thatcake #veganicecream. . . even normal earl grey tea tasted better here.

I think back and can't do anything but smile. I love thesr people to the bones, and there is not much else to say that will make me repeat myself.

Now I have to be patient and wait for March  (but pictures first)
I bought a gambeson for this event, and it was so beautiful, and I hope there came up some nice pictures of it.

I am in the bus to the aircraft now* 
Urgh. The long journey home has started.
I do miss home a bit, I must admit. :)

But aaaah. Poland! My second home!

As for now, Im not superhealthy - my neck is stiff and I have a cold. But, its ok. Not starting working before Friday, so I'll manage.

I don't know what to say.  I can talk about the game and the travels, the larp depression for days, but right now I am to sad to find more words.

Just know that I love you guys, and thank you for everything!

Witcher journey Sept - 2017 #12

Landed in Wroclaw yesterday!
I just can't even describe how it felt. Just so great to be here again.

It started with introduction to the best vegan pizza in the world. And no kidding, seriously -  It WAS the best pizza I've ever eaten. God, the restaurant's name is "GreenBus", so GO there if you ever is in Wroclaw. I swear, you won't regret it.

Then, could barely walk after - was so stuffed. But we walked a bit around in town and was generally a tourist. It's such a beautiful place. The weather is good too :)
Anyways -
Still stuffed, I could not return to the hotel without eating a vegan cake. Poland really provides. I wish Norway had more vegan options/restaurants around.

Anyways. . .

Suddenly I crashed into this bunch of amazing witcher people!
And it was such a great evening. I've missed them so much. Missed everyone so much.

Also. Spending the whole day in terrible shoes, this had to happen. . .
So, not walking more than I have too,now.
Chilling in the lobby is my new hobby :p


Travel time part 1!!

Guys. It's really happening.
Hehe. This hype never seems to calm, its so much excitement every year, every time.

Its 05:21. I am on Bergen Flesland airport/Norway. Luggage checked in and I am waiting for boarding time.
Plane leaves for Oslo 06:10 and will take 50 minutes.
It will be a long travel, since I have two plane switches happening before Im in Wroclaw.
In total it will take me 7hrs.
Been awake since 04:15,so. . . I feel tired, but not tired. . . if that made any sense at all.

Most of all I am just so happy that this endless wait since March finally is here.  Different from the last two events is that I will be spending a few more days in town this time. Meet up with the locals, and just allow myself to explore this town a bit more and also relaxen up a bit before the game starts on Thursday.

Oh. What more can I say without repeating myself?
As last time, if you care or not, I will keep my travels updated. . . just because it's fucking boring travelling between airports.

So..With this I wish you a good morning, and now I can say it for real : See you soon!

(Also. What did I forget?)

Oh. Yes. I am tired. My face is tired.
And I don't enjoy flying, so sleeping on the plane is not happening, but I can listen to music. Music is good.


Packing and potions day, today.

I am terrified to forget anything. As always, haha.
So bags are packed with the important things, like costumes, clothing in and off game, passport, flightpapers and money.
Rest needs to be packed on Monday evening :)

Oh. Look, I've made potions!
Swallow and Golden Oriole.
Just tasted The Golden Oriole,and its not really delicious, no. . .  :p
And I am very happy with the fresh red color of Swallow. :)

Also, goodybags are prepared.
Filled with thropies.

Oh, my. This is really happening. It's five days to the game starts. Five days!
I still remember the : " 100" days left - day.
The horror.

Now, I am just trying to be patient and wait like a good girl for the final charactersheet. . . I am do curious, and very sure it will be so much fun, as always.

So, back to reality- I need to figure out what I have forgotten.
Though, no need to panic. If you have like money, passport and travel information - you get pretty far :)

Drawing - Another witcher + process


Huge project this time. Normally I have more than enough with 1 person at the time, but - A promise is a promise, and the picture was so beautiful - so I had to accept the challenge.

I have very little experience with drawing babies, so that was pretty difficult. 



Shading is fun, but takes tiiiime!


. . . much time. . . 



So random.


Whine time.
It's time to breathe again.
The panic attacks have a favor of popping up when you really aren't prepared/ready for it.
Well, its not really an attack, or is it?
I dont know anymore. It just feels weird, and not normal.

Just now (still shaking on my hands) pouring sugar to my oatmeal *BAM* Time to take deep breaths and focus on nothing else, because Im still at work for another hour. And this it's not a good time. It never is.
I feel terrible nervous right now, and the breathing is so-so and stained. Shaking.

This nervous feeling remind me of the same feeling I had right before it was my turn in any swimmingcompetition ect.
(back in the days)
But it was over as soon as I was in the water... Now I know I will have to eat this feeling for a time.
15. minutes have passed now, it is still there, but I can control it at least.

So weird. What am I actually nervous for?
The fire drill we had at work today is long done.
Bah, now well - keep on breathing. Will do some swimming again later, so. Perhaps I should boost it up, just to force the tense out of my body. I dont have time for this.

And music. . . been my best friend and saviour lately. Good Lord how lost I would been without it.
Voices, melodies, rythm, lyrics.

35 min left. +2 full workdays,then vacation and WS !


Character development ! 


Just like in the video game, at Witcher School your character also level up. You start with nothing (or little, all depend on your past and history), and as the story go you somehow end up with new/better gear.

Many ways: 
- Earn money through honest work.
- Buy stuff for your honest payment.
- Loot dead bodies . . . it's not like the dead will miss it. 
- Find stuff.
- Visit your parents and accept their gifts. 
- Borrow your sisters stuff. 
. . . The list goes on. . . 

My character is also leveling up. She picks up doable contracts when she come over them, and just like any girl - who does not like shopping?
(Well. . . me as a person - hate it, but that's another story :p ) 

But before luxury, she needs the practical things all witcher needs to have a chance in the wild. 

Good boots
Warm clothing, practical clothing. 
Full potion bottles,. 
Witcher medallion.


 The fact that you have this possibility to always upgrade your character after whatever path you choose for yours, makes the game so much more than anything else I have experienced in my LARP career.
I can't wait to see how mine end up in the very ending. It's like I am in a movie and I don't know the next chapter. It's amazing, and now I am smiling just to think of it. 

I tried to put all my 'Bodils' together under.
1: First event, Sept 2016. New adept. Had some clothing with her, but nothing major and nothing special, and certainly no weapons. 
2: March 2017. Been through some stuff, earned some orens, bought some new gear also a weapon. Found out that long hair was a pain in the ass since there are lice everywhere in the wild. Off with it!
3: Sept 2017 (soon) Hope there will be in game pictures of her. Hair is still short. But it's cold in the wild, and a cape is sometimes not so practical when moving around. A jacket is perfect! And one does always have room for some jewelry. . . 

1: What she had when she entered the school. Still human. Just simple clothing. Not poor, not rich. Average. . . well, alright. . .  a bit above average. . .

2 - Time flies! Cape and hood is new.


3 : Orens are there to be used - need two pairs of everything. . . well first things first - food and drinks of course, and perhaps a bed to sleep in. 
THEN two of everything!


Tam tam da ri tam - Only 9 days to game start! :D :D  

There's a story . . .


. . .  behind every person.

To wise word to be ignored. Must be shared.

Drawing - Another witcher + process



Just took one update, but its funny how much of a difference it is between the two of them :)
Kind of like the sketch as it is.



Drawing - Dandilion + process

Witcher 3 fanart 







Witcher School journey - LARP- September 2017

LETS talk costume!There was no choir today, so I got bored. what do you do, then, only two weeks left? 
YES - you do what all grown up larpers do: Dress up for no reason! 


So, I LOOOVE my pirate jacket so insanely bad. Not because its damn sexy alone, but very comfortable as well.

I needed to try everything on at least ONCE before I become Bodil De Versing again.
And this is just her ''I am not doing any training - now '' outfit.
She has another shirt for that, at least, maybe some other pants too.

You can see her cape and hood in the back corner there. . . It did not fit to this costume, but I will bring it with me anyways.
The hood is a chaperon <3 The coolest hat in the world.

Warning elfs : If you see her - Just run . . .  the other direction. . . 

Even got some elf ears there. #SoProud , Bodil has been hunting.

And if the Taverna get's hot, the jacket comes off. PARTY!


I am not bringing these boots with me, I think. They are very big, clumsy to run in, and takes up a lot of bagspace.

Closeup sword and sash

Beeeelts <3 

I look down on you. . . 




This is not even everything.
I have some BIG costumesurprises waiting, and I am DYING to see them :D 

IIIIH, this was fun! 
:D :D 


Can't sleep.

Time;  04:23
I went to bed around 02:30
Been up since 10:45 , done reenactment training,  walked the dog, played games, eat good dinner, watched tv and drew a bit. An everyday, generally good day. . . .

But nights are one endless loss of time. I can't sleep.
Im not tired. I watch the night turn into morning as I am writing this, anytime now.
I've been looking up some YouTube videos for meditation, amrs (?) and videos who will help you through thougths or sleep.
Also listening to calming music, in between.

Does it help? Im still awake, but stopped crying and anxiety chest pain calmed, so maybe a bit. . . Maybe I did listen to the wrong video.

Now, well. It is how it is. It's just sorrow. . . It wont kill me, Ill  break out of this, I know I will. Help is on the way. Just a few more weeks.

Thanks for supporting me. You know who you all are. I deeply need you all, so please dont leave me. I'll pay you back whenever you ask. . . I am weak now, but I will never forget that you stood through fire for me - let me do the same for you.

Ill put my phone away now and give sleep another try.

Time : 04:35

Drawing - Another witcher




Drawing - Another witcher + process


Another witcher from the Witcher School larp has been drawn.


Sketchy sketch


More sketchy


Light, dark, shadow mode


Detail mode

5 Done



In three weeks for now I am the plane, and soon landing in Wroclaw! 

I took out a week vacation for Witcher School this time, and I will do so in the future too.
It's just the only chance I get the time to meet up with the locals and other people also arriving early/departing later.

I will be there from Tuesday 26-3 Oct.
Two days before the game, two days after the game. Because there is never enough time. I hope some people would like to meet up - if not. I'll be a tourist on my own. Which also can be quite nice. Let's hope for good weather :) 
I'm sure Wroclaw can provide me with Vegan cake shops. You'll find me there :p <3 

Photo: EXPit thru lens
Finally the hype is real. Not felt it since the questionair sheet, because stuff - but, now its there, thanks to you.
It's dangerous business talking to some WS people - suddenly you agree on something to do in game, and your whole world changes.  Hah, it will be so amazing! And the only thing I can say is that I hope there will be a picture of it. 
I need to bribe the photographers in one way XD 

Oh, oh - It's time to make potions again! I doubt my redwinesmellylike Swallow is very tasty now, six months after. . .  Yes, I still have it. Ha ha
I have to dig up the recipe again, and prepare some alchemy in the kitchen. Was great fun last time ^____^  


Aaaah, guys. How I miss you! 

Playlist for times in need

Just recently I started creating a playlist on my Spotify account.
Normally I just use youtube, or 'discover' mode on Spotify, but suddenly there is a time where you just need to listen to some songs on repeat. 

So my playlist is not really a big one.

For now I needed songs that can do both. 

A : Make me cry. Because then I feel empty, yet somewhat relaxed afterwards.
B: Calm. After 50 times, one just stop crying and feel calm instead, even dare to sing along. I am there now, at least on good days.
Never get  tired of this one. Just the main title ''Now we are free''. Means so much. What is life, if there is no freedom in it? 
These songs were more or less added on the airport omw to Spain. And it was basically the only thing I listend to of music that week.
Little unsteady- so suitable!
Found it by accident. Then I saw the music video and that was it. 
I am not into romantic films, but somewhat I feel I need to watch this one time. 
Just love the lyrics and his voice.
I have no words for this, just listen. . .  In love with EVERYTHING.

Sometimes you just need something to kick you back up on your feet. Good song for freeletics.


Wind beneath my wings. Sigh


Good for crying, for whatever reason!


Volbeat, just because: I AM counting all the assholes in the room, and because - assholes. 





Drwing - A witcher + process

WItcher, Claw and a friend. :) 








Im very happy with the final result . . . if that is allowed to say :) 


1. September , aka under 4 week left! 
 * Clapping hands * 

Today it is time to update my Larp book ( also filled up with different campfire songs suitable for reenactement settings ) with larp stuff.
In this case, jokes and poems. 

So are you bored in game, come to me/Bodil and I'll tell you my best jokes, also poems! 
Bodil has a hobby now! Not everything is about slaying monsters and drinking alcohol until morning. . . ( IMAGINE THAT )

I hope for a chance to share these in a jolly good tavern, full of cheerish/drunk/ good witchers and Stripes.
It's not to many jokes, yet. But a few.

I also bought myself a pretty fine pen in Spain, just for this :) 

A sneak peak? 

* What do call a female elf? 
- A shelf 


Sneak peak on a verse in one poem: 

Stripes are brave,
make elfs disappear.
Give me a knife
and I?ll chop off the ear.


Speaking of poems.
I hated poems on school. It was the worst. 
Just until recently I found that writing poems actually a whole lot of fun. They may not be superiou and stunning, but its good enough for me. I get a chance to be creative in another level. Also transform dark and shitty things to something poetic and beautiful, in it's own way. 



Aaaaah, guys - 4 weeks to tons of hugs. I miss you SO much right now :) 


I came over this song by an accident, and now I can't stop listening to it. 
Just from the very first word. What an amazing voice, powerful and VERY emotional. I mean - wow.

Watch the video too. My heart! 

This is a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful artist.
Appreciate music - please. Music is life!

I also must add, this song fits my life pretty accurate ( especially on bad days) 
''Hold, hold, hold onto me, Cos I'm a little unsteady''

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