Drawing: Bodil(Myself) with important peeps

I had an idea and this happened. 
Based from: Witcher School larp. 

Bodil (My character) and that who inspire/motivate her. Both on god and evil. 

Had great fun creating this, yet feels a bit ego... but I don't care XD

''I am skinny'', Y, what's the problem?

I was just reading the comments under a facebook quote : ''I wish everything in life was as easy as getting fat is'' 

I know: ''Never ever read the comment field'', but I could not resist, as this was speaking to me. And I did not have to read much before someone pointed out exactly my thought, with a ton of supports, and a ton of stupid comments of ignorant minds. As always. 


Like. I have been struggling with my weight my whole childhood and teens. I was underweight, but not by choice. I loved food, I love eating food, I ate as much as my stomach could handle, and I never got to bed hungry. In my eyes, I was normal until people started name me : ''Skinny'', ''weakling'', ''pitiful'', ''tiny''. . . and other words for me being small and weak, in their eyes. And ofc. I started believing that.
When I got into my early teens it got worse. Visible worse.
I was one of the tiniest girls in my class, or school for that matter. I had not an inch of extra fat, no breast, no hips, no bum, nothing, until I was around 16, maybe. But everyone else started to grow into young women, and you are being left out, still carrying your milk teeths and the childish body. 
- I hated taking a shower after the gym class, and often I just skipped it. People were staring, or so I felt. 
- I never wore a singlet before I was 17-18 years old. I just could not handle not covering my shoulders. Also had nothing to 'show off', why bother.
- I can remember only one piece of pants that fitted my skinny hips, and I felt so comfortable with them on so I wore them whenever possible. Got them when I was 14, and I wore them until they did not fit anymore (18-19) Note that we did not have a lot of money, so I did not get new clothing every now and then. And those pants were super expensive, but my mother just could not resist since she was as shocked as I was that they fitted! 
- I even stuffed my bra's at some occasions when you just desperately tried to look decent in a dress.
- I never wore a bikini before my first trip out of Scandinavia, to Bulgaria at the age of 18. And I felt super uncomfortable with it. Felt so naked - My stomach was naked, IN PUBLIC! Again I felt people staring. I did not realize I was a 'sort of a young woman' at that time. Only when I look at pictures, now. Strange how our minds tricks us to believe something completely different than what our eyes see.
- My gymnastics teacher at school left a ''worried'' message to my mother asking if I had a problem with food, also that he did not dare putting me to do any exercise in fear that it will break me. . . yeah, very fun.
Truth be told, I was eating way more than both my mother and my stepfather. I was active doing swimming 3 days a week, (expanded to 4-6 later, and that was when I finally gained weight.)

Later at the age of 16-17 when I trained more, I saw the first changes - My jacket did not fit anymore. One day, putting it on, it unraveled between my shoulder blades. It was my favorite jacket, but I was happy. It also motivated me to keep going.
It was also possible to by fitting pants, and I got a bum. Whoop!

Point with this. . . ? 
It's not easy to be either under or overweight! It's not 'always' easy go gain or loose weight. Simply as that.

''It's only a facebook meme, you cant make it so personal''
Can't I ? 
It's not just only that. It's a real ongoing struggle for many people, on this or that side. Nothing is ever 'that' easy. 
If people stopped define beauty or intelligence out from what number your weight scale says, this would never been an issue in the first place, you know.


That was it :) 
Wish you a great day!

Witcher school - Hype post, again - LARP- 2018 - #3

Sorry (not sorry) for keeping spamming my hype, but it's hard to shut up about it.
It's 34 days left! 

It happens, sometimes. I've been thinking!

Thinking about how weird it actually is. How weird that somewhere in the big wide world there are a few guys who had an idea. ''Let's create a fiction world based on the biggest and best games in modern time, that also looks cool and stuffed with cool people in cool costumes, cool story ect.' 
That is NO small task, nor easy. But they did, and it is so popular too. Always growing. T.h.a.n.k.Y.o.u !
Check it out HERE

I am amazed, and still mad at myself for not realizing this existed before.  BUT, now I do! 

Funny to think about it. 
Here I am, in some eyes too old to play in a castle. Here I am, dressing up as a video-game-character and play a game with other video-game-characters. here we are, escaping the reality for some days.
Just to be trained as a witcher.
These things are things I could see on the internet and think : That looks so cool, I wish I could be there. As if I actually never-ever could go, but I never allowed myself to think it though, like for real.  I just made myself believe this was impossible. . . Like, its in Poland. It's to far away. I don't have the money, and I don't know anyone.  It's all excuses. Nothing more, nothing less. If you want something bad enough - You'll get it.
And here is the ridiculous fact -> I went there. I actually did! (3 times now, soon to be 4)

I don't know where I am going with this post. I am just go thankful for that this event exist, really. And ofc. that I can be a part of it, again.

Here I sit, plotting with several people. Hyping each other up, or at least I am hyping myself up waiting for the next edition to start.
Ps: Speaking of the start. The start of the larp is magic. When the torches comes out, (it's dark. . . well those editions I've been to at least. Also very lucky with nice weather every time) people get silent smiling shyly, full of excitement. Some are tripping on their toes, others whispering ''Have we started, yet. Do we start now?'' 
Trust me - You'll know when it starts! 100%

My first edition was perfect, but yet it seems like every edition is a bit 'better' than the previous one. Could be because I know my charatcer better, and my co-players. Also always getting more co-players, and get in touch with new players.

WHY does such a perfect thing as LARP exist? It's to beautiful for this world.

Did I mention 34-days left? It will be June and it will be summer! Probably too warm for my Gambeson, but ask me if I do give a F***k about that? It's mine, and it is a precious as Gollums ring!

I'm just so ready, sorry in advance for spamming.

The witcher - Drawing

Fanart ala big.

Let's talk about being tired.

To be tired can be anything, and in any form. It's just not one way of being tired, I believe. 

You can be tired as in :

- Not enough sleep. 
- Mentally tired 
- Physically tired

All of these kind of go together all in all. Mentally and Physically is/can be provoked by to little sleep, and visa versa.

The first one is pretty basic and self explanatory. Our body and mind need a daily rest to function properly. Some need more that others, but everyone needs it. I am not the best student when it comes to get enough sleep, though I regret every morning. 
Just take tonight as an example. I went to bed early (midnight, that is for me, early. . . and to late according to some, since I need to get up at 06:45 for work) And I did not fell asleep at once ofc. It took me an another hour at least. So it's kind of common for me to be at sleep around 01-02 every night. It's not enough, I know. I feel weirdly awake, though.
This is also a highly possibility why I also am mentally tired at this point, close to burned out. I need to be careful. 

Speaking of mentally tired. I always had a need of being brutally honest and open about things, (Because screw taboo's, and let's talk) so here I go again.

It is not a surprise that I am tired these days. Mentally tired. Some days are good, some are bad. It's rather random, and it's annoying. I can be super in the morning, and totally lost in the evening, or the other way around. This makes it hard to plan anything with friends, since I never know what mood I am in.
I had a few days where I was out with friends recently within the last weeks. 
I wanted to to go, because I feel it's been to long since I was out, partying or just hang out with games or food. ''It will be good for me to get out a bit''
So I decided to go, the day before or the same day. . . but then, a few hours before the events I sometimes felt doubt - ''Do I really want to go? Will I have fun? Will I be a bother? Will I be able to join the conversations? ''
These are questions that runs through my head up to two hours over before the event, sometimes during the event too. Sometimes not at all. 
It's a bit strange to me, since I normally love hanging out with friends, so when these thoughts comes up I get confused and it takes away precious time, time I should been using on having fun, not thinking.
Needless to say, this make me tired. Because after the event, you start thinking again: ''Did I have fun, or was this a waste of energy?'', ''Did the other people notice something different with me?''. ''Will they invite me again?''. ''Did I bore them, did the new people think I am a grumpy, boring person now?'' , ''Perhaps it would been better if I stayed at home?''
All these weird thoughts. So, so annoying.

I think I make one mistake when I am out and my mood is getting down. I stay, and wait. ''Perhaps it will pass'', I think. ''If I stay a bit longer things will change, and I will have fun again.''
Often, not always, but often - nothing changes, not with me. Mood is set and I have to understand that - my brain is tired now, time to go home - Even if it's just after an hour.
The reason why I find this hard, is because I am afraid that my friends think that they are boring, or hosting a bad party. The whole me is screaming: NO!! It is not you. It is ACTUALLY all on me, and it's nothing I just say.
It's hard, but I have to learn. And I hope my friends will understand that - If I leave early, I have reasons for it, and its never you. If I leave early, know that I am deeply thankful for the invite, and I really appreciate it. If I leave early I still love you, and I still would love to come back on another event. If I leave early, I am still happy and thankful. 

I just wanted to say that :) 
Thanks for understanding, once more.

Let's talk about unfairness, what do do?

Came over this link and it's so accurate I couldn't let it pass.

''It's going to happen. On your conquest through life, others are going to lie about you, stab you in the back, confuse your motives, and misinterpret your intentions. They are going to over react, blame you, say mean things about you -- to everyone around you.  They're going to shout, point fingers, lie, scream, and accuse you of things that are just not true.''

All of above is me when this happens to me, and I know I should be thinking differently, because walking around bitter never helped anyone.
So. I'll read the rest of the link now. (Yes, I just read the intro.) 

1. Stop shouting. Start listening. For right now at least.

Ok. I can't deny that I am one who quickly will go in defense mode, because - you get angry. It's natural. I know things will turn out for the better if one just, as the link say: Don't do or say anything for at least 24 hours. . . think it through, listen to what they have to say.
Sounds reasonable, if possible. In some situations people just don't want to talk. What then?

2. Don't write out a long explanation of why you are right.
True. I agree. Goes both ways. Though I do this too. Maybe I am petty small minded, but perhaps this phase is not necessary if one just wait 24 hours without doing anything. Give it some time, don't act in anger and all that.
And ironic : ''Even if you're dead right. If you have a popular blog or write articles that are published in online newspapers, you have an immediate channel to clarify your position. But it's a whole lot better if you don't do that.''

Perhaps I should not even write this on my blog. Ha ha. But, I am not accusing anyone - I just find this article interesting.
I am good terms with most of the people in my life, so I am happy and rather lucky, actually.

3. Reach out directly (and privately) to the other person.
Find the root source, and talk about it, fix it - Yes. All yes. I am so Yes on this! 
(Without yelling) Only works if both parts want's to talk, though.

4. Apologize and change if you need to. If not, don't fake it.
''You can feud about the style of the person who treated you unfairly, or you can apologize and move on. They don't need to forgive you for you to change. You need to change because you want to be better.''
I did apologize,I still do - every time I feel I'm in the box ''You treat me unfairly''. I do first get angry, then I think, then I apologize and then I forgive. . . though, I it rarely fixes anything, because both parts need to accept the forgiveness first, but at least I don't have to walk around bitter. Life is to short for that.

And this:  ''And if you don't want to change, then don't. What only makes situations like this even worse is when you pretend to change but have no intention of doing anything different. Sometimes you don't need to change -- you just need to apologize for something that happened and move on. Don't fake it. That just makes things worse.''
To important to let slide by.

5. Keep being "you" in the meanwhile. And forever after that.
Being treated unfairly is a nasty feeling. It feels pretty horrible to be taken advantage of publicly. Even if you did something wrong to cause the poor treatment, you won't feel any better while you're being shamed. The secret to making it through that experience is to just be "you". Don't do other things because people are watching. Don't adopt new habits because you think it will help people like you more. Just be you.

Thank you, author!

''​Follow your dreams. Attack the challenges you were attacking before all of this mess happened. Keep learning. Keep living. Keep leading others. Days quickly turn into weeks. Those weeks quickly turn into months. It's easy to let your dreams fall aside as you let yourself be distracted by the worst things in life. Don't let that happen to you. Don't let your dreams be squashed by attitudes that are entirely in your control.''

It did not feel horrible reading this article today. I think I needed it actually.
What I learned the most from this is the first statement: ''For at least 24 hours, don't do anything. Don't defend yourself. Don't lash out. Find some place that's quiet and think things through.''

I will work on this one. I need to. Imagine how much easier my life will be if I just can 'breathe' and don't go into defence-mode before I thought things through.

Moral speech of the week :) 


Learning Polish be like. . .

Learning Polish be like. . . 



Noe, please. This is just ONE word. . . one word. . .

MHM! I need a class. . .

I don't even know what Dative and Accussative is, and Genetive and instr. and loc, and voc. . .  I don't think it's possible to learn for Norwegains.




Witcher school - LARP- 2018 - #2

''Witcher school - Witcher School - Witcher School. . . ''

Ever since I got to work today I've been hearing this sentence inside my head. This is what you hear after a well ended Witcher School event, where 100 people raise their hands and shouts these words together.Then we drink beer and fall asleep by the fire in the tavern before we brutally departs the next morning!

I think this is the crucial point where my hype is building up. Because it's under 50 days left!!

In 46 days I am back in Poland, but not at Moszna Castle, but the other castle Grodziec! 

I am SO excited. The castle looks amazing, and I don't care if it's smaller or not as luxurious as Moszna. It's a part of the fun, and truth be told - I can easily sleep on the grass, as long as it's not raining. As long as I am there, as long as I don't starve - I won't complain.

So, 46 days. . . I am slacking! 
I have not started potion preparation on the kitchen as tradition says. I still have Vodkta left from last time. Have not really touched it since. And I have not found my final outfit yet! *Squeek* And not even test tried it as traditions go. I must find a space for that soon. Because, why the f**k not!
It's June, and they promise us summer and warm weather, and all my Witcher gear are made for early spring and early autumn! So I need a summer outfit. 
A part of me wanna walk barefooted though the whole event. Ha ha.
And oh, I hope I get a chance to just slack and drink wine in the grass! *Clap hands* It will be perfect if I do, and someone kicks the wine out of my hands and force me to take pushups for every minute I was slacking. Ha ha. 

OMG, the more I think about it, the faster my heart beats. I'm going back, so soon!
I am SO excited for whats gonna happen this time. What plot twist can we fear? Will I survive this time? Do I have new friends, enemies? Will there be new monsters? Aaaah, how come that everything is so perfect, and I (ME!) can be a part of it all.
*Happy sigh

Again, as always. This will be my 4th event, and how words can't describe how excited I am to see everyone again in their beautiful Witcher gear, and fu*cked up witcher minds. Ha ha!
I love you all. 
I can almost see a light in the tunnel. It's under 50 days until I can twin thumbs at the airport. Under 50 days until I shall try to order a vegan pizza, in Polish (I am nervous already) Under 50 days until I can find my hotel room at Ibis and fall happy down on the bed before I jump out of it and find the locals.
Last time I almost cried when I found the first bunch of people. I am pretty sure the same will happen this time also. 
It's weird how special these people became to me. I can't really explain why. It's like a  second family :) 

But yes. Did I mention it's 46 days left!!


Drawing - emotions

Something new.... like, really.

Drawing - An assasin

He is so new that he don't have a name.
The book is on ice, though. I don't have a plot. Just a start XD

Open for commission

Help me share please :)

After done a few/many portraits the latest two years, I decided it's not THAT scary anymore, therefore I decided that I am now permanently open for commissions.

Prices for portraits:

(Digital, greyscale only. With a reference picture. No exceptions)
Portrait, face, neck, upper chest : 300 NOK , 30EUR 
Full body: 600 NOK, 60EUR
Animals: 500NOK, 50EUR

Message me for more info.

E-mail: merethelangoen@hotmail.com  

Thank you so much :) 

Drawing, Gendry - Game of Thrones

And i just learned he is one year younger than me. . . Randomly. 

(Hot guy :3 ) 

Skulls and crossbones - LARP

PIRATE LARP on the Baltic Sea!

I can't believe it's actually happening. I am attending a HUGE pirate LARP, on the sea, do actual sailing and battling other pirates at the top of it. Yes, guns and cannons are included!
Three ships, and in total 60-70 players
Game start in Germany!
September 24th-28th -2018 

And I won't be going alone! Anders as first time larper will attend too, and we bought tickets yesterday. Let's hope he get addicted ;) 
Also a friend of mine will join the crew too.
EEEP, another of my big childhood dreams are coming to life - I will be a pirate for 4 days. Rum, tales, guns, sails, washing deck, raiding islands for treasures, visiting harbors, and sleeping in cabins with up to nine more members. Only be able to take a shower when we are at a harbor XD

This will be so AWESOME, omg! Finally I will be able to attend the pirate larp I always wanted. 
I was asking in a larp group if anyone knew any pirate larps coming up. . . I never thought it would lead me to join the biggest of them all. I was more thinking about a small local one, in the country. But, the only actual larp coming up in the post was this : https://www.saclarp.com/

Trailer of the LARP above.

Another perfect reason to go crazy on E-bay.

Can you believe it?! I can't. 

This year will be the larp year of my life. 3 major big international larps in one summer.... crazy when I think about it.

Witcher School in June 
Battle Quest in August
Skull and Crossbones in September

Did the world a favor!

I feel like I did the world a favor today, aka just now.
''Washing down my office with Antibac. tissues. Now it smells of a nice, strong fume of alcohol all the way. . . It must be strong, since I cant taste or smell a thing. But I smell this. Love it. . . (lies) At least I did something to prevent this cold to someone else, though I am sure someone gave it to me! :p 

- Yeah. Still ill, but not ill enough to stay home. Typical. Not that I am complaining. . .well, ok, maybe a bit. 
I am thankful that I rarely get sick-sick, with a proper flu (never had that. knock knock) or worse, and I can't remember last time I was away from work for more than one day, on sick-leave. Minus those times when your body decides to betray you, and you end up in the hospital or some shit. Last time was 2012.
Though I was thinking of calling in sick at 05:00 this morning, as I still did not get enough sleep, or slept at all. I had 3 hours on the couch.
But as always, I have to try work first. 
So far I am surviving. It's calm at work now due to Easter-holidays, and I have enough tea to get through the day. Tomorrow it's just 4hours of work, then vacation for me too. Going to see my mum and some other family members in the southern region of Norway.

And why. . . why is it still snowing? 
I like snow, but damn. I am SO ready for spring, and not to even mention - SUMMER.

Besides that.

Everything is normal, all is good.
I miss Poland and Witcher School


Drawing - character design


Long time no see... He is still alive, sort of.

Here posed when he is on hos worst. . . mentally.

Drawing - Commission

A friend of mine this time :) 


If you want a commission done, please donate 250+NOK to this page (Im trying to help a friend) 
- Send me a good quality picture of someone you want me to draw (digitally, greyshades) for you. 
- PM me, or facebook me a message : Merethe Vaage
email: merethelangoen@hotmail.com


Drawing - DOG

First time ever. . . shit scary, but the owner of the dog is happy with it, so I dont have to panic:) 

Draw me as an elf

Started a project, 'Draw me as an elf'', and here is my first victim. Dum du du,
A friend of mine, now with elf ears, new haircut and ear rings

Drawing- Cedric- Colors

Cedric from Witcher 2, with colors.

I really don't like colors, still. Takes time, and energy.
Now, I will have a few days drawing break, and go back to comfort zone again. Been a while since I've been there now.

Battle quest - LARP - 2018

So, well. This was not planned at all, but this is what happens when people talk to much about something that looks really cool.

I am joining Battle Quest larp this year.

I fear it will be only one Witcher School event for my run this year, so I need a backup plan. And I have a really big problem if there will be another witcher larp this autumn too, ha ha.

So, I have a few friends who were speaking more about this event than others (many from WS are going there as well, so such a great time to see them again) and suddenly I was talked me into actually buying the tickets.
It's shit cheap (for my part) Just 400 NOKS
It's nothing I learned about recently. I have been thinking this looks cool for over a year now, and spoke a bit about how it works, and what kind of character I would play if I ever got there, and so on. . . I just never really considering actually going, since I have Witcher School as main priority. 

I am going. 
Also been welcomed into a local group already, which is kind of ok since I don't really know what I signed up for. I need to do some reseach for both the main event and story lines, also costumes and all that.
Yet again I feel the same nervous feeling as I had when I was attending WS for the first time. I can't help feeling like an intruder, in a weird way :'D 
It looks super fun, and super cool - but I have little experience with 'battle larps', but it looks like  a bunch of LARPERS reenacting reeanactement! And. . . I can do that! :D Ha ha.

Well, besides that. I need to read up. And start planning a costume suitable for my group.
And first thing first - Witcher school in June! I can panic more after that.

But I am still nervous, what if my group don't like me? o__0 What if I play wrong? What if I misunderstood everything and just mess things up!? 

Naah, panic later. Not today :) 

Drawing - Witcher Masters - Process

Finally done, after X hours (Assuming 1-2 hours on each person, sometimes more) 

Made some progress photoes, but not to much. I always forgets :p

It was fun and horrible at the same time.
Armour and hands were the worst, but I am happy with the result. 

Of all, there is just one person there I never met before, besides that - all of these are fregging awesome peeps:) 

Masters and 'bosses' from the Witcher School larp in Poland.
Don't mess with these people :) 

This is the biggest project I ever drawn, so I am happy I managed to complete it :) 

I miss you!

Witchers, Poland, Witcher School, Wroc(insert slavic L here)aw! 

Today I feel a very special kind of pain coming out from nowhere. I miss you so terribly much!
The only thing I want now is just to buy a plane ticket back to Poland and get over there for the weekend, eat vegan pizza - meet sup with all the locals I can find, and go back. And not just only Poland. I have friends everywhere now. I need to to to England, France, Russia, Germany, Finland, Romania . . . and so on!
I wish I was rich. . . 
Good thing we can at least meet in the middle once or twice a year :D 

Friends are precious to me, and I do adore all of mine here at home with all my heart - don't get me wrong. It's just, those you speak with daily who live miles and miles away - and you are only able to meet them once, top - twice a year. . . it's rather shit!
I have a handful close friends in my town, one adorable and really important to me far up north, and the rest spread all over Europe! 
Thank the Lord for things like social media, Skype, phones and all that stuff. Sending actual letters is super cozy, but unfortunately dying out these days.
But, there is not one day passing since Witcher School happened for the first time where I did not thought about it. I saved up a lot of memories, and they grew so strong on me that I doubt they will ever leave.
I basically fell in love with Poland. All of it, not just WS and Wroc(slavic L)aw. I have currently just been there and in Krakow, but I hope I can travel to see more of Poland. Would love to see the capitol one day.
Krakow in May is absolutely stunning btw!

To bad I did not take any stunning pictures :3 

My first visit at the Witcher  school 2016. So perfect.

But today, today I miss you guys.
Just want to say that.

How to support an artist?

Without money is me.

Though. . .  I do have Ko-Fi


Witcher meetup - Bergen- Feburary 2018

I. . . Starting the goodbyes already at Saturday was hard, not easier yesterday and the morning today.
One hell of an amazing weekend + , is soon coming to an end. But, not before tomorrow, when the last person travels back over the seas.

It is very hard to find the proper words to describe this meetup with friends from The Witcher School
I can't tell enough how fantastic it have been. Imagine 8 persons are traveling, saving up money and take out vacation days just for this, for my event, here, up in the cold north! It's an honor and I feel truly, truly,truly blessed and lucky! It means the world to me, and I will never forget it.

Some might have taken a notice from way back already, that this is something I have been speaking about since summer of 2017. So it has been something that meant a lot to me. Even more now, since I can treasure memories from this weekend.

I will try to put some words to it, with pictures.

Before that I have to mention the weather. The weeks before this weekend it was shitty weather with heavy rain and snow, plus wind ofc. Cold, typical Bergen winter weather. And from Thursday everything changed. The sun has been shining all weekend, it was cold, but clear and dry! Just perfect for hiking and city sightseeing. And in SUCH a company! 

Hug the tree. This is Saturday on our way up to Mount Fløyen. Everyone was in for the hike to one of our most famous viewpoint over the city, and it was a slippery walk (downhills) but we survived with a smile.

Speaking about smiling. These witchers are luckily as crazy and playful as I am, so we are never to old to play in the snow. Everyone joined in, and it was a cold, but superfunny workoutsession.

Jumping back to Friday, after 2 tram tours to the airport to picking up everyone we finally could all get together! My day was really long, starting with dentist appointment at 09 (it went fine, phew)
We stuffed everyone in the hotel-room at the Finn-twins place, in the middle of town.
We shared a few drinks , jokes, laughter, hugs and all that before we went for the first dinner together all of us. The food was amazing!

Look, we are SO happy! I could not stop smiling, almost went around like this all weekend! :D 
Gosh, I miss them already. Next chance to hug them again is in June... such a long wait.

Jumping to Sunday. #NetflixAndChill XD (Yes, we know the joke, and we abused it, just because it's funny)
We saw three movies, Anders served us pizza and apple cake :D! 
One movie was shitty as hell - and it was hilarious! (For the king) or something.
Second was ok enough. 94's  time travel movie - ish. Don't remember the name .
Third: LEGO BATMAN, do I need to say more? Ha ha!

Jumping back to Saturday at the top at Fløyen. Yes,we walked up and down! 
One Finn

Another Finn. :D 

Walking, talking, taking pictures :) 

Sunday- played some games! Humanity hates trump was a success, I think :D 

After hiking and lunch, some needed Ice-cream. Who am I to deny such a pleasure! :) 
Mind me telling it's -1 or something outside, but it felt colder. (Coast and all that)

Pre-hiking picture, Saturday . It was actually some heat in the sun. Was beautiful!

JIHU, I had to try as well.

Did I mention #NetflixAndChill ? :'D 
Sunday movie-evening

Sunday, all of us playing some games. Superfuuun! 
We agreed we were to tired to go out this day, so we decided the couch was the thing. Some drinks, good food and brilliant company!

Jumping back to hiking Saturday.

At the top!! :D 
Norwegian(me)- Romanian -French -Finn - Finn - French- French/English - Romanian - German

What a beautiful bunch of people!

And some I knew well, and some I barely/never spoken with before. Some I spoken with a little bit, not never enough.
But during this weekend, I have come to know all of them much better, and I am so happy that I got the chance. They are amazing, and I like them a lot! New friendships are gold!
I think we even manage to bring one back to WS, as well. One from the first edition, and he said we will meet in JUNE, so - it better be so!

So, it's very sad to be back at work today when I know there are three people leaving when I am here. I should followed them to the airport and such, but I know I can't be everywhere at the same time, though I wish I could.
At least one is still around until tomorrow! So glad that not everyone leaves at the same time, actually. That would have been brutal.

I hate goodbyes, but at least it's not forever <3 :) It's ''just'' for now.

I love you guys, and I will miss you. 
And, thank you SO much for coming! Thank you SO much for your gifts, it was REALLY not necessary, but thank you! Thank you for joining crazy ideas, thank you for everything.
I am going to cry again if I don't stop now. . .! 

Love and peace out!<3 

Duolingo - proper way to learn new languages.


Not a proper way. It says nothing about how to prounonce ę and ą, ś or ć, cz or sz, and so on. And they don't even prounonce ę correctly, ect.
It causes a big problem when I should say a word in Polish to a pole. They don't understand what I said.
Aka -Fail.
I blame duolingo (never my own skills. . . haha)

It also don't teach you the ridicoulus grammar rules. You basically need to guess.

Also, Duolingo makes sure you learn the most useful sentences, ever.
"I am not a fish" 
"I am a horse"
"This is not my penguin"

My favourite is :
" I am more important than you"
Wow... just wow...

On the up side : You learn words, and even if the grammar will bite you in the ass all the time when you want to try to impress someone, you start to understand small things that are written here and there.
(Bla bla bla. . . something about a bear. . .bla bla bla something something,  Oh - Lubię, I know this word . . . something something)

Another thing : It boost my english as well, since I have to translate a polish text to english, and reverse.
I think I could choose Norwegain too, but I didn't. He he.

So, it is a bit fun, but if you want to learn it properly- take a class.
I have signed up for one and I kind of looking forward to hopefully understand some grammar rules.

Also : Accoring to this app.  I speak 37% Fluent Polish. . . .  Ha ha!

So close! Witcher-meetup

The remaining 4-5 days of the week is all about getting enough sleep, because I won't put that prior on the list during the coming weekend!
WITCHERS are coming to town!
Not just that - FRIENDS from the wide Europe are coming to town!

Eeeeep, I am so excited, I can't barely stand on my feet's. 

If my calculating is correct, 8 people will come. :) 
From England, France, Germany, Romania, Finland! 

I feel so incredible lucky. I got this crazy idea to try arrange this brilliant Witcher-meetups, some people started. It's basically: Invite the whole community to your town to just hang out. I've been to one, in Belgium last year. It was brilliant. I never thought I should host one, because I did not think anyone would come. (It's a long way, and it's really expensive) 
But, then for a moment I stopped thinking and just tried... and look now! It is really happening <3 

So now I am preparing for the weekend.
- Need to know when people are coming, so I can meet them at the airport. Though I see it will be impossible to get there in time for everyone. (Dentist at Friday as well! -.-) 
Now I should very much like to have a superpower to be able to be two places at the same time. Aka: Times like this I wish I had a drivers licence :p 
- I need to do shopping, fill up the fridge, and clean the house for our guests that stay at our place.
- I need to build a plan for the days. I mean, they are tourists after all : They MUST see some tourist things during their stay. 
The museums have shitty opening hours, so that will be a challenge /Not a problem, just a challenge.

I am sure it will be super fun no matter what. I know these people, and I know they are very goodhearted people, even if I fail at everything, they will be smiling and happy.
But I will and must do everything I can to make their stay as perfect as it can be. 
Goal: It must be worth the money they left for this trip/adventure. And that's my responsibillity! (No pressure) 

Aaaah, SO EXCITED. The weekend will pass so quickly, it hurts!

Drawing and a new tatto

Tattoo: Larp related
Witcher sign -Axii
Claws, represent my group on Witcher School larp. (friendship and shit)

Really love the simple design around it and how well made it is:)

Drawing : character design -Lither

Drawing- Oberyn fanart

Follow me on Twitch

I finally got a new and MUCH better computer, which means I can actually try live streaming (again). Last time I tried I had to give up because of way to much lag.
It's kind of ironic, but I don't really know why I do this. I personally dislike people watching me while I draw, and it has always been like that since I was a child, at school and courses, and so on. Every time a teacher leaned over to watch I dropped my pen and could not do anything before he/she moved on to the next victim.
I don't know why, but it just feels like they are trying to look for mistakes, and I get embarrassed, because - I am no professional. I just like what I do.
It's the same with drawing together with others. I just can't concentrate. I need and want to be alone in my own room, otherwise its a lost cause.

Anyways. Lately people have asked why I don't do live-steam, and with me it is like this: Ask enough times, I will eventually say yes, and try.
Which in many case is a bad thing! Also why you should respect people when they say 'no', once :p 
Again: It might lead to better things, because if you never try - you can never know!
The best part was when Anders told me yesterday that he told another guy that I draw, and he told him that I should stream. Ha ha. I feel popular :p

I have streamed two times now, and I kind of like it. Especially when people talk to me :p 
I like talking.

But also. Its drawing, SLOWLY drawing. So I totally get how boring it is watching that. Later I can try make timelaps thingy, so you can see a drawing in 2 minutes in stead of two days. But, later.

Here is my Twitch account page: https://www.twitch.tv/lithanna
Follow, share, like, ignore : Your choice.
But I hope to see you there :) 



NOR: Jeg drar tegne verden min videre ut i verden. Vil du se hvordan jeg arbeider? 
Følg meg på livestream - Twitch : Her

Drawing - elf on the shelf


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